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OSU vs. Kansas State Matchup

Discussion in 'Buckeye Football' started by daddyphatsacs, Dec 7, 2003.

  1. MililaniBuckeye

    MililaniBuckeye The satanic soulless freight train that is Ohio St Staff Member Tech Admin

    "The best thing about not going to the Orange Bowl is not having to listen to the Cryami fans for the next month."

    No $h!t...I was not looking forward to wasting about 2/3's of my posts ripping into snot-nosed, zit-faced 14-year-old punk kids. Not to mention the fact we'd have to be listening about Winslows being selected as the nations top TE.

    As for the game, the team won't blow off KSU...they saw what happened to OU. The fact that KSU blew out OU can work out for us, in that KSU may now think they're hot $h!t and not prepare well enough for us. There's no way KSU is as good as they were against the Sooners, else they'd be 12-0 and in the Sugar Bowl. LightningRod brought up a good point about our LBs, and I think that MLB will be the biggest key. If the MLB plays well, we can control the running game...if not, then we may see another Michigan game.
  2. LightningRod

    LightningRod Senior


    I saw K State on TV 3 times this year when both Sproles and Roberson were healthy. Believe it or not, when they are healthy, their offense in many ways is not too different from a Penn State offense with Zach Mills. Now, I would never confuse Mills with Roberson when it comes to speed and athleticism, but Mills is most effective when he is on the run in an option type offensive scheme, and PSU and KSU in many ways run similar offfensive schemes. K State was marvelous in capitalizing on the overpuruit of Oklahoma's D, and the OSU D must guard against this - there must always be LB eyes aimed directly at Roberson and Sproles. I feel this will contain the K State offense - that is 90% of the K state offense. OSU's D can certainly contain K State's 2 major weapons, and the LBs will be key. It also goes without saying that if the D line gets penetration off teh ball, the LBs job has just gotten easier by 50%. Even if a 4 rush D line is neutralized, I feel OSU LBs can still dictate the outcome of this game.
  3. Saw31

    Saw31 High Seas Rogue

    Don't underestimate this K-State team. The only reason they didn't win them all was because of injuries/no depth (IMO). Darren Sproles is as good as it gets in college football this year. I'm not disappointed at all in this matchup, though I was hoping for FSU (screw Miami, they had their chance last year). I kinda wanted to get FSU since this will be their last year in a BCS or equivalent game...hehe...(can't beat Miami=Gator/Peach Bowl) and I wanted some payback for them beatin' the crap outta Joe Germaine a few years ago. Anyway, I don't think this is some kind of "gimme" game at all. I think Sproles is a better (college) RB than Perry and we all remember...well you know. Roberson is a great athlete and can do damage passing and running. It's gonna be tough to get him sacked because he is speedy. Our offense better show up cause I think K-State will score on us even if we play well on defense. I know they have played cupcakes for years and have been overrated in the past, but I don't think that's the case this year. They took some injuries at key positions this year and didn't have the depth to cover them, but their starters are very good. This game (IMO) will be won or lost with our defensive line. If we can get penetration, we can stop Sproles before he can get in the open field. Same with Roberson. We must slow them down in the backfield, disrupt their running plays early, because if they get loose, they can roll up the yardage. Unlike last year, the Fiesta won't be a home crowd advantage. K-State will travel and make noise. I hope our guys get up for this game, because K-State will be. They could legitamize their program once and for all with back to back wins over OU and tOSU. Remember, their losses came to #5 Texas (not bad), #22 Okie St. (not bad) and Marshall (ok, not good) but Roberson was injured during this losing streak. They beat Nebraska, Colorado, (a pretty good) Mizzou. They blew out everyone except Mizzou since losing their last game to Okie St. They beat Cal by two touchdowns. What did USC do against Cal? And they just blew out (still IMO) the best team in the country. They've cleared quite a few of their mental hurdles this year and, at least to me, have moved up a level to one of the top programs in the country.
  4. slickman

    slickman keeping tan

  5. Clarity

    Clarity Will Bryant Staff Member

    My initial reaction was disappointment. I really wanted FSU, or Miami (even in the Orange) as a backup. When they said KSU in the Fiesta it felt like a double loss. I felt like KSU is a particularly dangerous team, but one that doesn't carry the high profile/prestige win recognition that, say, Michigan would get from beating USC. So all the danger, none of the reward. As far as the Fiesta, I just don't like repeating in the same place/bowl. Didn't like it at the Outback, don't like in even in a BcS bowl. Only place I'd like to repeat is the Rose.

    The flip side is that it is a BcS bowl, and KSU is such a good team that it will make for a great game. I think their strengths play right into our strengths, I think our weaknesses play into theirs. I've been impressed with Sproles and Roberson all along, and I look forward to the defensive looks we figure to bring against them. After watching Dallas whomp the Redskins this week, I'm particularly happy they don't have Newman anymore.

