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Game Thread Ohio State vs Oklahoma, 09/09/17 @ 7:30 ET (ABC)

Discussion in '2017 Football Season Capsule' started by Dryden, May 25, 2017.

  1. Systems_id

    Systems_id Senior

    I'm just not seeing where the optimism from OU fans is coming from. An inexperienced offense led by Donald and Goofy had their way with the Sooner defense until Meyer called off the dogs halfway through the 3rd. An equally inexperienced (basic) defense made the Sooner offense look foolish. OU wouldn't have even scored 20 if not for the STs gaffe. Now we have an experienced offense led by the best offensive mind in the game and an equally experienced defense with what should be one of the best front 7s in the country. Only weakness out of that unit is the inexperienced secondary...but we saw what happened when we had to replace most of our secondary last year.

    Had OSU come there and squeaked out a close fluke win ala Penn State, I could see it. Last year was a complete demolition and the team that got demolished has to come to our place now.
  2. Jaxbuck

    Jaxbuck I hate tsun

    It's summertime man.

    People believe what they want to believe and have a long off season to convince each other they are right.

    For reference, visit any scUM board any off season or read any study of Hitler's mastery of propaganda. "A lie told often enough soon becomes the truth" I believe is the actual quote.
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  3. RCSooner1974

    RCSooner1974 7 NCs, 6 Heismans, BEST program ever!

    Well I would presume it's because we're riding a 10 game winning streak and OSU is coming off a 31-0 loss to Clemson in the CFB Playoff. College football is all about riding momentum and I think the team that is more confident going into the game is more likely to win, amigo.
  4. Jaxbuck

    Jaxbuck I hate tsun

    well if fan confidence matters, you are in business
  5. Tlangs

    Tlangs Owner of the Tressel Jacket

    I think the 9 month layoff may have hurt the momentum.
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  6. RCSooner1974

    RCSooner1974 7 NCs, 6 Heismans, BEST program ever!

  7. Jaxbuck

    Jaxbuck I hate tsun


    if only Ohio State players worked out, maybe they could capture some of this off season momentum themselves
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  8. RCSooner1974

    RCSooner1974 7 NCs, 6 Heismans, BEST program ever!

    There's a neon light at the end of the tunnel....
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  9. jwinslow

    jwinslow more than the drops in the ocean Staff Member

    BTW, I appreciate you being here to discuss the game, but naturally we need to work through this :lol:
    College football is about talent and intensity from teenagers, and it's awesome because the better teams lose when they shouldn't 1-4x a year.
    Oh, so you do think it's a similar situation? :p

    The returning starter at QB is going down in a few weeks and OSU will have to turn to the backup who had not been on the field since his junior year of high school?
    OSU's defense was swiss cheese the year before and then they lost almost all of their sound defenders to the NFL (two first rounders and a captain)?
    OSU's veteran OL lost a lot to the NFL and due to terrible OL recruiting by the previous regime, they're now left with two converted DL as starters, and two other 3 stars, one who is small by walkon standards?
    They lost their bellcow RB who went onto NFL success and now have two wide eyed youngsters, one who was still timid and grossly outplayed by a 200 lb scat back? (the timid, ineffective guy is now the world's greatest RB)
    Their passing attack would feature 5'9" corey smith 14 times, resulting in 1 catch (and a wide open drop in the endzone)?

    Mercy. That game is a good reason why CFB is awesome but it's a pretty weak comparison to this matchup.
    Which again speaks to the difference in conferences. If our fans are ever expecting to give up more than 31 (which is a weak effort), then that defensive coordinator better be getting his house ready for sale.
    Last edited: Jul 17, 2017
  10. jwinslow

    jwinslow more than the drops in the ocean Staff Member

    DeDe was a stud before he got to Oklahoma and had a solid year before breaking out in 2016.

    Meade had 10 catches all year.

    Will BP users draft your WRs early and often? Yes, because the conference does not play any defense, so we not only will grab your 2 main starters, we'll grab 2-4 more WRs beyond that from Oklahoma, Baylor, Texas Tech, etc. If OSU is up to their usual standards at defensive back, then we'll also bench them for that matchup. Now if the next wave isn't up to the standards that we've witnessed under Ash & Schiano the past 3 years, that's another story.
    Where was this dominance against OSU? Perine had almost 20 carries at 3.5 a pop. Mayfield didn't break 1 ypc. Mixon was the lone exception with 9 for 78.

