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LGHL Ohio State recruiting: State Secrets - Dwayne Haskins update, Damar Hamlin to visit

Discussion in 'News' started by Dan Hessler, Jan 12, 2016.

  1. Dan Hessler

    Dan Hessler Guest

    Ohio State recruiting: State Secrets - Dwayne Haskins update, Damar Hamlin to visit
    Dan Hessler
    via our friends at Land-Grant Holy Land
    Visit their fantastic blog and read the full article (and so much more) here

    The Buckeyes look to flip a four-star QB from Maryland, while a four-star CB is scheduled to visit Columbus this week.

    Ever since 2016 four-star QB Tristen Wallace decommitted from the Buckeyes, the popular name to replace him has been Dwayne Haskins. Currently committed to Maryland, Haskins' pledge to the Terrapins began to be questioned after D.J. Durkin took over as the head coach in place of Randy Edsall.

    Early on in the four-star's recruitment, he had Ohio State as the front runner, but things changed and he decided he wanted to play football in his home state. Because of this strong relationship, the Buckeyes have become the popular pick for the QB to switch to, if he chooses to do so.

    Haskins visited the Buckeyes last month and it appeared he had a good time with other Buckeye recruits. Things were trending towards Ohio State's direction, but after the visit the talk seemed to die down and it once again appeared as though the QB would remain in Maryland. That is until this morning, when it was announced that the Terrapins sent out scholarship offers to two other QBs, believed by many as a a back up plan for when Haskins leaves.

    The Buckeyes aren't the only school fighting for the 6'3, 198-pounder's talents, as he has a visit to LSU scheduled for Jan. 15. Whoever the QB decides to play for, it likely will not be announced until National Signing Day, next month.

    Hamlin to visit OSU

    On Monday morning, Eleven Warriors announced they had confirmed with Damar Hamlin that he will be making his second official visit this week to Ohio State. The four-star CB has made multiple trips to Columbus already, including an attendance to the annual Friday Night Lights camp, and most recently on Nov. 21.

    The Buckeyes have long been involved in Hamlin's recruitment process and he has quickly become one of the team's most important recruits. Last month, Hamlin announced his top three schools as Ohio State, Penn State and Pittsburgh, slighting Notre Dame who was also highly active in his recruitment.

    As of today, it is anyone's guess where Hamlin will end up and it is probable that he will wait until NSD to announce his decision. Being from Pittsburgh, it is likely that the Panthers will be the biggest competition for the Buckeyes and the No. 12 player at his position has yet to officially visit Penn State.

    Buckeye commit to transfer to IMG Academy

    One of Ohio State's commitments for the 2017 class will be transferring to arguably the top prep school in the country. Marcus Williamson, out of Westerville, Ohio, has decided to take his talents to Florida for his final season of high school football.

    The four-star CB committed to the Buckeyes in April of last year and his pledge has never once been questioned. Already rated as the No. 7 CB of his class, Williamson will have a great opportunity to build on that ranking. He will join fellow 2017 Buckeye commit Isaiah Pryor.

    7 new Buckeyes start school

    Monday marked the beginning of the winter semester at Ohio State University. With that came seven new Buckeye recruits, confirmed by 247Sports. The list includes:

    • Five-star DE Jonathon Cooper
    • Four-star WR Austin Mack
    • Four-star OT Michael Jordan
    • Four-star OG Tyler Gerald
    • Four-star RB Antonio Williams
    • Four-star DT Malik Barrow
    • Four-star LB Tuf Borland
    Best of luck to these young men in their endeavors, both academic and athletic.

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