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Ohio State vs. Wisconsin, Sunday, March 10th, 4:30PM, CBS

Discussion in 'Buckeye Basketball' started by OhioState001, Mar 10, 2019.

  1. OhioState001

    OhioState001 Tressel Loyalist

    LitlBuck, starBUCKS and OHSportsFan like this.
  2. OhioState001

    OhioState001 Tressel Loyalist

  3. NFBuck

    NFBuck Total Coverage.

    This is gonna be gross.
    DZ83CK likes this.
  4. starBUCKS

    starBUCKS BPCFFB League #2 League Champion 2008 & 2010

    Win win for me, I took Wisconsin for “recreational” purposes. OSU wins, I’m happy, and see they have some life. They lose, I win and look forward to next year.
  5. Hetuck

    Hetuck Senior

    I'll watch until it gets out of hand. Let's see how much pride this Buckeye team has in them.
    OHSportsFan and OhioState001 like this.
  6. OHSportsFan

    OHSportsFan Fan of Ohio Sports in Indy

    Just have Ahrens go off, please
    Hetuck likes this.
  7. buckeyeintn

    buckeyeintn Senior

    Hetuck and OHSportsFan like this.
  8. OhioState001

    OhioState001 Tressel Loyalist

    Lane with the start. Would love to see him get an open look for 3 right off the jump

    buckeyeintn and scarletmike like this.
  9. OhioState001

    OhioState001 Tressel Loyalist

  10. OhioState001

    OhioState001 Tressel Loyalist

    Don't forget Greg

  11. scarletmike

    scarletmike Researching the Magic!

    Love that Joey got a starting spot today.
  12. OHSportsFan

    OHSportsFan Fan of Ohio Sports in Indy


    And are they really going to call that on Young??
    buckeyeintn and OhioState001 like this.
  13. OhioState001

    OhioState001 Tressel Loyalist

    Damn it Joey
  14. OhioState001

    OhioState001 Tressel Loyalist

    Do these guys practice shooting or?
  15. OHSportsFan

    OHSportsFan Fan of Ohio Sports in Indy

    Woods and Jackson, inspiring start.
    OhioState001 likes this.

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