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LGHL Ohio State recruiting: New walk-on LB Hayden Jester talks Buckeyes

Discussion in 'News' started by Charles Doss, Jan 9, 2016.

  1. Charles Doss

    Charles Doss Guest

    Ohio State recruiting: New walk-on LB Hayden Jester talks Buckeyes
    Charles Doss
    via our friends at Land-Grant Holy Land
    Visit their fantastic blog and read the full article (and so much more) here

    The Cincinnati native is looking forward to being a Buckeye.

    Craig Fada, Joe Burger, Kato Mitchell, and countless other Ohio State walk-on's have found time on the field over the last few years. Wanting to keep the roster stacked deep with talent, the Buckeye coaching staff have been searching the recruiting trail for underrated prospect to follow in their footsteps. Their hard work paid off earlier this week.

    Selecting Ohio State over Butler, Morehead State, Valparaiso, and interest from many Mid-American Conference programs, Cincinnati LaSalle senior standout Hayden Jester announced he had accepted a preferred walk-on spot with the Big Ten powerhouse Buckeyes.

    "(I called) Coach Fickell. He was pumped and sounded excited, but we were talking for awhile and it became official about a week ago," the 6'2, 228-pound Jester stated to Land-Grant Holy Land.

    "OSU is an excellent school and an excellent football program. I have always dreamed about going to a school like OSU. I felt it was right for me because all the coaches I have talked to there are great coaches, and also all the players that they are recruiting with me are great guys. I've also talked to some current players on the Buckeyes, and they are awesome people. I am excited to be a Buckeye," Jester added as a few of the reasons why his choice to attend Ohio State was a no-brainer.

    A two-time state champion, Jester was a key part of LaSalle's title run this past season. Alongside future OSU punter Drue Chrisman, the soon-to-be Buckeyes helped lead the Lancers to an overall record of 13-2. Finishing his senior campaign with over 100 total tackles,and five sacks, Hayden was selected first team All-Greater Catholic League.

    Before he arrives on campus full-time, Jester, who plans to study marketing and business at Ohio State, will soon make the trek from Cincinnati to Columbus to get a better feel for his future home in the capital city.

    "I will make a visit in the net few weeks. I have been to Ohio State a couple of times for state championships. I am excited just to see and experience the school and the football program."

    Want to see Hayden Jester in action before he lines up for the Scarlet and Gray? Check out some of his highlights, courtesy of Hudl:

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