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Ohio State Mens Volleyball (2011, 2016, 2017 National Champions)

Discussion in 'Other OSU and Professional Sports' started by runner boy, May 6, 2005.

  1. runner boy

    runner boy Newbie

    Does anyone have the score? Didnt they play late last night?
  2. sears3820

    sears3820 Sitting around in my underwear.... Staff Member

    No. 9 Men's Volleyball Falls to No. 1 Pepperdine, 3-0, in the NCAA Championship Semifinals

    Buckeyes play the Waves tough in games two and three but fall short

    COLUMBUS, Ohio - The ninth-ranked Ohio State (24-7 overall) men's volleyball team lost 3-0 (30-16, 31-29, 30-26) to top-ranked Pepperdine (24-2) in the semifinals of the NCAA Championship Thursday in Los Angeles at UCLA. Despite the 30-16 game on loss, the Buckeyes held their own the rest of the match losing, 31-29 in the second and 30-26 in the third game. OSU's Mark Greaves (Jr., Fenton, Mo.) scored a team-high 16 points with 14 kills (.200) and two ace serves. Andy Cole (Jr., Glendale, Wis.) added 14 points for the Buckeyes with 12 kills (.114), an ace serve and two assist blocks. Pepperdine's Sean Rooney scored a match-high 25.5 points with 19 kills (.357), four ace serves and five assist blocks. Jon Parfitt collected 11.5 points with 11 kills (.250) and an assist blocks and Andy Hein added 10 points with six kills (.545), two ace serves and four assist blocks.

    Pepperdine took control of game one by scoring the first five points of the match on kills from Parfitt, Rooney and Hein and two Buckeye errors. The Waves built up a quick 11-2 lead and won the game, 30-16. Pepperdine hit .409 for the game to .028 for Ohio State. Game two saw 20 ties and seven lead changes. After a Cole kill gave the Buckeyes a 1-0 lead, two Ohio State errors put the Waves ahead, 2-1. At 6-5, Pepperdine, two Wave errors gave the Buckeyes the edge at 7-6. At 9-8 OSU, a Buckeye error and a Rooney kill put Pepperdine up, 10-9. A Greaves kill tied the game at 10. Back-to-back Rooney kills gave the Waves a 12-10 lead. At 16-14, two Greaves kill tied the game at 16. A kill from Mike Wauligman (Sr., Cincinnati, Ohio) and a Cole ace serve gave OSU an 18-16 lead. At 19-17, a Rooney kill and an ace serve from Hein tied the game at 19. Tied at 22, two Rooney kills and an OSU error opened a 24-22 Pepperdine lead. At 25-23, a Wave error and a kill by Greaves tied the game at 25. At 28-all, a Rooney kill gave Pepperdine a 29-28 lead, serving game point. A Layne Dreven (Jr., Pittsburgh, Pa.) kill stopped the game point, tying the game at 29. Pepperdine regained the lead at 30-29 with a block from Rooney and Tom Hulse, giving the Waves a second game point. Rooney's ace serve ended the game at 31-29, giving Pepperdine a 2-0 lead in the match. The Waves hit .310 for the game to .302 for the Buckeyes. <!-- STORY AD BEGINS HERE -->
    <TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 align=left border=0><TBODY><TR><TD>

