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Discussion in 'Open Discussion (Work-safe)' started by NOTREDAMECHIEF, Mar 28, 2005.

  1. I am a popcorn-a-holic! There I said it wheeeeew feel better now!
    What brand of microwave pc is you favorite?
  2. Oh8ch

    Oh8ch Cognoscente of Omphaloskepsis Staff Member


    And you call yourself a popcorn lover.
  3. BuckeyeNation27

    BuckeyeNation27 Goal Goal USA! Staff Member

    im addicted to the pour over butter popcorn from OR. ill have some just for the fun of pouring butter on.
  4. gregorylee

    gregorylee I'd rather be napping!!

    Popcorn sucks, you are all a bunch of pantywastes!
  5. DA-Bucks

    DA-Bucks Trick shot artist Former FF The Deuce Champ

    Seriously! I go for the popcorn flavored Rice Cakes! Those are what real men eat!
  6. gregorylee

    gregorylee I'd rather be napping!!

    Is that before, or after, the quiche?
  7. iambrutus

    iambrutus Screw Blue

    only good popcorn is the chocolate covered stuff
  8. NightmaresDad

    NightmaresDad Woody Rules!

    Looove the Kettle pop corn. doesn't seem to matter what brand.

    REAL kettle pop corn is the ultimate, though.
  9. LoKyBuckeye

    LoKyBuckeye I give up. This board is too hard to understand.

    After running movies theatres for 11 year I can't even look at the stuff. :(
  10. BB73

    BB73 Loves Buckeye History Staff Member Bookie '16 & '17 Upset Contest Winner

    Pop Secret is the best. But don't tell anybody.
  11. ScriptOhio

    ScriptOhio Everybody is somebody else's weirdo.

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