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LGHL Ohio State still in play for a couple of 5-star recruits

Discussion in 'News' started by Dan Hessler, May 31, 2016.

  1. Dan Hessler

    Dan Hessler Guest

    Ohio State still in play for a couple of 5-star recruits
    Dan Hessler
    via our friends at Land-Grant Holy Land
    Visit their fantastic blog and read the full article (and so much more) here

    The Buckeyes make the cut for five-star QB Tate Martell, while five-star RB Cam Akers reschedules his official visit to Ohio State.

    Ohio State included in Tate Martell's list of top schools

    Five-star QB Tate Martell (Las Vegas, Nev. / Bisop Gorman) has become a hot name in Ohio State recruiting circles in the last six months. Seen as the No.1 dual-threat QB of the 2017 class, the former Texas A&M commit has been in constant contact with Ohio State as he heads into his senior season of high school football.

    Martell last visited the Ohio State campus back in March, when he was still committed to Texas A&M. Since then, he has decommitted from the university and the mutual interest between him and Urban Meyer's football program has increased significantly.

    Last weekend, Martell released his list of top schools to Ohio State was included in this list along with California, Colorado, Miami, UCLA, USC and West Virginia. Martell doesn't seem to have any official visits set as of yet, but he did tell that he plans on using all five.

    It is crucial for Meyer and the Buckeyes to get Martell back to Columbus, and that will likely happen. The Buckeyes already have four-star QB Danny Clark (Massillon, Ohio / Archbishop Hoban) committed to the 2017 recruiting class. While space in that class is limited for the Buckeyes, Martell would be a huge get moving forward.

    Cam Akers reschedules official visit to Columbus

    Five-star RB Cam Akers (Clinton, Miss. / Clinton) was originally scheduled to visit the Ohio State campus this week. Akers, who took a two-day trip to Columbus with his father back in March, had been wanting to return with both parents in June, but unfortunately his visit this week has been postponed.

    Akers' father confirmed the news with 247Sports over Memorial Day weekend. His father went on to mention the official visit has been rescheduled for the weekend of Ohio State's annual Friday Night Lights camp, which takes place July 22 this year.

    The No. 2 RB in the country's father made sure to reassure that moving the date back had nothing to do with any change in Akers' already "strong interest" in the Ohio State football program.

    Akers' interest with Ohio State has been rapidly growing recently, and the interest from coach Meyer has been just as apparent. The Buckeyes already have two RB commits in this class in Todd Sibley (Akron, Ohio / Archbishop Hoban) and JK Dobbins (La Grange, Texas / La Grange) but the coaching staff has asked Sibley to postpone his first year of eligibility by asking him to grey shirt, seemingly to make room for Akers if need be.

    Sibley's commitment to the school is not now as strong as it once was, but it seems the Buckeyes have the momentum in Akers' recruitment. In the last week, Ohio State has had two of 247Sports' recruiting experts crystal ball Akers to Columbus.

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