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Discussion in 'Buckeye Football' started by wstripes, Jan 17, 2005.

  1. wstripes

    wstripes Newbie

    this has to be one of the funniest things I've seen.........seeing them slowly go down is great.......substitute OU with Michigan and you'll see the humor

    From an Oklahoma Web Chatroom the day of the SC-Oklahoma Orange Bowl------

    By OUinFLA: "I am wearing my very special "7 Time National Champions" OU hat for, hopefully, the last truthful time."
    By Duffy: Wireless Network - check
    Laptop - check
    Flat screen TV - check
    TIVO On - Check
    HDTV - No check
    Ice Storm - Check
    Fire roaring in living room - Check
    Cold beverages - check
    wife asleep - check

    By iknowyoudidnt: "Wow, this sucker looks beautiful in HD. I've got the DVR going too, so I can keep an HD copy forevar!"
    By Czar Soonerov: "Matt looks skeerd"

    1st Qtr:
    By iknowyoudidnt (OU 1st Drive): "Dear USC, You're about to get ****stomped."
    By Duffy (OU 1st Drive): Those So Cal fags will get manhandled by out O -line all game
    By Cam (OU 1st Drive): "Thier DB's cannot cover our WR's. Keep daring White to beat you Petey."
    By iknowyoudidnt (OU 1st TD): "Game."
    By soonersweetie (OU 1st TD): "WOOHOOOOO!!!!!! Take that you trojan scum!!! I am so sick and tired of living out here in San Diego and hearing about how good SC is"

    By Duffy (USC driving): "The SUCK band is getting annoying."

    By the_edge (USC 1st TD): "Damn, TD condoms."
    By Chinese-Bandit (USC 1st TD): "Does the f*cking USC band HAVE to play their fight song after EVERY FIRST DOWN? What low standards."
    By SoonerBorn68 (USC 1st TD): "Alright, they got their 7 for the night...Let's take it to them!"
    By SCOUT: "Their band will stop playing after every first down when then cease to get first downs. That should start to happen directly "
    By Texas_Golfer (USC 1st TD): "Our O-line is getting manhandled."
    By KillerBees(USC 1st TD): "games were our secondary gets torched make me want to puke. If this keeps up its gonna come down to the wire. We must put pressure on their QB, hes not making quick passes hes taking for freaking ever."

    By OUinFLA (OU Bradley Punt Fumble): "WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
    By the_edge (OU Bradley Punt Fumble): "Bradley, what the hell?"
    By soonersweetie (OU Bradley Punt Fumble): "HOLY SH**********************WHAT THE HELL WAS HE THINKIN??????"
    By Texas_Golfer (OU Bradley Punt Fumble): "Well, so much for playing better this year. That was a bonehead decision by Bradley!"

    By Texas_Golfer (OU Driving): "It's going to be a very long night if the O-line doesn't open up a hole for AD.!"
    By SCOUT (OU Driving): "Mark's mistake happens to be my pet peeve. I know we can and will pull this out. They are paying an awful lot of attention to AD which should only open things up for Jason."
    By jkm, the stolen pifwafwi (OU Driving): "AD isn't going to run for a lot of yards against an 8 and 9 man front. jason is just going to have to carve them up and open up the run game"
    By CAM (OU Driving): Somebody needs to block that number 58 dude...

    By TUSooner (White's 1st INT): "noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo"
    By OSUBuckeye (White's 1st INT): "INT Condoms."
    By CAM (White's 1st INT): "Why in the world???."
    By OUinFLA (White's 1st INT): "that hurts."
    By sitzpinkler (White's 1st INT): "there were like 8 people around that reciever, WTF."

