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LGHL Ohio State commits shine at The Opening

Discussion in 'News' started by Austin Kemp, Jul 11, 2016.

  1. Austin Kemp

    Austin Kemp Guest

    Ohio State commits shine at The Opening
    Austin Kemp
    via our friends at Land-Grant Holy Land
    Visit their fantastic blog and read the full article (and so much more) here

    Future Buckeye J.K. Dobbins took home first

    Nike’s The Opening owned the recruiting coverage over the weekend, as the top players throughout the country made their way to Oregon to compete at the event. For skill position players, they are tested using the "SPARQ" rating system. This particular point system helps measure overall athleticism for players taking into account their speed, power, agility, reaction and quickness.

    In addition to the testing, skill athletes are also put onto seven-on-seven teams and compete in one-on-one drills. As for linemen, they are also tested as well and perform one-on-one drills against each other. A huge chunk of Ohio State commits and target were at the event over the weekend – and a lot of them stole the show.

    Buckeye commit best in SPARQ testing

    As for the testing, the top overall score went to running back commit J.K. Dobbins (La Grange, TX / La Grange), who impressed with his 4.45 40-yard dash time. Coming in second and third place overall were current targets Jeffrey Okudah (Grand Prairie, TX / South Grand Prairie) and Cam Akers (Clinton, MS / Clinton), respectively.

    Opening Top 5 Test Scores

    5. Darrian Felix 138.38
    4. Devon Hunter 139.53
    3. Cam Akers 140.13
    2. Jeffrey Okudah 142.56
    1. JK Dobbins 146.76

    — Scout Recruiting (@scoutrecruiting) July 8, 2016

    Ohio State has been the longtime leader for Okudah while they are also making a push towards the top of the list for Akers. Wide receiver target Tyjon Lindsey (Corona, CA / Centennial) also posted impressive numbers during the testing session; his 3.86 shuttle time was tops at the event.

    Lindsey is announcing his collegiate choice in August. Right now it looks as if Ohio State is the leader here with Nebraska running second.

    Myers impresses in testing

    In the trenches, offensive lineman commit Josh Myers (Miamisburg, OH / Miamisburg) posted good numbers of his own with a 5.13 40 time, a shuttle of 4.5 and nearly a 30 inch vert. He checked into the opening at 6-foot-6, 310 pounds and these numbers solidified why he's one of the best lineman prospects in the country. Myers was not able to put on the pads and compete during that session because Ohio state rules do not allow players to participate with pads during these summer months.

    #Buckeyes commit Josh Myers checked in at 6-6, 310, threw powerball 45 feet, ran a 5.13, shuttle 4.5 with 29.4 vert:

    — Steve Wiltfong (@SWiltfong247) July 8, 2016
    Garrett good in one-on-one

    A player who did participate in many one-on-one drills and had success was defensive line commit Haskell Garrett (Las Vegas, NV / Bishop Gorman). Garrett showed his brute strength in testing – qualifying for the finals in bench prep reps. Then, when it came to competing, he held is own and mostly won drills against some of the best OLs at the camp.

    Haskell Garrett v. Creed Humphrey

    Garrett with an emphatic win on rep one.

    — Daniel Seahorn (@CoachSeahorn) July 9, 2016
    Martell-Grimes-Lindsey find Connection

    Tate Martell (Las Vegas, NV / Bishop Gorman) and Trevon Grimes (Fort Lauderdale, FL / St.Thomas Aquinas) had big performances of their own at The Opening.

    Martell showed over and over again why most recruiting sites have him as the No.1 QB, as the Bishop Gorman star put on a show during the seven-on-seven games. It helped that he had Grimes and Lindsey on his team--all of which are in the running to become Buckeyes. Grimes showed his pure athleticism and advanced ball skills as he stole the show, also solidifying why he belongs being rated at the top of the wide receivers for 2017.

    The Future Trio! #BuckeyeNation

    — Tate Martell (@TheTateMartell) July 9, 2016

    Like it's practice.

    — #D1Bound Nation. (@SportsRecruits) July 9, 2016

    Here are some highlights from 2017 Ohio State QB Tate Martell (@TheTateMartell) from @TheOpening today! #GoBucks

    — Buckeye Videos+ (@BuckeyeVideos) July 10, 2016

    It's fair to say that the current commits of the 2017 class for Ohio State definitely stole the show at this year's Opening.

    If there is one team winning this event so far it's Ohio State I think this 2017 class could go down as the best of the decade. @NGSCSports

    — Donovan James (@DonJamesSports) July 8, 2016
    Xavier Thomas names top 4

    Not a commit, but 2018 defensive end Xavier Thomas (Florence, SC / Wilson) is also at The Opening and proving his five-star rating. The 6-foot-3 prospect announced his top four on Sunday and it was a list that included Ohio State. From South Carolina, the Buckeyes will have their work cut out for them battling the two in-state programs as well as Florida State. However, Ohio State remains in a good position and will need to get him back on campus as soon as possible.

    — Xavier Thomas 1️⃣9️⃣ (@atxlete) July 10, 2016

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