    Game three began with a 3-0 Pepperdine lead. Kills from Cole and Greaves and a Wave error cut the margin to 4-3. A Rooney kill made it a two-point lead at 6-4 as the officials call a time out to repair the court. The came out of the break with a Cole kill and two ace serves from Greaves to take a 7-6 lead. Two OSU errors and a John Mayer kill gave Pepperdine a 9-7 lead. At 10-8, kills from Wauligman and Cole tied the game at 10. At 12-all, a Cole kill and a Wave error put OSU ahead, 14-12. An OSU error, a Hein ace serve and a Hulse-Jonathan Winder block gave Pepperdine a 15-14 lead. A Scott Spurlock (Sr., Stow, Ohio) kill tied the game at 15. At 16-all, Rooney produced a kill and ace serve to open an 18-16 lead. A Wauligman kill cut the lead to one at 18-17, but a Mayer kill and a Parfitt-Hein block gave the Waves a three-point lead at 20-17. Two Wauligman kills cut the lead to 20-19. At 21-20, a Parfitt kill and an OSU error took the lead back to three at 23-20. At 24-21, a Wave error and a Cole kill cut the lead again to one at 24-23. At 25-24, an OSU error and an ace serve by Rooney put Pepperdine up 27-24. At 28-25, a Pepperdine service error cut the margin to 28-26. A Hein kill at 29-26 set match point and Rooney, with a kill, ended the game at 30-26. The Waves hit .432 for the game to .286 for Ohio State.

    Pepperdine hit .376 for the match to .211 for Ohio State. The Buckeyes did have a 49-46 advantage in kills while the Waves had a six to three margin in ace serves. OSU gave up 12 service errors to 11 for the Waves. Defensively, Ohio State had a 40-34 margin in digs with Pepperdine's James Ka recording a match-high 12 digs. OSU's Conor Martin (Fr., Avon Lake, Ohio) had a team-high 11 digs for Ohio State. At the net, Pepperdine had a 10.5 to 3.0 advantage in team blocks. Hulse produced a match-high six assist blocks for the Waves. Buckeye setter Daniel Mathews (Fr., Shorewood, Wis.) recorded a match-high 43 assists while Winder had 40 for the Waves.

    Pepperdine advances to the NCAA National Championship match Saturday at 11 p.m. ET against UCLA (26-5), 3-0 (30-20, 30-24, 30-27) winner over Penn State (30-4) in the first semifinal. The Championship match will be carried live by ESPN2.

    Pete Hanson, Ohio State head coach

    Pepperdine is a great volleyball team. They played well. They deserve to win. I liked the way we played tonight. We played a good match, games two and three. Pepperdine is a quality team.

    About the final

    It will be a great match. It will come down to who can impose their will on the other team. Pepperdine will have to find a way to handle UCLA's jump serve. It will be a toss up.

    About not having a big run

    Pepperdine did not allow a big run. It's tough to string points against them. Pepperdine had only 8 spike errors. They didn't make many errors. They're solid. They always have their go-to guy to hit where the other team can't return. That's the quality of a four-time All-American.

    On putting themselves in a hole in Game #1

    Nerves. We have nobody who has been here the past four years. They're the #1 team in the country. People penciled in the teams for the finals. That's motivation for our guys to play hard to disprove that.

    OSU Senior Scott Spurlock On Rooney

    He doesn't make errors. Sean gets up and hits above the block and attack the weakness of the blocker.

    Marv Dunphy, Pepperdine head coach Talking about UCLA

    We know each other well. We will try to do things that maximize our strengths.

    Both of our teams are different, and they evolved.

    We have won some close matches, and that says a lot about who we are and where we are.

    Talking about early this season

    I was not sure about how good we were Hulse had not played much, Sean Rooney had knee surgery last year, John Mayer had switched positions (from setter to opposite) and we had a freshman setter. It was like taking the outfield and moving it to the infield.

    I think it is hard to change mechanics and behavior, and these guys did it.

    About Rooney's serve

    He was average in serving. Now he is hitting, and hitting with some heat.

    Jonathan Winder, Pepperdine freshman setter

    We're pretty excited for the opportunity to be here. We are where we want to be. Sean Rooney and Andy Hein can pretty much put away anything I put up there. I don't have to work as hard with those two guys in there.

    Talking about UCLA

    They have a lot of guys with a lot experience. They are going to bring it on their home court. Serve receive will be a big issue against the Bruins.

    Sean Rooney, Pepperdine senior outside hitter

    Having been here before will be something we will be ready for.