    By Duffy (USC Driving): "We need to knock silly boy around until his eyes cross again."
    By jreed13 (USC Driving): "Why does White (the condom) always get 10+ yards per touch?"
    By sitzpinkler (USC Driving): "they are carving us up, let's go D"
    By Texas_Golfer (USC Driving): "I know these guys are the #1 team in the country but we're embarrassing ourselves."
    By KillerBees (USC Driving): "We are freakin throwing this game away with bonehead plays and the complete inability to stop their RB"
    By jreed13 (USC Driving): "Im worried about the momentum and it seems that USC has it all right now "
    By Duffy (USC Driving): "I have my TV muted but the freakin SUCK song is in my head! Come on guys score so I can hear some Boomer Sooner! AHHHHHHHH!."
    By TUSooner (USC Driving): "dang they're catching almost everything he throws up"

    By BlackLover (USC 3Td): "illness, I have $100 on okla"
    By Texas_Golfer (USC 3Td): "Turn out the lights. The party's over. This is embarrassing."
    By the_edge (USC 3Td): "We go man they burn a corner, we go zone and they burn a safety."
    By SCOUT (USC 3Td): "No sunshine on that play, that was just sh*@ty coverage."
    By the_edge (USC 3Td): "Crap!"
    By mosoon (USC 3Td): "Well, we still have Paris in the Springtime."
    By BlackLover (USC 3Td): "This 14 point USC lead is not part of the plan."
    By Czar Soonerov (USC 3Td): "I'm gonna step away from the computer, maybe that will help our mojo..."
    By auto (USC 3Td): "Ok, who's going to make my house payment for me?"
    By Chinese-Bandit (USC 3Td): "Take a deep breath you guys. You've got tons of time. Just need to make some adjustments and stop turning the ball over. 7 of their points were gift wrapped"

    By the_edge (Whites 2nd INT): "Sonofa."
    By mosoon (Whites 2nd INT): "Game, set and match."
    By SoonerClio (Whites 2nd INT): "Can this game PLEASE be over now?????"
    By TUSooner (Whites 2nd INT): "My family is giving up. But that throw really did suck!"
    By NASASooner (Whites 2nd INT): "White is letting the pressure bother him. We're in big trouble now."
    By soonersweetie (Whites 2nd INT): "this is so not happening."
    By jreed13 (Whites 2nd INT): "This is seriously making me sick."
    By Texas_Golfer (Whites 2nd INT): "Three turnovers on three possessions! None of the Sooners are playing like they can. We're making these assholes look good!."

    By BlackLover (USC Driving): "Please hold them to a FG Please hold them to a FG Please hold them to a FG Please hold them to a FG Please hold them to a FG, Please hold them to a FG Please hold them to a FG Please hold them to a FG Please hold them to a FG Please hold them to a FG, Please?"

    By mosoon (USC's 4th TD): "Anyone know any good jokes?"
    By zar Soonerov (USC's 4th TD): "I am so pissed right now..."
    By auto (USC's 4th TD): "can anyone make my house payment, vinny is already calling."
    By OSU BuckEye (USC's 4th TD): "Goodnight sweetheart."
    By jreed13 (USC's 4th TD): "We have shut down Bush and Leinart is going buck wild"
    By zeke (USC's 4th TD): "Its Over."
    By TUSooner (USC's 4th TD): "this is f'n humiliating"
    By jrsooner (USC's 4th TD): "I'm crying now! down by 21? ouch!"
    By TUSooner (USC's 4th TD): "No excuses now, we're giving them the game and they are happy to have it. We're looking like a bunch of chumps"
    By Chinese-Bandit (USC's 4th TD): "OK a TD before the half and you have a new ballgame. As for the D, I think it's time to end this 4-2-5 double team on Bush."
    By the_edge (USC's 4th TD): "I f'ing hate Shaq!"
    By OklahomaTuba (USC's 4th TD): "Oh My Jason, Whats Going On???????"

    By jreed13 (OU Driving): "Bradley is slowly .... slowly working his way back into my favor . OH **** JASON JUST GOT KILLED"
    By BlackLover (OU Driving): "gah, another 3rd and looooooooonnnnggggg."
    By SCOUT (OU Driving): "We are just luring them in close and letting them get cocky in the first half. It is a simple ruse. A trojan horse if you will "
    By BlackLover (OU Driving): "gah, another 3rd and looooooooonnnnggggg."

