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tBBC Ohio State Buckeye Moments: Vonn Bell

Discussion in 'News' started by jcollingsworth, Apr 26, 2016.

  1. Ohio State Buckeye Moments: Vonn Bell
    via our good friends at Buckeye Battle Cry
    Visit their fantastic blog and read the full article (and so much more) here

    The NFL Draft is upon us. It is a favorite time of all of ours…

    Don’t say it isn’t … it’ll be fibbing!

    Personally speaking I look forward to it. I plant myself in front of the television with my notes, my predictions, and I watch it all fall apart – proving why I sit alone during this highlighted moment I look forward to every year.

    As the NFL Draft approaches – scheduled for Thursday (04/28/16) @ 2000 hours on ESPN & The NFL Network in Chicago – we at tBBC decided to have a greatest moment for each of the Buckeye draftees.
    I am pleased to discuss Vonn Bell.

    A while back, as the mass exodus appeared underway, of Buckeye’s announcing their intent to pursue possibilities in the NFL, I wrote a piece stating that I felt Vonn Bell would be the steal of the draft. I still feel this.

    Vonn Bell was a star in High School – first in TN at Chattanooga Central High School. He was noticed and received all district honors. Bell then attended Ridgeland High School in Rossville, Georgia. In Bell’s senior year he led Ridgeland to the Georgia class AAAA state championship but lost to Sandy Creek 41-10. He was rated by both and as a five-star recruit and was ranked as the number two safety in the country. Vonn was picked to play in the 2013 Under Amour All-American game. On February 6, 2013 he committed to The Ohio State University.

    Bell played in all 13 games as a backup in his freshman season (2013). He would not officially make his first start until January 3, 2014 in the Discover Orange Bowl where he made his first collegiate interception. Bell became a full time starter for the Buckeyes his sophomore season in 2014. He played in all 15 games recording 91 tackles and a conference-leading six interceptions. In the 2015 CFP National Championship victory over Oregon, he had six tackles and a sack.

    In 2015 he’d have a total of 63 tackles – 41 of which were solo. There’d also be 2 interceptions one of which was returned for a 16-yard TD.

    I personally find a host of highlights that I could share reference Mr. Bell. I love the Defensive side of the ball and its stars. One of my favorite players of all-time is Jack Tatum (I need to say no more!). Vonn Bell on this Championship team with so many stars is a star. I like his style. Back a short time ago when I ran off some thoughts on Buckeyes heading into the 2016 Draft and where they may end up I predicted Vonn Bell would go in the 2nd to Buffalo. I like to amend that pick. I personally think he’s going in the first and now to the Carolina Panthers … just a hunch.

    It is always refreshing too to share moments against the Road-kill heap also known as TTUN:

    Vonn Bell will be the steal of the draft. I am still convinced of this. I also look for him to having a wondrous and long career in the NFL … just as so many great OSU defensive backs enjoyed. Vonn Bell now is all part of that glorious category.

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