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Palmer looks good, defense looks horrible....

Discussion in 'Professional Football' started by tibor75, Sep 12, 2004.

  1. tibor75

    tibor75 Banned

    About what I was expecting. This D is just an embarrassment. the only good news is that the Ravens may also be horrible, so this division could be a fight for a 8-8/9-7 record.
  2. JXC

    JXC 17-2 since 2001

    Palmer looked really well...usually the defense keeps you in games, but Palmer kept them in this one. The defense could not stop the run at all. It was just pathetic. Amazingly the Bengals still had a chance to go to overtime late in the game. This defense needs to get better quick. A win against Miami is a must next week. Hopefully Miami will be as bad as they should be.
  3. stxbuck

    stxbuck Woody wore Sambas

    It's good to see that Palmer and Chad Johnson are on the same page. The o-line could step up its efforts as well.

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