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tBBC OSU Golf: Mid-Season Chat With Coach Hession and Coach Moseley

Discussion in 'News' started by Ken, Jan 15, 2016.

  1. Ken

    Ken Guest

    OSU Golf: Mid-Season Chat With Coach Hession and Coach Moseley
    via our good friends at Buckeye Battle Cry
    Visit their fantastic blog and read the full article (and so much more) here

    It’s winter in the Northern Hemisphere, but that’s only encouraging my thoughts/dreams of golf. In (likely) three more months, I’ll be teeing it up at the local (western NY) courses. Meanwhile, I have a treat for you. I was fortunate enough to spend some time in a Q&A with Ohio State golf coaches Therese Hession and James (Jay) Moseley. I’m excited about this because: 1) I get to interact with two very accomplished coaches and 2) We get to talk golf in January! First up, OSU women’s coach, Therese Hession:

    • You had a solid “core” of Katja Pogacar, Rio Watanabe and Jessica Porvasik in the Fall; 32 of their 36 combined rounds were counted. Who do you anticipate rotating into the Spring schedule lineup on a steady basis? I think now that the freshmen are a little more settled, you will see them begin to step up. Zoe Brake also has a lot of experience so I think if she continues down the same mindset as this past fall she is more than capable as well! Of course, Lina Aguillon has the physical skills as well so it will be really fun to see how it all turns out.

    • On a somewhat related note, freshman Jaclyn Lee has earned a spot on the 2016 Canadian National Amateur Team. How does participation in this program complement her development at Ohio State? I love competition and am a firm believer it will make you better. The more competition she experiences the better. Having made the team she has opportunities for additional training trips which I am a big fan of! All good for sure as well as a great honor to represent your country.

    • What are your expectations for the Spring Season? Of course every year we like to win the B1G Championship. We have several good teams in the conference so we will have to have a very solid performance. This team is definitely capable of that feat. We would like to qualify for the NCAA Regional as well as the NCAA Championship. I also think they are capable of making the Match play portion of the Championship. If the get to rolling these are all doable goals with our teams ability.

    Next, first year (at Ohio State) coach, Jay Moseley:

    • First, welcome to Ohio State! How did the Fall season go, based on your expectations? I think we experienced a lot of personal growth as a team and our guys have adapted well into a slightly different culture than what they had been accustomed to. However, our results were substandard for anyone associated with our program. We know we have yet to play to our potential so I’m excited and encouraged about our off season training and getting back into competition this Spring.
    • Although there seemed to be some week-to-week inconsistencies in team play, you had some outstanding rounds by upperclassmen (Clark Engle; Carmel Cup, NCI) and newcomers (Caleb Ramirez; Tavistock, Grimmer; Tavistock, Wick; Windon Memorial). How do you build off these performances going into the Spring season? We did indeed have some exemplary individual performances this Fall but we obviously need to play better collectively as a team. All of our guys want to play well but at the end of the day they ultimately want the team to win. We will focus on individual improvement with our players in order to achieve success as a team.
    • What are your expectations for the Spring Season? We simply want to get better each day which is our goal each year. I expect to see some guys elevate themselves and play well when we compete. We have several players with All American firepower and if they keep improving it will be fun to watch.

    I want to thank coaches Hession and Moseley for their time and insight to this golf season. One of the things I like as a golf fan, is that each year has two “seasons”. The players compete for a few months, take some Holiday time, then back at it for a few more months. I love it. I’ll have match recaps for the OSU-Golf teams again this Spring, please check in. The Spring season kicks off in a few week, below.

    The OSU women’s team begins the Spring schedule by hosting, for the 21st year, the Northrup Grumman Regional Challenge in Palos Verdes, CA. The event runs February 7th through February 9th.

    The OSU men’s team begins their Spring schedule at the Tiger Invitational in Auburn AL. The event runs March 6th through March 8th.

    Go Buckeyes!

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