    Pauley Pavilion is a great place to play. It has a high ceiling and it enables a chance to run down a lot of balls. The more fans the better, whether they are rooting for or against us.

    We will have to receive serve well against UCLA to win.

    Talking about UCLA

    UCLA made Penn State play from behind the entire match. They are a great serving team and can get teams into trouble really quickly.

    Volleyball Box Score 2005 Ohio State Men's Volleyball #1 Pepperdine vs #9 Ohio State (May 05, 2005 at UCLA)

    Pepperdine | ATTACK |SET| SERVE |SRV|DEF| BLOCK |GEN ## Name GP| K E TA PCT| A| SA SE| RE|DIG|BS BA BE|BHE|POINTS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 3 Andy Hein........... 3| 6 0 11 .545| 0| 2 3| 0| 3| 0 4 1| 0| 10.0 11 John Mayer.......... 3| 6 0 15 .400| 1| 0 0| 0| 3| 0 1 1| 0| 6.5 12 Sean Rooney......... 3| 19 4 42 .357| 1| 4 3| 0| 3| 0 5 0| 0| 25.5 14 Tom Hulse........... 3| 3 0 3 1.000| 0| 0 1| 0| 1| 0 6 0| 0| 6.0 15 Jonathan Winder..... 3| 1 0 2 .500| 40| 0 1| 0| 9| 0 4 0| 0| 3.0 16 Jon Parfitt......... 3| 11 4 28 .250| 0| 0 1| 0| 3| 0 1 0| 0| 11.5 9 James Ka............ 3| 0 0 0 .000| 1| 0 0| 3| 12| 0 0 1| 0| 0.0 10 Tanner Sutherland... 2| 0 0 0 .000| 0| 0 2| 0| 0| 0 0 0| 0| 0.0 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Totals.............. 3| 46 8 101 .376| 43| 6 11| 3| 34| 0 21 3| 0| 62.5

    TEAM ATTACK PER GAME TOTAL TEAM BLOCKS: 10.5 Game K E TA Pct 1 11 2 22 .409 GAME SCORES 1 2 3 TEAM RECORDS 2 17 4 42 .310 Pepperdine.......... (3) 30 31 30 24-2 3 18 2 37 .432 Ohio State.......... (0) 16 29 26 24-8

    Ohio State | ATTACK |SET| SERVE |SRV|DEF| BLOCK |GEN ## Name GP| K E TA PCT| A| SA SE| RE|DIG|BS BA BE|BHE|POINTS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 4 Mathews, Daniel..... 3| 2 1 7 .143| 43| 0 2| 0| 5| 0 0 2| 0| 2.0 8 Greaves, Mark....... 3| 14 8 30 .200| 1| 2 4| 2| 5| 0 0 0| 0| 16.0 11 Spurlock, Scott..... 3| 7 1 14 .429| 1| 0 0| 0| 0| 0 2 0| 1| 8.0 12 Cole, Andy.......... 3| 12 8 35 .114| 1| 1 0| 0| 7| 0 2 1| 1| 14.0 13 Wauligman, Mike..... 3| 8 3 16 .312| 2| 0 1| 2| 9| 0 1 1| 0| 8.5 14 Dreven, Layne....... 3| 6 3 11 .273| 0| 0 4| 0| 1| 0 1 1| 0| 6.5 1 Meske, Dan.......... 3| 0 0 0 .000| 0| 0 1| 0| 2| 0 0 0| 0| 0.0 2 Katz, Stuart........ 1| 0 1 1-1.000| 0| 0 0| 0| 0| 0 0 0| 0| 0.0 9 Stevens, Sam........ 3| 0 0 0 .000| 0| 0 0| 0| 0| 0 0 0| 0| 0.0 15 Martin, Conor....... 3| 0 0 0 .000| 0| 0 0| 2| 11| 0 0 0| 0| 0.0 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Totals.............. 3| 49 25 114 .211| 48| 3 12| 6| 40| 0 6 5| 2| 55.0

    TEAM ATTACK PER GAME TOTAL TEAM BLOCKS: 3.0 Game K E TA Pct 1 13 12 36 .028 Site: UCLA (Pauley Pavilion) 2 20 7 43 .302 Date: May 05, 2005 Attend: 5125 Time: 1:35 3 16 6 35 .286 Referees: Mike O'Connor, Rick Olmstead NCAA Championship Semifinal, Los Angeles, Calif.

