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tBBC OSUMBB: OSU Bombed By MSU, 91-76

Discussion in 'News' started by Ken, Mar 5, 2016.

  1. Ken

    Ken Guest

    OSUMBB: OSU Bombed By MSU, 91-76
    via our good friends at Buckeye Battle Cry
    Visit their fantastic blog and read the full article (and so much more) here

    Thad is trying to remember who was supposed to defend Denzel…

    What MSU did on Saturday

    Ohio State (19-11, 11-6) entered the rematch against Michigan State (25-5, 12-5) a bit shorthanded but with a good bit more confidence. They entered as 14-pt underdogs, for those people who track that sort of thing. Finally, they entered with need to cool off MSU guard Bryn Forbes, who is coming off a 27 points game against Ohio State (7-10 3-pt), a pedestrian 15 points (4-6 3-pt) against Penn State and a 33 point game (11-16 3-pt) against Rutgers. The Buckeyes were bombed into submission by the Spartans, 91-76.

    The Buckeyes were done in by three factors; defense, rebounding and free throw shooting. The more experienced Spartans exerted their will will on the boards, out rebounding Ohio State 34-24. Their ball movement created numerous open shots that they had no problem converting into scores. They shot 50% from long range and 67% overall. Ohio State’s free throw ills continued, as they shot 11-21, “good” for 52%.

    First, I want to give credit to Tom Izzo and his group of seniors that played to a high level in their last regular season game at the Breslin Center. Denzel Valentine, Matt Costello and Bryn Forbes powered the Spartans to a convincing win.

    This was actually a game effort by the Buckeyes. Although they were outscored, they really weren’t outplayed in terms of effort. Ohio State consistently attacked the rim on offense. They drew a lot of whistles against Michigan State, but unfortunately failed to capitalize on these opportunities. It was easy to see which of the team was the senior-laden team and which team had the underclassmen.

    Ohio State was led by Marc Loving (21 pts) and JaQuan Lyle (18) and Kam Williams (15). Trevor Thompson (9 pts) and Mickey Mitchell (5 pts, 7 rbs) had productive games. Kieta Bates-Diop (6 pts, 0 rebs) did not. Ohio State had 24 rebounds (6 offensive), 10 turnovers and 15 assists

    As a team, they shot 47% (27-57) from the field, 47% (11-23) from 3-pt range and 52% (15-21) from the foul line.

    Michigan State was led by seniors Darnell Valentine’s double-double (27 pts, 13 asst, 4 reb), Matt Costello’s double-double (15 pts, 11 reb) and Bryn Forbes (14 points).

    They shot 67% (34-51) from the field, 50% (8-16) from 3-pt range and 75% (15-20) from the foul line. They had 34 rebounds (4 offensive), 13 turnovers and 29 assists.

    1st Half

    The game started out well enough with consecutive 3’s by JaQuan Lyle and Marc Loving giving OSU a 6-3 lead a minute and a half into the game. A flurry of scoring by both teams at about the midpoint saw MSU holding a 13-10 lead. Ohio State had lost the lead, but still within one possession, not a terrible scenario.

    Over the next five minutes, the Spartans and Buckeyes held that margin until a JaQuan Lyle 3-pt shot tied the game at 21 at the 10:13 mark. Then things went to hell over the next 3:30 as MSU had a 10-1 run that moved the lead to 31-22 on a Marvin Clark Jr dunk. The half ended on a missed Lyle 3-pt shot and the Spartans went into the half with a ten point lead, 47-37.

    The Buckeyes had not recovered from the midpoint Spartan surge. Thad and his team had their work cut out for them for the 2nd half.

    2nd Half

    Not much of note in the 2nd half, as the teams played with the margin running between 10-12 points until MSU 3’s by Matt McQuaid and Denzel Valentine moved the margin to 17 points, 64-47, with 13:26 remaining.

    That margin would pretty much hold throughout the half until Kam Williams drilled home a 3-pt with :01 remaining to set the final score at 91-76.

    Next up: the Big Ten Tournament. Seeding, opponent and tip-off TBD at the moment.

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