    By BlackLover (Post FG): "Ok deep breath. 14 USC points were gifted. Two incredibly short drives handed to them. 14-10 would be more realistic, but that is not the situation. 28-17 28-10 28-13. I'll take any of those at half, 28-17 is the dream.."
    By NASASooner (Post FG): "We can come back if we get some better defense. 3 and out would be nice here."
    By Czar Soonerov (Post FG): "I'm so pissed, I want to punch Mickey Mouse."
    By SCOUT (Post FG): "It is now time for a USC turnover."

    By jreed13 (USC 5th TD): "I HATE reggie bush. Thank you lance"
    By SoonerTuf (USC 5th TD): "Jeeezes Kriest!"
    By mjcpr (USC 5th TD): "We can't stop @#%$."
    By BlackLover (USC 5th TD): "No. Simply no. No no no no no no."
    By jreed13 (USC 5th TD): "Game Over. Seriously"
    By SCOUT (USC 5th TD): "jesus mary and joseph."
    By the_edge (USC 5th TD): "Could Pool cover a dead guy?"
    By soonersweetie (USC 5th TD): "how the h*** did he catch that"
    By jrsooner (USC 5th TD): "Can we go home now????"
    By Blacklover(USC 5th TD): "this is evil. Check the USC gatorade cooler. They are on horse adrenaline or something."
    By FlaBama (USC 5th TD): "Think they're trying to make a statement"
    By TuSooner (USC 5th TD): "SC never looked this good in any of the games I saw this season. Thye must have been saving all their spectacular plays for us."
    By allanace16 (USC 5th TD): "So do we get some butter with all our toast................."
    By sitzpinkler (USC 5th TD): "So much for the Heisman curse"
    By Soonerpsycho (USC 5th TD): "why even play the second half? seriously, why?"

    By dennis580 (OU Driving): "Must have a TD before half. Absolutely must if we want any chance of winning. White is legacy is on the line here. He must get us in the endzone before half."
    By go4indian (OU Driving): "Please alarm go off....."
    By FlagstaffSooner (OU Driving): "Put me on suicide watch."
    By OUBIGRED1 (OU Driving): "DAMMIT............Time to break out the whiskey.......Beer is not working anymore....Someone wake me up when this nightmare is over."
    By KillerBees (OU Driving): "I dont like crow very much....I really hate 2 years in a row. We have gotten blown out it 2 games in the last two years and that just shouldnt happen with this team. They are killing us.."
    By jrsooner (OU Driving): "We can come back...yeah....right!."

    By CAM (OU Driving): "Are you ****ing kidding me? Do these guys ever freakin drop a pass? I'm 100% gutted."
    By SCOUT (OU Driving): "oh dear lord.."
    By CAM (OU Fumble): "Another turn over. We look like a freaking high school team out there."
    By FlagstaffSooner (OU Fumble): "Jim Beam take me away."

    By auto (USC Driving): "pressure on lineart??? anyone??? anyone?"
    By Czar Soonerov (USC Driving): " **** you Pete Carroll
    **** you Norm Chow
    **** you Matt Leinart"

    By FlagstaffSooner (USC Driving): "Our linemen are getting their asses handed to them."
    By Blacklover (USC Driving): "I shoulda taken my $100 on Okla and changed it into 100 $1 bills and handed them out at the mall."
    By KillerBees (USC Driving): "Should I stop recording yet?"
    By mosoon (USC Driving): "Know any good jokes?"

    By OUBIGRED1: "Damn....4 turnovers = 24 points.......Hell has arrived here in SOONER land."
    By SuperNinjaPirate: "Is anybody going out after this game? God I need to get drunk."
    By CAM: "What's the worst part you ask? We're making Corso look like a freaking genius. "
    By FlagstaffSooner: "Where in the hell is the Devil when I want to sell my soul?"
    By SoonerClio: "Just when I thought nothing could suck worse than the first half, the halftime show proved me wrong..."

