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Ohio State vs Miami 9/11/2010

Discussion in '2010 Football Torrents' started by Best Buckeye, Sep 11, 2010.

  1. Best Buckeye

    Best Buckeye Pretending I'm a pleasant person is exhausting. Staff Member

    This game was hyped very much and rightfully so as having BCS championship ramifications. It was to be a big test for both teams and the Bucks played a sound game.
    Last edited: Sep 12, 2010
  2. Thundaballs

    Thundaballs Newbie

    Thank you good sir! I am in Australia and being from Columbus I have been looking forward to this game since I found out of the scheduling. Was there in 2003 when they beat the Canes in the Fiesta Bowl. Can't wait to see this game and if it lived up to all the hype! Been reading about it for weeks now.

    No spoilers please :)
  3. rcduthie77

    rcduthie77 Newbie

    That would be absolutly awesome!!

    I had to work today so I unfortunatly missed the game and I can't wait to see how we did!!
  4. OCBucksFan

    OCBucksFan I won a math debate

    Has it been a few hours yet? I want to actually see the game, friggin Korea time zone differences.
  5. NFBuck

    NFBuck Total Coverage.

    Dude, I lived it for a season too. Sucks ass...
  6. Best Buckeye

    Best Buckeye Pretending I'm a pleasant person is exhausting. Staff Member

    Attached Files:

    Last edited: Sep 12, 2010
    Deety likes this.
  7. KKOSU

    KKOSU Newbie

    Thanks for this now just need some seeding! :biggrin:
  8. Best Buckeye

    Best Buckeye Pretending I'm a pleasant person is exhausting. Staff Member

    OK I have a seed in the proper place so we will see how we do.
    And I see we are in fact seeding so enjoy Buckeye fans!
  9. deckerbm

    deckerbm Newbie

    Thanks so much for this! I forgot to DVR it :(
  10. GoBucksForever




    [ame=""]YouTube - 2010 Ohio State Vs Miami (Florida) Football (Highlights)[/ame]
  11. BleedsScarlet

    BleedsScarlet Newbie

    Slowly but surely...

    Thanks Best Buckeye...

    The download is progressing slowly and I think the more people that download and then seed...things will go faster for others.

    Interesting, I'm looking at the peers list of others who are downloading...besides those in the is in Hong Kong and the other is in China. I guess our fanbase is everywhere.
  12. Best Buckeye

    Best Buckeye Pretending I'm a pleasant person is exhausting. Staff Member

    Hong Kong, China, Calif.... there is no place on earth that doesn't have a Buckeye fan.
    Patience Grasshopper. :biggrin: These are always slow at the start for the reason you mentioned and it will speed up tomorrow after others start to seed.
  13. hansluk

    hansluk Newbie

    indeed, buckeyes everywhere in the world. I graduated in '03, and worked a few years in the states, afterall I came back to my home town in Hong Kong where my parents resides.
    We, bunch of tOSU alum, actually had a gathering here in HK to watch this game in a bar over the internet. and it was 3:30AM!!!

    Thanks for the seed so that I could keep the great game. Hopefully will be a few easy weeks, Go Bucks!
    JCOSU86 likes this.
  14. buchtelgrad04

    buchtelgrad04 Pain is an opinion.

    I would love to see that shovel pass with J. Berry. If that was him, you can't help but to think that he's gone for 6.
  15. EvPlante6

    EvPlante6 Newbie

    Thanks for the great post!! I've been looking all over for the game, my DVR stopped recording at the end of the 3rd quarter. You're a life saver!

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