    1 2 3 Total Tie scores 0 20 8 28 Lead changes 0 7 4 11

  3. OSUBasketballJunkie

    OSUBasketballJunkie Never Forget 31-0

    They had a great season......its nice to see some of the other sports excell other than football.
  4. MililaniBuckeye

    MililaniBuckeye The satanic soulless freight train that is Ohio St Staff Member Tech Admin

    Major points towards the Sears Cup (or whatever it's called now).

    The Ohio State sports program is a major force in the NCAA, and will only get stronger:

    Football team is a pre-season favorite to contend for the national title.
    Women's basketball makes it to the Sweet Sixteen.
    Men's basketball would've qualified for the NCAAs, and should be a conference power this season.
    Men's volleyball team makes it to the Final Four.
    Men's hockey team goes deep into the post-season playoffs.
  5. men lacrosse is defending conference champions (not so hot this year)

    you can thank geiger for all this. hes a great man, who takes a bad wrap, but hes done a great job.
  6. osugrad21

    osugrad21 Capo Regime Staff Member


    Men's volleyball: Buckeyes are finding talent closer to home

    Thursday, April 24, 2008 3:33 AM
    By Jeremy McLaughlin


    Coach Pete Hanson kept his vehicle's odometer spinning as he traveled the Midwest and Northeast recruiting players for the Ohio State men's volleyball team. Hanson scoured areas such as Milwaukee, Chicago and Buffalo for talent in the 1980s and '90s, when boys volleyball in Ohio was nearly nonexistent. Good thing gas prices were cheap back then.
    Those players turned the Buckeyes into a national power, which is why Hanson still recruits those places today, but not as frequently as he once did. Interest in boys volleyball in Ohio has been steadily rising. More teams are competing. The talent pool is deepening.

  7. ORD_Buckeye

    ORD_Buckeye Wrong glass, Sir.

    Ohio State headed to NCAA Final Four in Irvine, California following an epic beatdown, sweep of Ball State last night. Nice to see that we can convincingly crush the hopes, dreams and delusions of pesky out-of-state MAC schools as easily as we deal with our own Fredo schools.

    MEN'S VOLLEYBALL: Ohio State sweeps Cards to win MIVA - SPORTS
  8. OSUBasketballJunkie

    OSUBasketballJunkie Never Forget 31-0


  9. osugrad21

    osugrad21 Capo Regime Staff Member


    OSU volleyball preview

    Thursday, May 1, 2008 3:30 AM
    By Jeremy McLaughlin

    NCAA men's volleyball championship

    ? Where: Irvine, Calif.
    ? Today's semifinals: No. 7 Ohio State (20-7) vs. No. 1 Penn State (28-1), 9 p.m.; No. 2 Pepperdine (16-10) vs. No. 3 Long Beach State (23-6), 11 p.m.
  10. OSU_D/


    ESPN 2 carrying the match

    Bucks down 21-16 as we speak on ESPN2. PSU is performing well but we are holding our own. My uncle has is a ref for this sport (so is my aunt) and he raves about PSU this year.

    PSU then dominates to go up to 29-17. OSU makes a short rally but loses game one 30-21. Had they played the whole latter part of the match like the last 6 points they could have been in it - but give credit for PSU for firing on all phases: blocking, passing, spiking, serving. PSU also has 2 extremely tall guys that are good.