    Joey Bosa's little brother has been better than him at every stage of his career. Joey is not necessarily one of the starting DEs because of the absurd depth OSU has on their DL.

    A ferocious DL typically outclasses a great OL, which you know personally because OU has had some terrific DL over the years.
    Last edited: Jul 17, 2017
  11. jwinslow

    jwinslow more than the drops in the ocean Staff Member

    @RCSooner1974 , what are the biggest OU weaknesses you see? What concerns you most about this matchup?
  12. RCSooner1974

    RCSooner1974 7 NCs, 6 Heismans, BEST program ever!

    Well, last year your coaches executed the brilliant strategy of testing OU's new corners opposite Jordan Thomas. (3 of Noah Brown's 4 TDs came against them.) This time around, I would probably expect Urban to test our new free safety by attacking us with the deep ball. Ahmad Thomas has graduated and Will Sunderland is facing a season-long suspension, so the starter in that role will most likely emerge from the preseason competition between Chanse Sylvie, Khalil Haughton, and freshman Robert Barnes for the FS position.

    Also, one play that most people forget from last year's game was Curtis Samuel's jet sweep on 4th and 1 for a 36-yard TD on OSU's first score of the game. As brilliant as Mike Stoops is, his defense is susceptible to these surprise playcalls on 3rd/4th and short (much like Samuel's touchdown). With the transition back to his basic 4-3 with the occasional nickel and dime packages, I would expect we'll get a better push up front with 4 down linemen this time and Neville Gallimore and Duvonta Lampkin are massive beasts along the interior.

    This front seven of ours should be similar to our 2000 front seven, and none of those guys ever even started on an NFL roster except maybe Jimmy Wilkerson with the Kansas City Chiefs if I am not mistaking.

    And in light of what some people claim about how talent always translates into guaranteed wins, well that ain't always the case either. For example, Texas A&M has done a stellar job of putting first-round guys in the league recently. But they underachieved at the college level going 8-5 three straight years, including a 59-0 beat down at the hands of Alabama one year.

    Virginia more than a decade ago put guys like D'Brickashaw Ferguson and Chris Long into the league, as has California with Aaron Rodgers and Marshawn Lynch. How have they done? Notre Dame even has done a great job putting guys in the league, but they haven't won a championship in nearly 30 years.

    And yes, Ohio State and Bama don't have a problem with underachievement with all the talent they have. However, many times in college football teams with less talent have been pulling off big wins and upsets over more talented opponents in recent years. (Like you guys vs. VA Tech 2014 and Michigan State on occasion.)

    In short, usually the team that wants it more is the team that always comes out on top. Yes, OU has had the tendency to slip up in games they're supposed to win. But with a younger and more energetic coach in Lincoln Riley now, I think that will all change. And if OU does win at Ohio State (assuming they go undefeated the rest of the regular season), I think they win the national championship. Ohio State could lose this game, and still make the playoff. If OU loses, it's back to a non-playoff NY6 bowl since they play in a weaker conference. This will definitely be an interesting scenario to forecast during our game week in Columbus.
  13. jwinslow

    jwinslow more than the drops in the ocean Staff Member

    I don't think that's what is being claimed. We're just arrogant jerks, but it's not that specific rationale :wink:
    Big Game Bob did have that tendency for awhile but he was still a legend. Meeting that standard is a high bar to clear.

    As far as enthusiasm, Urban and Nick aren't your first choice to hold a party but both are savagely intense.
    That's an interesting scenario given how OSU did the last time they got the benefit of the doubt. I think OSU would have to lose a classic (which means plenty of scoring, because the media only recognizes offensive excellence).[/QUOTE]
  14. Mike80

    Mike80 I speeka da eennggglieesshhhh

    Because last year totally matters during the 2nd game of the season the next year....
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  15. jwinslow

    jwinslow more than the drops in the ocean Staff Member

    I mean, the OSU team from the 2nd game of last season didn't bear any resemblance to the OSU team that played in the bowl game. The same was very true in 2015 & 2014 as well.
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