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LGHL Ohio State has sights set on son of former NFL star, who will announce next week

Discussion in 'News' started by Caleb Houser, Mar 18, 2016.

  1. Caleb Houser

    Caleb Houser Guest

    Ohio State has sights set on son of former NFL star, who will announce next week
    Caleb Houser
    via our friends at Land-Grant Holy Land
    Visit their fantastic blog and read the full article (and so much more) here

    Keyshawn Johnson dazzled on the field in the NFL. The Buckeyes think his son could be just as good.

    Even though March Madness has officially begun, for the football fan, March is the start of spring ball around the country. While spring ball practices are underway and are the headliner of Ohio State's football schedule, many recruits are making visits and planning to see Columbus, and what the Buckeyes have to offer.

    Johnson Jr. sets decision date

    The son of former NFL star Keyshawn Johnson and cousin to former Buckeye Michael Thomas, Keyshawn Johnson Jr., is a name most Buckeye fans are familiar with. The Calabasas, California four-star is the 27th-best receiver prospect in the 2017 class according to 247sports. At 6'1, 195 pounds, Keyshawn has the size and athleticism to be a great player at the college level. While he has offers from over twenty schools, three seem to be leading the way for his services.

    Last night, via his Twitter, Keyshawn Jr. made it public that he would be announcing his college choice next week on March 23. While Ohio State has been a school that Keyshawn has been connected with in the past, all signs are currently pointing to the Nebraska Cornhuskers to land his services. However, Urban Meyer and Zach Smith certainly have more options to look at in the 2017 class as they sit near the top of the list for many of the nation's top receiver prospects.

    If anyone cares.

    — Chubby (@keyshawnnnn) March 17, 2016
    Hansard's top 7 includes OSU

    Yesterday, we learned that one of the top defensive tackles in the class of 2017, Fred Hansard, would be making his college decision on May 14. According to 247Sports, Fred, a New Jersey native, is the ninth-best defensive tackle and the third-best product in the Garden State for the 2017 class.

    Knowing his decision date, Ohio State has sat in a good place for Hansard and that remained true last night when Fred named his final top seven schools. Making the cut for Hansard before he announces his commitment were Ohio State, Pitt, Penn State, Michigan, Florida, Rutgers, and Tennessee. While Ohio State already has commitments from top defensive tackles such as Haskell Garrett and Jerron Cage, the Buckeyes would certainly love to have one more in Hansard.

    Top 7 〽️ ⚔ #GodBless

    — Fred Hansard (@Fred_Hansard56) March 18, 2016

    After talking it over with my family, I would like to announce that I will be making College Decision on my birthday (May 14th)

    — Fred Hansard (@Fred_Hansard56) March 16, 2016
    2018 ATH to visit OSU

    A name that may be new to Ohio State fans, Alex Reigelsperger has seen his recruitment really take off as of late. A product of Huber Heights Wayne in Dayton, Ohio, the 2018 prospect had a breakout year at defensive end for the Wayne Warriors. Standing at 6'4', 222 pounds, the sophomore already possess great size. With two more varsity football seasons still to be played, Alex will only continue to grow and develop his skills.

    With already four offers under his belt from Kentucky, Purdue, Miami (OH), and Western Michigan, Alex has plans to continue making spring trips to many more college campuses. On the list next for the 2018 prospect are visits to Cincinnati, Michigan State, Penn State, Indiana, and Ohio State. While the Buckeyes have yet to offer Alex, a solid summer camp circuit and continuous success on the field could lead the Buckeyes to building a wall around another top Ohio prospect.

    Cincinnati, Indiana, Ohio State, Michigan State, Penn State and Kentucky next month ‼️

    — Alex Reigelsperger (@a_reigelsperger) March 17, 2016

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