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OL Josh Myers (2nd Team All B1G)

Discussion in 'Buckeye Football' started by MD Buckeye, Jan 28, 2014.

  1. ScriptOhio

    ScriptOhio Everybody is somebody else's weirdo.

    Josh Myers Has Been Ready to Start Since Midseason


    That last time the Buckeyes had a returning starter at center was 2015, when Jacoby Boren was back for his second season as a starter.

    Since then, Ohio State has started Pat Elflein in 2016, Billy Price in 2017, and Michael Jordan this past season. All three ended up being named All-Americans, with the first two being Rimington Trophy winners.

    Under Urban Meyer, the Buckeye centers were never a question mark and always a strength. Even though Ohio State football is under new management now, the standards will remain the same.

    With Jordan’s departure to the NFL, however, another new name will need to step in. That name is expected to be Josh Myers, who was Jordan’s backup this past season as a redshirt freshman.

    Myers came to Ohio State as a blue chip tackle prospect, but was moved to center about a year ago because he had the athleticism and intelligence that the position requires. He had a solid spring battling with fifth-year senior Brady Taylor, but ultimately the job was won by Jordan in the summer.

    That didn’t stop Myers from working and progressing, however.

    “I think he’s ready right now,” current OSU offensive line coach Greg Studrawa said in the days prior to the Rose Bowl. “As a matter of fact, we practiced a little bit in this bowl prep with him at center and Mike back at left guard, so he’s already there.”

    Had Jordan returned for his senior season, the plan was to move him back to guard where he played his first two seasons and then put Myers in at center.

    What has he done to earn his coach’s confidence?

    “Matured, man,” Studrawa said. “I’m telling you, his understanding of the offense, because it ain’t easy to snap a football in our offense and do the things that we ask him to do with a guy right there when you’ve never done that before. So it’s taken him some time. I’ve charted his snaps. I think he’s almost at 5,000 reps at the center position now, from practice in the spring, the summer, and camp and all of that stuff, so he’s ready.”

    Entire article:
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  2. scarletngray

    scarletngray Gold Pants

    Excited for Josh. I think he is going to be an excellent Center and carry on the tradition of All BIG Ten, All American Centers for the good guys.
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  3. pnuts34

    pnuts34 Drunk off of wolverine tears

    Agreed. I think he’ll be one of the best OL and hope he build a great rapport with a Fields
  4. brodybuck21

    brodybuck21 THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY Staff Member Fantasy Baseball Champ

    David Regimbal on August 1, 2019 at 10:20 am @davidreg412

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    Even though Ohio State has to replace four starters along its offensive line, three starting wideouts, a quarterback who rewrote the conference history record book and a number of key defenders, Ryan Day still has the most loaded roster in the Big Ten.

    That's something we established earlier this week. The Buckeye roster has more former 5-star or top-50 players from their respective recruiting classes than the rest of the Big Ten combined.

    That gives new head coach Ryan Day a lot of options during fall camp as he sets his first depth chart in stone. Many of the open position battles were won and lost during spring practice, but a few key spots are still up for grabs.

    While some of the projected starters listed below are technically in ongoing position battles, I'm comfortable calling these shots, particularly for the sole defender who made the list.

    These three new starters have the potential to make a lot of noise for Ohio State and play at an all-conference level this fall.

    Two of the last three starting centers at Ohio State have won the Rimington Trophy, which is awarded annually to the top center in the country. Last year's center, Michael Jordan, was named a first-team All-American by both Sports Illustrated and CBS Sports.

    Those are the expectations Josh Myers is stepping into, but after a superbly strong spring camp, it looks like he's up to the task.

    Myers came into the program as a blue-chip recruit known for his strength. As a senior in high school, he was throwing around weights in the weight room with an almost comical ease.

    Offensive line coach Greg Studrawa is excited about his potential.

    “Josh has stepped in and really taken the bit,” Studrawa said in April. "He’s doing excellent. Before we practiced and went to the Rose Bowl, I really felt confident in that kid. Something clicked during bowl practice before we left and went out there, and his mindset, everything about him, how he carries himself, everything changed. So I’m confident, and now after watching him in nine practices, I really think he’s going to be exceptional.”

    With him in the middle of a line that features four new starters, the Buckeyes need him to anchor the unit and live up to his potential.
  5. ShowMeBuck

    ShowMeBuck You know what? Chicken butt.

    Dude is gonna be a great one we just need to be patient.
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  6. RB07OSU

    RB07OSU #7 aka Vick the human joystick Staff Member BP Recruiting Team

    Ditto. Myers is a guy that I would have been shocked to not see pan out into a great OL. Always a learning curve playing center, but the talent, work ethic, and physical ability are there in droves.
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  7. OregonBuckeye

    OregonBuckeye Semper Fi Buckeyes

    Billy Price 2.0
  8. brodybuck21

    brodybuck21 THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY Staff Member Fantasy Baseball Champ

  9. bukIpower

    bukIpower Senior

    I swear he answered more questions about Harry than anything.... I think he will be our best center other than Billy.

    Jordan was out of position and Elflein I think isn't quite as powerful as Myer.

    Also Bowen mentioned it's crazy that Myer is as good as he is considering how little he's played.
  10. brodybuck21

    brodybuck21 THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY Staff Member Fantasy Baseball Champ

    Kevin Harrish on August 13, 2019 at 11:23 am @kevinish

    Email this ArticleShare on RedditShare on TwitterShare on Facebook132
    Ohio State is loaded with talent once again this season, but much of it is unproven.

    The Buckeyes signed their two highest-rated recruiting classes of the modern era in 2017 and 2018, and with those players entering their second and third seasons respectively, it’s their time to make an impact – in many cases, for the first time.

    Here are 10 players who will be stepping into larger roles with the team and seem poised for breakout seasons in 2019.

    Josh Myers arrived at Ohio State as the second-highest-rated offensive guard in the 2017 class, behind only Wyatt Davis, who he'll line up next to this season.

    Like Davis, Myers' potential and physical gifts have been there since he arrived in Columbus, but he has been buried on the depth chart until this season. Now, Myers steps into Ohio State's starting center spot, which has been previously occupied by two Rimington Award winners and an All-American.

    Myers has not yet played a meaningful snap for the Buckeyes, redshirting his freshman season and only playing with backups in 2018, but now he's a starter and the Ohio State will need him to be stout and steady this season.
  11. ScriptOhio

    ScriptOhio Everybody is somebody else's weirdo.

  12. LordJeffBuck

    LordJeffBuck Illuminatus Emeritus Staff Member

    Myers has been a key factor in the resurgence of the Buckeyes' running attack:

  13. ShowMeBuck

    ShowMeBuck You know what? Chicken butt.

    Really feeling good about this O Line for sure.
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  14. bucknut502

    bucknut502 Senior

    I’ve been watching him a lot. I think he’s the best of the really good Centers that we’ve had recently. Price and Elflein were damn good. Boren had the heart of a lion. But I feel that the combination of Myers’ size, strength, athleticism, and obvious football smarts, he’ll be the best of the bunch. Love what I’ve seen so far!
  15. RugbyBuck

    RugbyBuck Our church has no bells.

    And if Myers is to be believed, the guy coming up behind him may wind up being even better.

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