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tBBC Ohio State Buckeyes and Their Place in the 2016 NFL Draft

Discussion in 'News' started by jcollingsworth, Feb 8, 2016.

  1. Ohio State Buckeyes and Their Place in the 2016 NFL Draft
    via our good friends at Buckeye Battle Cry
    Visit their fantastic blog and read the full article (and so much more) here

    On April 28 through the 30th in Chicago the NFL will hold it’s esteemed 2016 NFL Draft. For College Football and NFL fans alike it is a fun time. Every NFL fan has a wish list. Every college fan mainly looks to see where their favorite(s) are heading – most likely hoping for their beloved pro team to snatch up the “treasured” talent.

    Mock drafts are plentiful – sometimes a year, even two, ahead of time. Often these projections, though well thought out, never seem to play out as projected. Seemingly only the first-three-or four-overall picks in the Draft appear to pan out as predicted. This information though often is broadcast (so to say) by the NFL teams in the upper three slots of the picking. Though last year the Titans proved that theory completely wrong by taking Mariota at #2 overall.

    The Ohio State University is on pace for a historical Draft this year. Out of 19 eligibilities or announced entries the varied predictions have 14 players being chosen. That is precisely the same number they had in the 2004 draft.

    I believe, though, that in the final tally the Buckeyes will have at least 16, possibly 17 chosen.

    Let’s have some fun and break it down:

    Round 1

    Joey Bosa

    Everyone can agree Joey Bosa will be the first Buckeye chosen in the 2016 draft. Some have him as the # 1 overall taken by the Tennessee Titans. Others list him at # 2 with the Browns. And, more consistently, he’s at # 3 with the San Diego Chargers. I even saw one which put him at # 4 with Dallas.

    I personally see Joey heading West. The Titans need to protect their Franchise QB Marcus Mariota. So look for Laremy Tunsil, OT, out of Ole Miss heading to the Titans facilities. The Browns are hurting. They could use help in pretty much every position. But with the Johnny Manziel debacle unfolding as we speak and the team needing a face to pin their future on, expect a QB, such as Carsen Wentz of North Dakota State heading for Cleveland.

    This leaves the San Diego Chargers at # 3. It makes since for the Chargers to go for the best player on the board. They also need help on the pass rush. Then, oh yeah, Melvin Ingram, often injured, will be in the final year of his contract in 2016.

    Look for Joey Bosa to be playing in San Diego for 2016 & beyond.

    Ezekiel Elliott

    Again we will all agree here – Ezekiel will be the 2nd Buckeye chosen in the draft – also in the First – and the first overall RB. Most draft boards have him heading to Houston and running for the Texans. I also saw one board that had him heading to Indianapolis.

    Zeke is a rare talent. He is strong. He is fast. He can block. And he has the complete ability of being the NFL Rookie of the Year. With that said there are a host of teams in need of running backs prior to the Colts at 18 or the Texans at 22.

    I feel #15 will go higher. There is one team that needs help on Defense and most boards have them leaning that way. Though I have seen a couple boards having them grab Laquon Treadwell WR of Ole Miss. I am speaking of the NY Giants.

    The Giants are a conservatively-minded drafting apparatus. They won’t be taking Treadwell at #10 primarily because he will be off the board. They won’t be taking a CB or Safety either so high because they’ll be able to address that issue in the 2nd and 3rd rounds. Zeke will be the best player on the board at 10. He’ll complement Eli Manning and Odell Beckham, Jr.’s game with his powerful running style. It’ll be perhaps the fastest way to get the Giants back into playoff contention. The Giants too love their running backs. Do you recall any of these names? Tiki Barber, Frank Gifford, Ron Johnson, Ron Dayne, Ahmad Bradshaw, Otis Anderson.

    Enough said! I am saying Ezekiel Elliott will be in Blue in Met-Life Stadium.

    Taylor Decker

    A good and strong offensive lineman is always a luxury. To find a diamond in the rough, meaning athleticism to boot, is a rare find. Taylor will be that find wherever he lands.

    Andrew Luck needs some protection. The Colts are in a fast-paced need for a strong protector. I can’t imagine that the Colts will pass up the opportunity to nab Taylor if he’s still on the board @ 18. Look for Taylor Decker to be Andrew Luck’s favorite rather soon.

    Darron Lee

    I look for Darron to be the 4th Buckeye chosen. Some boards have him picked up by the Jets at #20. I even saw him as high as #15 with the Rams. A good hard-nosed ILB is a high commodity in the NFL. Darron will fit that bill favorably with whoever takes him.

    I see the need in New Orleans at # 12. The Saints ranked last or close to it in virtually every defensive statistic in 2015, including both points (29.8) and yardage (413.8) allowed. They need help. There is also a history with the Saints that favors Ohio State players.

    Mike Thomas

    Mike will be the 5th and final Buckeye taken in the first round. A good WR with the potential of greatness is always a moment of salvation in the heated discussions of team war rooms during the Draft.
    The Vikings will be that team that will have this very discussion when their turn comes up. At # 23 the understanding that Mike Wallace is gone and with the emergence of Stefon Diggs as a reliable receiver the final conclusion will be that Teddy Bridgewater needs more weapons downfield.

    Round 2

    Braxton Miller

    With his exceptional performance in the Senior Bowl down in Mobile Braxton Miller has become the notice of the draft. What round? What team? There are plenty of teams too that could use his desirable and awe-struck style. Braxton is a winner and NFL teams know this. He is a leader and they know this too. So if he does not go in the first (quite possible) look for him to go quickly in the second.

    With that said I suspect Jerry Jones will hardly bypass an opportunity to take the most talked about talent left on the board if he is available. With a healthy Tony Romo and a compliment to Dez Bryant, who else could be a better fit in Dallas than Braxton Miller?