    3rd Qtr:
    By OklahomaTuba: "We Gotta Score dammit. Stop this fools play..."
    By OKC-SLC: "3 and out. ouch."
    By dennis580: "Our defense is putting up NO resistance."
    By OKC-SLC: "i want to cry. what is wrong with our team?"
    By haildamage: "oh the pain!"
    By mosoon: "Hope USC put their second string in soon."

    By ouflak (USC 6th TD): "OU - 10 USC - 45 10:42 3rd quarter"
    By mosoon (USC 6th TD): "One problem is that Leinart is dead-on accurate.
    I sum this disaster up by saying USC saved their best for last and we saved our worst. I'm totally stunned, just shocked beyond belief that we can be getting hammered like this. I never imagined such a catastrophe. Never. Ever. This is even worse than the '78 OB vs Arkansas. I sure hope XTR's baby is having a better time than the rest of us."
    By auto (USC 6th TD): "vinny is calling, he wants his money NOW. I am unplugging my phone."
    By go4indian (USC 6th TD): "This sucks I'm outta here...see ya next year."
    By auto (USC 6th TD): "vinny is calling, he wants his money NOW. I am unplugging my phone."
    By OKC-SLC (USC 6th TD): "NASA, we unfortunately have a LOT of rethinking to do in our scheming. We look like 8th graders out there. "
    By OUinFLA (USC 6th TD): "ok, football gurus, why do we keep running AD up the gut? I dont think we have made 10 yards total there all night.????"
    By OklahomaTuba (USC 6th TD): "This is the worst bowl loss in OU history, and its still not over. Please Coach Stoops, stop the bleeding already!"

    By Czar Soonerov (USC Driving,again): "I want to turn it off"
    By zeke (USC Driving,again): "I miss Mike Stoops."
    By GrapeVineSooner (USC Driving,again): "Mama said there'd be nights like this. Yes, you can question our play calling, accuse our coaches of being overrated, etc. etc. Fact is, USC is THIS good and there's not one thing anyone can do about it right now. And Sooners turning against other Sooners isn't going to help."
    By jreed13 (USC Driving,again): "OMG a lob into the endzone that wasnt a TD!!!"
    By LASooner (USC Driving,again): "Okay...seriously. This hurts ALL of us. But that is no reason to...
    A. Turn against each other
    B. Turn on our own team
    C. Turn on our coaches
    We can lose with as much class as we've been winning with. Guys, if you are so pissed off that you're going to take it out on a fellow Sooner/Player/Coach, then get off. Take a couple of days and cool off. This is not the time to rip each other because of the pain we're feeling. We're Sooners. We're better than that."
    By AzianSooner (USC Driving,again): "I am speechless and shocked. I am not going to watch TV for 1 damm month."
    By Czar Soonerov (Post FG): "**** you Norm. "
    By mandrake (Post FG): "My wife just asked me to come to bed. I think she is going to make us both feel better. See you all tomorrow. "
    By Breakfast at O'Connell's (Post FG): "Can someone write me a doctor's note for the rest of this week? I don't feel well. I hate this. We aren't getting any breaks. "
    By swardbpu (Post FG): "Anyone have a good recipe for crow? "
    By Norm_in_Norman (Post FG): "God damnit. I missed out on a free ticket to Disney Land. "
    By Norm_in_Norman (Post FG): "I just wish we would score one touchdown. Just one. Or maybe an interception. IS THAT TOO ****ING MUCH TO ASK??? "

    By Norm_in_Norman (OU INT): "another INT. sh*t "
    By mosoon (OU INT): "Jason will now be drafted in 7th round of the Canadian Football League draft."
    By Pacific_Qualifier (OU INT): "Bench White. He's totally lost it."
    By Norm_in_Norman (OU INT): "Well - I got my interception. next time I will specify which team got intercepted."
    By Breakfast at O'Connell's (OU INT): "Wow. Another interception. This is crazy. Tomorrow is going to suck almost as bad as tonight. "
    By preludeok95 (OU INT): "It's that freakin' star power from the West Coast, and really bad vibes from OJ"