    Bucks rotate the line-up and open up game two up 6-3 despite a couple unforced errors. PSU takes a TO. PSU fights back to 13-13 tie, OSU has run into the net 2x. A couple service errors by both, tight game, OSU has never trailed now leading 21-18. PSU not as dialed in as the first game, OSU up 26-20. Our boys should win this game. One bad pass by OSU and PSU takes all the mo. OSU takes two TO's in this stretch, the second one at 26 OSU -25 PSU. PSU service error provides the impetus for OSU to recapture some mo: 29 -26. Bucks win game 2! 30-26

    Game 3 starts evenly in plays and mistakes, Bucks up 6-5. PSU starting to do things well but have many service errors. PSU up 10-8. It is feeling like game one, PSU just needs to dial in the serves and might make a run; their kills have been very impressive. But OSU sticking around 13-13. PSU getting tall at the net and now up 24-18. TO OSU. PSU runs away 30-22, up 2-1. They were too much at the net with both blocks and kills.

    Game 4 starts relatively evenly but PSU is riding a wave of confidence after winning the pivital game 3. They are cruising 17-8 over our boys right now. Same 21 -10. Our guys are trying hard, but it seems like everyone in the building knows PSU is going to win. PSU is out executing OSU. 23-13. 26-14. 29-16. 30-17. PSU wins the match 3-1.

    Matt Anderson is the man of the match. 30 kills. Congrats to our Buckeyes for making it this far. PSU was just the better team (and the 1st number ever not from the west - a fact you couldn't ignore during the broadcast.)
    Last edited: May 1, 2008
  11. krazeyk

    krazeyk Freshman

    1-1 game 3 is 7-7 right now, first volleyball (non-female of course:)) i've been interested in

    GO BUCKS!:osu:
  12. osugrad21

    osugrad21 Capo Regime Staff Member

    Volleyball: Penn State defeats OSU in four games

    Friday, May 2, 2008 3:03 AM

    The Ohio State men's volleyball team lost to top-seeded Penn State 3-1 (30-21, 26-30, 30-22, 30-17) in a semifinal of the NCAA Tournament yesterday in Irvine, Calif. The Nittany Lions (29-1) will face either Pepperdine and Long Beach State in the final Saturday. Penn State won game one on dominant hitting by Ryan Sweitzer and Matt Anderson, who had six kills each. The Lions went on a 9-1 run to take a 28-17 lead and close out the game.
    No. 4 Ohio State (20-8) came out much stronger in winning game two. Outside hitter Robbie Klein had a game-high four kills.
  13. BuckeyeMVB

    BuckeyeMVB Newbie

    Men's Volleyball v. Penn State TONIGHT at 7 PM


    Just wanted to encourage every to come out to the final regular season home game for the Men's Volleyball team. They've got another great squad this season, winning their 3rd consecutive MIVA championship.

    TONIGHT they are playing the Defending National Champion Penn State Nittany Lions in St. John Arena at 7 PM
    Buckeyes look for revenge against the Defending National Champs after knocking them out in the NCAA Semifinals a year ago. If you've never seen them play, this is the one to go to.

    Tonight's Promotions:

    - Senior Night
    - Student Night- Students register to win a $200 Barnes and Noble gift card
    - Ohio Valley Region Volleyball Team Night
    - Fans can register to win a Molten volleyball cart
    - FREE Rally Towels to the first 500 fans courtesy of Nationwide

    Admission is FREE!
    Last edited: Apr 18, 2009
  14. BB73

    BB73 Loves Buckeye History Staff Member Bookie '16 & '17 Upset Contest Winner

    The tOSU Men's Volleyball team has a Final Four match against the #1 seeded UC-Irvine Anteaters.

    The game will be shown live at 11 pm ET tonight on ESPNU.

  15. brodybuck21

    brodybuck21 THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY Staff Member Fantasy Baseball Champ

    Good luck guys! Beat the anteaters!

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