    Eli Apple

    A reliable cornerback with tremendous play abilities is a desired commodity for any NFL team. But a team that needs help on every level of the defensive side it is a necessity – and the quicker it is addressed – the better. The Saints is that team. Look for them to go Buckeyes in the First and Second.

    Vonn Bell

    I still believe that Vonn Bell will be the steal of the draft. The fact that he will last to the second is utterly confusing to me – but – it is what it is. There is a Coach in the NFL that has ruling power and is so defensive minded that he’ll stack that side of the field with the best talent when he can and deal with the offensive side with manageable players. That Coach is Rex Ryan. The Bills will be the winner here – if it all plays out as my crystal ball predicts.

    Adolphus Washington

    A good strong pass rusher is never something to be passed on come draft night. The fact that he will last this long will trigger more and more notice. The Arizona Cardinals have been in the need of a “real” pass threat for some time. In the Second the Cardinals will not pass on the opportunity of having Adolphus suit up in Phoenix.

    Joshua Perry

    A sturdy LB is always a plus. Joshua fits the notion of durability, and effective play. He will deliver and cause no havoc in the process. In today’s world of athletes that is seemingly a rarity. The Broncos has a history with the Buckeyes as well. If Joshua is still on the board when Denver comes to bat do not expect him to remain there.

    Round 3

    Tyvis Powell

    A team that has so many gaps to address is North of Columbus – Cleveland. The Browns could literally use help in every single position, even if it’s for depth. The Defensive backfield for the Browns was an atrocity in 2015. Tyvis can very well be part of the face for their future. Most boards have the Browns in Round 3 going Defensive. I completely agree with that. They will have to deal with the long ball threats of today’s throwing game. Tyvis is their man to fit the combativeness needed reference those threats.

    Jalin Marshall

    Listed as a WR, Jalin is a threat in many ways. As a punt returner, even a kick returner, he has excited The Shoe on several occasions. He can play slot and fill in at RB or QB on the wildcat. He is indeed a multi-tasker. Jalin, I feel should have stayed one more year, but that decision wasn’t mind. What will happen is a team in the NFL will get a “really” talented player they can develop and mode to their liking; for whatever reason I see that in Baltimore. The Ravens have been lackluster for a spell now and could use the spark. Jalin will be exactly what they need.

    Cardale Jones

    I personally like Cardale. I think he got a lot of unnecessary criticism last year. First he has never lost as a starter. He beat the horrid Crimson Tide in last year’s CFP’s and went on to win a National Championship. So why all the criticism? I’m clueless on that primarily because I am a strong believer that he was not used properly last year in the games that he started and played. He is not a College style option QB – period! The NFL knows this and it is why he will be given a shot. The Bears need to look ahead. Jay Cutler is pretty much on his way out of Chicago and the Bears love that Blue-Collar type QB (a.k.a. Jim McMahon & Craig Krenzel). I have a strong feeling that Cardale will shine soon in the Windy City.

    Round 6

    Nick Vannett

    A 6’6” 266 lbs. wide body is also a QB’s desire when on an unscheduled scramble and help is needed. Nick Varnett will be the assistance any QB will appreciate. I see him going almost anywhere but not before the 6th Round. One team that stands out to me that is need of a good-handed TE is the Redskins. They currently have three on their roster. So the desire for that big wide-body to help a struggling QB is evident. If the ‘Skins take Nick he will become a Redskin – and one of the other three will be unemployed.

    Round 7

    Jacoby Boren

    Jacoby was a good center in his tenure at The Ohio State University. Some draft boards have him in the 7th round, while there are others that list him as undrafted. I don’t get it, but, keep in mind my predictions clearly fulfill the Buckeye prophecy. Perhaps the issue is that the average Center in the NFL ranges from 6’5” to 6’7”. Jacoby is a “mere” 6’2”. That still does not warrant passing on opportunity on a team as dominant as this Buckeyes team has been. He, I feel will be given that opportunity. With that said – with whom? Looking through my notes I see that my Bengals are in need of a Center. So why not?

    Chase Farris

    There are no draft predications that I have seen that lists Chase through any of the seven rounds. In the NFL OL men are a treasured group. They must be strong and fast in order to survive within the ranks of the employed. We are talking Round 7 here! Just like Jacoby Boren I feel Chase will be given an opportunity. His 2015 year was off compared to the Championship year of 2014 – but, you know, that happens. And NFL war rooms know this. Again the question is who will give him a shot? Don’t ask me why but I see that with the Cowboys. With Braxton-a-mania dominating Dallas I feel Jerry Jones will conclude that Tony Romo is getting hurt too often – that a stock-pile of linemen is needed. This will add the opportunity for another Buckeye to be added to the Cowboys roster.

    Tommy Schutt

    The Buckeyes DL is not on anyone’s list through seven rounds either. Is 6’2” and 295 lbs. too small for the NFL? Word is his sluggishness isn’t helpful in rendering a gamble. But again I feel this will not be the case. Tommy was a good and effective player. I feel a team will take a shot at him in the 7th without intent on him being on the starting squad, or even 2nd string. The goal may be a look at a member for the practice squad. Who on God’s green earth will waste a pick for such an idea? Yes, that’s right – Bill Belichick!

    It seems in my conclusions we have 17 Buckeyes drafted come late April in Chicago. The only ones not to make it will be Corey Smith WR and Jack Willoughby K. They will get invites though for tryouts. That I certainly believe. But let’s hope I am wrong and they come up on someone’s list even if it’s in the seventh.

    The post Ohio State Buckeyes and Their Place in the 2016 NFL Draft appeared first on The Buckeye Battle Cry: Ohio State News and Commentary.

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