    Anyway, I respect KSU well enough, I just wish we had pulled a higher profile opponent to give us a lift into the next season. But they deserve to be there as much as we do, they're Big XII champs (over the team that will likely be national champ), and a win over them (should it go as most of us expect) will be a good win.

    As far as KSU's past and present, they're a better team than some might think. ESPN claims they have 26 guys in the NFL from over the years, that's more like a MSU than it is an Ohio U. Granted, not many high profile people (and I'd like to ding them for that nasty little bird beaked fruit Martin Gramatica). They actually recruit decently, and have for some time. But they're in a conference with Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas -- and then solid mid-tier teams like OU, aTm, Texas Tech, etc. That's tough uphill fighting year in and year out for them. Actually, the more I think about it, the more I see them as a Michigan State type school.

    Anyway, looking at it objectively as I can, I think despite their thumping of Oklahoma, we should be able to dictate the terms of the game. We'll see.
  6. big12champs

    big12champs Newbie

    I thought I would come check your sight out. I was reading your posts and have a couple of comments.

    First, we are very excited to be playing the defending national champions. For us this is about as big as it gets.

    I can truly understand your dissapointment in playing us. I can imagine that in some ways it may be a let down for a program like Ohio State.

    With that said, you should be happy to even be given the opportunity to play in the BCS after this season.

    It seems that most of you think that KSU is outmatched in this game. Why? You're an underdog in this game and most people without bias are picking KSU to beat you by a touchdown. Oklahoma fans were the same way, they thought they would walk in and own KSU and look what happened. If your players feel as let down as some of you do then you're probably going to be in some trouble.

    Finally as far as not playing anybody, yes it is well known our OOC schedule is pretty sad but look at our SOS. It's #10. KSU doesn't underperform every year like you think. At least not this year anyway. And this is just a quick fact on Big 12 history for those of you that think KSU got to where they are because they beat up on some creampuffs. KSU is 49-15 in Big 12 play and that leads the league in conference wins and win%.

    Anyway, I'm excited even if you're not and you should come over to

    If you're not too scared. Because you'll get owned like I'm sure I will here.
  7. Clarity

    Clarity Will Bryant Staff Member

    Hey b12c -- odd timing, I had just finished my comment in this thread.

    Anyway, just curious about one thing -- why are we lucky to be in a BcS bowl? We were one game away from going back to the national championship game. Not sure a team that close shouldn't be in a bowl game. It's true we had to take an at-large, but despite the loss to Michigan, we were/are still top-5 in the BCS standings.

    On the flip side, we are a 2-loss team. One is a "good" loss I suppose in that it's to another top-5 team, the other is just plain a bad loss to Wisconsin. Not quite the same as losing to Cal, but still not a good loss.

    So I don't see us as lucky really[sup]1[/sup]. I suppose someone could make a case for Texas and *maybe* Tennesse, but we're ranked higher where it currently counts, and have a significantly tougher SOS than either one. I say 'maybe' on UT because of their loss to what turned out to be a terrible Auburn squad.

    Anyway, don't take our lack of enthusiasm as too much a jab at your program. As I mentioned earlier, we were indeed one game away from another title shot, and we're only this season removed from an undefeated season. So we're all still adjusting a bit to not having been able to meet our expectations for this year, which was the Rose, or ideally the Sugar.

    [sup]1[/sup] - I know you didn't use the word 'lucky', but I inferred it from the "you should be happy to even be given the opportunity to play in the BCS after this season" comment.
  8. big12champs

    big12champs Newbie

    Let me clarify what I meant by that. I said that OSU should be happy to be in a BCS bowl because they were chosen as an at large team. The BCS could have chosen Texas or Tennessee who also are both two loss teams. I guess I infered it from the fact that KSU has been screwed over by the bcs when they should have been chosen for an at large but other teams were.

    I think it is a testament to your program that the BCS wanted you over two great programs like Texas and Tennessee and because of OSU's success both recent and long-term they were the ideal candidate. You know it's just that they weren't guaranteed a bcs slot like KSU or Michigan was in your conference's case and that's why I said what I did. I didn't mean any disrespect because I admit that OSU is leaps and bounds above KSU when it comes to tradition and winning.

    Still, I think that KSU is the hottest team in the nation right now and although you all are starting to hear about Darren Sproles and the fact that he averages 6.6 yards per carry, we've known about him all along. It should be a great matchup between division 1-A's best running back (yeah I said it, Chris Perry couldn't hold Darren's jock strap) and an OSU defense that gives up only 60 rushing yards a game.