    By OKA-SLC (USC Driving,again): "man, they're just trying to run the ball between the tackles and they can't help but gain yards."
    By Partial_Qualifier (USC Driving,again): "To top it off, Norm Chow makes our defensive coaches look like Laurel & Hardy."
    By Texas_Golfer (USC Driving,again): "Brent and Bo need to go. Our defense is being shattered tonight. Their fullback has over 100 yards and two of their receivers each have over 100 yards tonight."
    By OklahomaTuba (USC Driving,again): "505 total yards in 3 quarters against our D."
    By KillerBees (USC Driving,again): "Unbelievable. This is a meltdown on the magnitude that I thought aggies were only capable of. Everyone had to know that was a run. Our guys are just whipped. sad to see."
    By OKA-SLC (USC Driving,again): "man, they're just trying to run the ball between the tackles and they can't help but gain yards."

    By Sooner_Bob (USC 7th TD): "And to top it off, I've got to go to the doctor tomorrow . . ."
    By Sooner_Bob (USC 7th TD): "If you were going in for a colonoscopy, that will no longer be necessary"
    By SoonerBorn68 (USC 7th TD): "All I know is that I'm letting the tape in the VCR run out, take it out with tongs, and straight to the trash outside. The less time that stays in my house, the better."
    By CAM (USC 7th TD): "Let's see. I was carried in my mother's arms to my first OU game when Bud was still the coach. In all those years there were some whippings and some heart-breakers. The '71 Game of the Century hurt, but it really was a heroic effort in a great game. Until tonight, the worst disappointment was the 78 OB. Last year was bad, but we gave it a shot. Tonight's loss is at the top of the list of bad, bad Sooner losses in my lifetime. It's a merciless beating in a big game, but worse is the disappointment factor. MNC #8 was within sight and we flat collapsed. This was our year to "finish" and atone for last year's crash & burn. Instead we have been undressed and debased in front of our enemies, our friends, those who have treid to be or friends, and the whole nation of football fans. The humiliation is unfathomable, the stuff of legend. We are a national joke - "Choke-lahoma." In short, given the magnitude and the circumstances, this is the worst Sooner loss in my lifetime. This one will hurt - and hurt badly - for a long, long, long time. On the other hand, it's just a game. heh
    Good luck at the Doc's SoonerBob. I hope to hear something good from XTR."
    By CAM (USC 7th TD): "I've had enough, I'm going to bed."
    By CAM (USC 7th TD): "If I see Leinart do that gay thing where he stands on the ladder and leads the band with his eyes closed, I'm gonna shoot myself in the face"
    By Norm_in_Norman (USC 7th TD): "****ing larry birdine. Shut your ****ing mouth next time.
    By soonerfan (USC 7th TD): "My wife pointed out at a td every 30 seconds we can still win.
    By Czar Soonerov (USC 7th TD): "I'd like to projectile vomit all over Pete Carroll right now.

    By Czar Soonerov (Post-Game): **** you ADT!!!
    By RedNekKid (Post-Game): I'm speechless...
    By CentralCoastSooner (Post-Game): Let's face it, OU got their ass handed to them tonight, this was not even a contest after the first quarter. I have to admit that this really bothers me. What the ****, Mr. Stoops, great regular season, again, piss poor follow- up, AGAIN.
    By TUSooner (Post-Game): I was 20, and that was the first and last time I got stinking drunk because I was mad about something. Tonight I'm just very very disappointed and embarrassed.

    Thread ends mercifully
  2. osugrad21

    osugrad21 Capo Regime Staff Member

  3. Yertle

    Yertle Pounding out aggression, turns into obsession

    That is funny, Stripes. But I have to admit that I agree with their USC band comments. It's so frigging annoying! And the song is so boring and repetitive. It drove me nuts, and I was rooting for USC!

