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LGHL Ohio State men's volleyball on cusp of NCAA Tournament berth

Discussion in 'News' started by Geoff Hammersley, Apr 22, 2016.

  1. Ohio State men's volleyball on cusp of NCAA Tournament berth
    Geoff Hammersley
    via our friends at Land-Grant Holy Land
    Visit their fantastic blog and read the full article (and so much more) here

    One more win will punch the Buckeyes' ticket to the NCAA volleyball tourney. Vonn Bell talks about the draft (and he might be part of a record-setting Buckeye draft class) and OSU's dive team has fun.

    Another day down, and another day chock-full of Ohio State news. Let's take a look at what happened around the flagship institution of Ohio:

    "An automatic bid for the 2016 NCAA Men’s Volleyball Tournament is on the line Saturday"

    While the football and women's basketball teams got close to bringing home a national championships, the men's volleyball squad are one win away from securing a spot at the NCAA Men's Volleyball Tournament.

    The Buckeyes square off against No. 12 Lewis on Saturday at 7 p.m. ET in the MIVA Tournament Championship. If the Buckeyes can pull off the victory, it would be their 20th in a row and 28th total victory on the season.

    Eyes On The Prize
    Buckeyes vs Flyers MIVA Finals.
    Sat. 7pm
    for Students!

    Ohio State Buckeyes (@OhioStAthletics) April 21, 2016

    Look for MIVA Player of the Year Nicolas Szerszen and Miles Johnson to put a big game, and bring home the team's 15th conference tournament crown.

    You can catch the game on BuckeyeVision.

    "I feel totally ready for the pro level"

    Vonn Bell to the Arrowhead Pride

    With the NFL Draft just a week away, the final rounds of interviews and talks with prospective players are taking place. The latest of the draft bunch from the Buckeyes was Vonn Bell, who spoke about what it would mean if he ended up as a Kansas City Chief.

    While the Chiefs have a solid foundation at DB, Bell said he was aware of the potential need in the safety department, as the Chiefs lost one of their safeties to free agency, and the other to retirement.

    Mel Kiper Jr. has the former Buckeye headed to the Chiefs at the tail end of the first round (No.28). However, the Chattanooga native wouldn't mind landing at an NFL team close to his hometown; he just wants the chance to play football at the professional level.

    "If the Buckeyes make history during next week's NFL Draft, get ready to be bombarded with graphics, #DevelopedHere hashtags and flame emojis from the coaching staff. "

    Bill Landis,

    We just wrapped up on Vonn Bell's thoughts on where he might end up going. Now, let's look at what the football world's thoughts may be if Ohio State has a spectacular draft next week.

    According to Landis, if the Buckeyes can get six players drafted into the first round, then they would tie the Miami Hurricanes of 2004 with the most picked. Doing a quick rundown of names, here are six of the potential first round draftees: Ezekiel Elliott, Eli Apple, Vonn Bell, Joey Bosa, Braxton Miller, Mike Thomas – and those were just the first six that popped into my head.

    Additionally Landis pointed out that the Scarlet and Gray could topple their own record of 14 players picked in an entire draft since the draft structure changed to to seven rounds in 1994.

    With that being said, we knew the Buckeyes were a dominant team on the collegiate level; now we all see the potential this team has on the professional level.

    Lastly, if the Buckeyes get called one-after-another, it will certainly add to the recruiting juggernaut that Urban Meyer has built since taking over the reigns in Columbus.

    "The Buckeyes diving squad spent Wednesday’s practice setting up and making use of a Slip’n Slide with a bit of a twist — or rather, a jump."

    Nick Martin, The Washington Post

    Making its rounds through the Internet is the Ohio State diving team doing some antics on the diving board. The clip made its rounds through the daytime TV circuit, and now it's here on Land Grant Holy Land to cap off the work week.

    Newest Olympic event

    A video posted by Aaron Daniels-Freeman (@aaron_daniels_freeman) on Apr 19, 2016 at 2:34pm PDT

    This is what happens when the offseason kicks in.

    The Buckeyes' swim and dive season ended with a 15th place finish at the NCAA Tournament at the end of March.

    It's a long way until the start of the next diving season, but be on the look out for Colin Zeng. The Fujian, China native is the reigning national champion at diving – and the first for the Buckeyes since 2008.


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