    I'll probably be posting here until the bowl game so any of you ?Buckeye's that want to bring it, I'm ready!

    By the way, is Clarett going to find a loophole and what is the feeling about him as a person (not a player because we all know how good he is) and is it hard to badmouth him for the simple fact that at least in my opinion he is the reason you beat Miami last year?
  9. Clarity

    Clarity Will Bryant Staff Member

    I see what you're saying re: the at large issue. Believe it or not, there were a few of us who wouldn't have been entirely shocked to have not made a BcS bowl. And in fact, in the early going I even commented that I almost would have preferred that. Not so anymore though. I'm happy with where we're going, I'm fine with who we're playing. Take it as a sign of respect that I/we weren't (or still aren't perhaps) excited about it, it's the whole issue about KSU being a dangerous team.

    I've actually been aware of Ell and Darren for a while now. I can't claim to follow KSU, but I watch quite a bit of the Big XII as I'm able (have a buddy who is a Husker, got used to watching his games as well when he lived in the area -- kind of kept going when he left, but didn't limit to the Huskers). Both are impressive, both will be great to watch against our D.

    What Michigan had going for it was its offensive line. I'd stack our defensive front 4 against anyone else's in the nation (yes, including LSU and OU). Ours *may* not be the best, but they're in the right company. scUM was able to effectively neutralize them, which allowed Navarre to throw, which allowed Perry to run, which allowed Navarre to throw, which ... you get the point.

    Your OL (in my opinion) is going to be the biggest deciding factor in this game. If Will Smith, Tim Anderson, Simon Fraser and Darrion Scott (and I list them in the order that you should probably be concerned) can get the job done, then clearly that takes the pressure of what is sometimes considered a suspect backfield. Our LB play will obviously also be key. And I suspect you'll discover why Herbstreit calls our punter the best player on our offense. Punting and kicking are nearly ideal for us, sadly, that may or may not come to an abrupt end after this bowl game.

    I really don't know how to call this game. I feel good about a win, but I bet you and your peers do too, and with sound reasoning behind it. After all, you just came off the OU upset, we just got upset by scUM. Our offense is suspect, we're lacking an OSU signature running game, our best player from last year will be watching the game from a sofa (or stretch Hummer -- who knows). There are plenty of reasons to like either side. If Vegas liked you all a bit more, I might have explored the betting scene this year.

    Regarding Maurice, there are a few threads around here about him where you can read comments that are recent, and some that go back throughout the season, and a few before.

    Feelings about the kid and the possibility of him being back with the team (or in the NFL, CFL, I-AA, the couch again, etc.) next year, are of course a mixed bag. At his age, I was responsible for my actions to a high degree in the military. There are some floating around who feel that his age should excuse some of his antics and decisions. I don't fault them for that line of thinking, because we all know the reality of life at that age is often more action, and less concern for consequences. I think we're all a little hedonistic and less goal oriented and focused in those final teen years. My personal position though is that despite that, you still have to make the decisions, and that it's literally impossible for the coaches to monitor the players around the clock. And if they could, the players would revolt, and/or find ways to circumvent the microscope lens. I don't know if Reece is a good kid or not, a good adult or not. I don't think he particularly cares for or about OSU as an institution, and while that bugs me as a fan a bit, I appreciate the reality that it's not going to mean the same to everyone that it does to me, for example, or a player like Craig Krenzel. So I don't fault him for that necessarily. Actually, I'm going to stop there -- I could go on for days on this issue, and only scratch the surface of just my own personal thoughts on the topic. Take that depth, multiply it just by several thousand active OSU fans floating around a nexus of OSU online fan sites -- and you can imagine some of the debate that goes on.

    I enjoyed watching him play, I appreciate what he did for us on-field last year (with a few notable exceptions). I would be cautiously happy and excited were he to return next year, but downright fearful of more problems and chaos. I would also want to *know* that he's there as a TEAM player who is going to do what his coaches and peers ask of him, without question. Short of that, I can only hope he does go to the NFL, or sits out another year, or transfers elsewhere.

    I'll say this though, if he were to come back and cause more problems for the program and/or the university -- I'd be quick to some pretty harsh thoughts and words. Mo's reality is going to be that wherever he goes (pro, back to us, etc.), he's going to be on a short leash with all around him. The fans don't matter, but his fellow players and coaches do. I hope for his sake that he doesn't learn how difficult and lonely things can get when you burn ALL the bridges around you.
  10. jenkinswoody

    jenkinswoody I heart Wendy Peffercorn

    No depth at skill?

    I was looking at KSU's stats for the season and granted robersons and sproles are great but if they go down they are going to have a long, long game. I bring this up because of how active ell is out of the pocket and the relative lack of size with sproles.


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