    Granted, it's not as annoying as hearing the SCUM band, but I'm a little biased.
  4. Buckeye513

    Buckeye513 Stable Genius

    They'll lose to Texas.
  5. SC"U"Mbuster

    SC"U"Mbuster Newbie

    HAHA! That was awesome. I loved watching the overrated Big-12 and mighty Chokelahoma get humiliated. Hopefully the media will lay the "Big Game Bob" tag to rest. I thought USC was going to win, but I (and no one else, it seems like) did not expect it to be such a rout. I was hoping the Trojans would hang 70 on the Sooners to give them some payback for repeatedly running up scores on the Baylor's and A&M's of the world just so they could create a good impression.

    Great find, wstripes.
  6. OSU5NC

    OSU5NC Newbie

    Yeah, I was also cheering for USC in that game. I didn't get to turn it on until after halftime, and man was I surprised. It's crazy to think that in early 2003, John Booty was considered better than Leinart and was expected to eventually take the QB spot. Now he'll have the fight of his life in 2006 with Sanchez.
  7. Doafhat

    Doafhat Orange is Power!

    If you think SC's band was bad, then you've never gone to a game against UO. During the Bedlam game in Stillwater, they played their 4-note fight song after EVERY PLAY in the 4th quarter (no exaggeration). Regardless of whether it was a positive or negative play, they would play the Four Notes of the Apocalypse.

    There were even UO fans there that got sick of it by the end.
  8. jlb1705

    jlb1705 hipster doofus Bookie

  9. G0_Bucks

    G0_Bucks G0_Bucks

    Flat out brilliant. Thanks for sharing that!
  10. Sdgobucks

    Sdgobucks Pig on a wing

    I agree, whenever I see OU on TV that damn song seems to be playing non stop. Its 10 times more horrible than the USC fight song.
  11. BB73

    BB73 Loves Buckeye History Staff Member Bookie '16 & '17 Upset Contest Winner

    I like the mention of it being even worse than the '78 Orange Bowl. Going into that game Chokelahoma was #2, and #1 Texas had been the only undefeated team, but they had just lost to ND 38-10 in the Cotton Bowl in Earl Campbell's last game.

    Lou Holtz coached Arkansas back then, and had suspended 3 players including the starting RB, but Arkansas beat the Sooners 31-6 to deny them the NC.

    The poll voting was interesting, since #1 and #2 lost. #5 ND jumped all the way to first, with 'Bama 2nd and Arkansas 3rd. I thought Arkansas should have been #1 that year. All 3 teams had a loss. In abnormal SEC scheduling, Bear Bryant had played at Nebraska (only loss 31-24) and at USC (21-20 win) that year.
  12. Yertle

    Yertle Pounding out aggression, turns into obsession

    I don't know, I'd still have to say that USC's fight song is more annoying. I watched the game with a group of friends at a bar, and the three top topics of discussion were:

    1. Isn't it great seeing OU getting publicly castrated?
    2. Wouldn't it be great to take a flame thrower to the USC band?
    3. Which one of these waitresses would you like to see naked the most?
  13. Doafhat

    Doafhat Orange is Power!

    UO has a far worse band IMO, I've never been to a game with USC's band there, but my experiences around the UO band has given me the opinion that they're The Worst Damn Band in the Land. I honestly think they only know about 5 songs, including a perverted version of our state song "Oklahoma!" that's twisted into The Four Notes of the Apocalypse halfway through.
  14. cincibuck

    cincibuck You kids stay off my lawn!

    What are we talking here, the USC band playing that Hollywood Gladiator BS behind their defense between plays or playing "Bow Down to USC," their fight song? I only root for USC when they play Notre Dame, but you gotta admit it's a great fight song.

    As for Boomer Sooner, what kind of division 1 school has to steal their fight song from Yale? That's as weak as Georgia using the Battle Hymn of the Republic for their's. Nothing, however, is as bad as the who-turned-the-trombones-loose static that passes for a fight song at Alabama and Texas.
  15. BuckeyeNation27

    BuckeyeNation27 Goal Goal USA! Staff Member

    good lord i hope that wasnt the order of things that were talked about.

    it should be 3, 3, 3, 3, 2, 1, 3, 3, 3, 3, 2, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 2, 1, 3, 2, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3

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