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LGHL Ohio State-Oklahoma will be played before a sold out capacity crowd

Discussion in 'News' started by Geoff Hammersley, Jul 22, 2016.

  1. Ohio State-Oklahoma will be played before a sold out capacity crowd
    Geoff Hammersley
    via our friends at Land-Grant Holy Land
    Visit their fantastic blog and read the full article (and so much more) here

    It’s gonna be a rockin’ time in Norman, Okla. on Sept. 17.

    As the days of summer begin to wear away, that means one thing: football Saturdays are around the corner. While Ohio State’s landmark football camp happens tonight, there was some other noteworthy events surrounding the scarlet and gray.

    “The Ohio State game will attract the largest crowd ever to see a football game in our state,”

    – Oklahoma AD Joe Castiglione in release by Mike Houck (

    The University of Oklahoma made the announcement that their game on Sept. 17 featuring Ohio State is, indeed, a sellout.

    It isn’t a surprise that this game, arguably the best of the non-conference matchups, is sold out so soon. Both programs have a track record of being the crème de la crèmes of the college football world, and this matchup pits the Sooners, who were in the College Football Playoff last season, against the Buckeyes, who won the national championship two seasons ago.

    This battle of the titans in Norman, Okla. will feature the third meeting between the two schools – and first since 1983. The two prior games were top 10 showdowns, with the Sooners and Buckeyes winning one apiece.

    The all-time winning percentages between the Buckeyes and Sooners are within thousandths of a point. Currently, Ohio State sits with a .722 percentage while Oklahoma holds a .720 percentage – good enough for third and fourth, respectively.

    Kickoff is slated for 7:30 p.m. Eastern (6:30 p.m. Central).

    “[Corey] Smith is fully healthy and has been training hard to make a big impact on this year's Ohio State offense, but is hoping a change in his look helps him as well.”

    – Alex Gleitman (Bucknuts)

    With another year of eligibility granted, wide receiver Corey Smith is going to spice things up by changing his jersey to No. 5.

    [​IMG] Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports
    New Season, New Number: Corey Smith (84) will be rocking a new number when he’s sprinting down the field this season

    Smith wore No.84 last season, before suffering a season ending leg injury at Indiana. Recently, the No.5 jersey has been donned by Braxton Miller – who missed the Ohio State national championship season after injuring his throwing shoulder.

    According to Gleitman, the reason for Smith’s jersey switch was to go back to the number he wore at Buchtel High School.

    Here’s hoping to a great season of pass catching for the Akron, Ohio native – and new wearer of the No.5 jersey.

    “The Ohio State Swim Club women had their strongest showing of the night in the women’s 400 meter IM with Lindsey Clary and Meg Bailey dominating the final heat by over 11 seconds.”

    – Ashleigh Shanley (Swimming World)

    As temperatures pass the 100 mark in some parts of the country, the Ohio State club swim team is staying cool under pressure in the Speedo Central Zone Sectional Championships held in Columbus, Ohio.

    On Wednesday, the first day of the event, Lindsey Clary had the best time in the women’s 800m freestyle, and was a key component in the Buckeyes’ 800m freestyle relay victory.

    Yesterday, the Buckeyes continued their winning ways by grabbing the top two spots in the women’s 400m individual medley prelims. Clary had the best time in the event, clocking in at 4:51.51. In second place was fellow Buckeye club member Meg Bailey, who finished with a time of 4:54.86. The third place finisher of the preims had a final time greater than 4:57 – showing how good the Buckeye swim club were in the pool.

    The events carry on for another day. If you’re interested in seeing how the swim club does, you can check the latest results at .


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