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LGHL Ohio State's potential receiver of the future stands just 5'9, but packs a punch

Discussion in 'News' started by Austin Kemp, Mar 16, 2016.

  1. Austin Kemp

    Austin Kemp Guest

    Ohio State's potential receiver of the future stands just 5'9, but packs a punch
    Austin Kemp
    via our friends at Land-Grant Holy Land
    Visit their fantastic blog and read the full article (and so much more) here

    Tyjon Lindsey, an electric slot receiver from California, will visit Columbus next week.

    With spring time upon us, the Ohio State coaching staff is in top form by balancing spring practice and attacking the recruiting trail. Spring break is right around the corner and the spring game shortly follows. With those dates in sight, recruiting action is sure to speed up. Expect a number of big-time prospects to make their way to Columbus over the next few weeks.

    Lindsey excited for OSU visit

    One of those prospects, as we reported earlier in the week, is 5-star WR Tyjon Lindsey. Lindsey, from Centennial High School in Corona, California, is a prototypical slot receiver at 5'9. Lindsey has electric speed and is a threat for a touchdown every time he touches the ball. He is expected to arrive in Columbus during his school's break next week, on March 24. Ohio State is a legitimate shot in this one and it looks like Lindsey is pumped for the trip.

    #SHHHH ❗️

    — Tyjon A. Lindsey ++® (@tyjonlindsey) March 15, 2016

    It's hard not to salivate thinking about what Lindsey might look like in Urban Meyer's offense. With his combination of good hands and quick feet, he could be just the kind of player that the Buckeye juggernaut needs to get back to the high-flying offense we saw in 2014. The prospect of Lindsey in open space would be a terrifying one for opponents, and one that could put Meyer right back in his wheelhouse -- drawing up all sorts of plays for a Swiss Army Knife-style player.

    Hansard sets date

    Ohio State defensive tackle prospect Fred Hansard made it apparent that he will be announcing his commitment on May 14. Hansard, a class of 2017 prospect, is rated a four-star player and the 9th overall defensive tackle in his class. From New Jersey, Hansard has held the Buckeyes in high regard throughout his commitment process. Providing the stiffest competition for Ohio State are fellow Big Ten powers Michigan, Penn State, and Rutgers. With Ohio State already having two DTs committed in this class, you'd have to think that landing a commitment from Hansard would just about wrap up this position group. The Buckeyes struggled recruiting true DTs last year, but that fortune looks to be changing in 2017 and beyond.

    After talking it over with my family, I would like to announce that I will be making College Decision on my birthday (May 14th)

    — Fred Hansard (@Fred_Hansard56) March 16, 2016

    It's not as though the Buckeyes have struggled at the position in recent years -- Michael Bennett, Adolphus Washington, and other players have been dominant forces up the middle -- but with the aforementioned swings and misses on top DT prospects in the 2016 cycle, Meyer and his defensive staff might not be able to afford another year of lackluster DT recruiting. While the two current commits, Haskell Garrett and Jerron Cage, are both top-15 prospects at the position, adding Hansard (himself a top-10 DT) would assure the kind of depth that separates elite programs from the rest of the pack.

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