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QB John Mummey (National Champion, RIP)

Discussion in 'Buckeye Alumni' started by BossBuck, Feb 9, 2005.

  1. BossBuck

    BossBuck Muck Fichigan

    My seventh grade science tacher at Van Buren middle school in Dayton was John Mummey. Does that sound familiar to anyone?

    He played quarterback in the 60's, I believe behind Rex Kearn. I was able to find his name mentioned as an assistant in this story about Woddy. Scroll down about half way to where it says "Woody was also famous for his love for history"

    My question is does anyone know of a site where i could look up his stats? Aparently he was pretty good, he was drafted by the Giants, played 1 year, blew out his knee, then retired. I've just always been curious to see the numbers behind all his stories he told in school(which I don't remember).
  2. Oh8ch

    Oh8ch Cognoscente of Omphaloskepsis Staff Member

    I remember Mummey.

    Don't know where you will find his stats, but he played from 60-62 - Well before Kern. The only year he started was '61 - a year we got a share of the NC. He played in the backfield with Matt Snell, Paul Warfield and Bob Ferguson. You may be a bit young for those names, but they are as good as they get.

    Now that I think of it - he did coach for a while under Woody. That may have been during Kern's era.
  3. BossBuck

    BossBuck Muck Fichigan

    Yeah, I'm 26, but of course I know PW. I'm just curious. He taught my 7th grade science class and went on fishing trips to Canada all the time with my dad.
  4. cincibuck

    cincibuck You kids stay off my lawn!

    Van Buren Middle School? In Kettering? It was Van Buren Junior High School when I went there. But then it was Van Buren Township until I was in second grade. Did they still have that huge rounded cafeteria on one end of the first floor?

    "Don't know where you will find his stats, but he played from 60-62 - Well before Kern. The only year he started was '61 - a year we got a share of the NC."

    I'm pretty sure you're wrong here. Fall of 61 was my freshman year at OSU and I'm pretty sure the quarteback was Tom Matte. Will look it up in my Makio tonight.
  5. gbcosu

    gbcosu Newbie

    I am in the U. S. Coast Guard and was stationed in Fairport on Lake Erie, just east of Mentor. And I had the pleasure to tow John in and moor his vessel in the marina. I had another Buckeye fan with me and we most definately took our time in getting him moored up because we were like little kids asking him questions. John was an assistant coach for many years and had some great stories.

    Cinci-- John even said they ran a two QB system with himself and Matte.
  6. BossBuck

    BossBuck Muck Fichigan

    Yeah, they went to a middle school about 7 or 8 years ago. And, yeah, they still have the round cafeteria on the end.

    If you were a frosh at OSU in '61, then you were in Jr high in about'54 - '57?

    I think Kettering was formed in '55. But you are right, Van Buren township became part of Kettering.

    If you were in his science class, you got the privelege of taking a quiz on the "Many Fish Species of Lake Erie"

    He's a good guy. Easily my favorite teacher.
  7. WoodyWorshiper

    WoodyWorshiper THINK, Before You Speak Former College Pick'Em Champ

    John Mummey is the greatest athlete that my town Painesville, OH has ever produced. My mom graduated Painesville Harvey High School with John in 1959. He was an All-Ohio running back and was chosen to participate on The Dick Clark show, pretty much as a "pretty-boy teen-idol" type. Having had John as a teacher you know what I'm talking about. All "gay" crap thrown aside, John Mummey is one of those guys that when you meet him you just know he is "somebody." As much as I know about him, I only just met John last year. He looks like he should be a politician, an actor, or a "Kennedy."

    John was part of the "three headed monster" that Coach Hayes had at QB back in the early 1960's. John was a runner by nature, and was seldomly called upon to throw the ball. I don't have a site, just my own personal resources, but John's career stats are as follows:

    3 carries, 15 yards, 0 TD's.
    1 pass, 0 completions
    1 INT on defense

    69 carries, 429 yards, 0 TD's
    14 passes, 6 completions, 106 yards, 1TD.
    1 KO return, 12 yards

    66 carries, 383 yards, 4TD's
    4 passes, 1 completion, 42 yards, 1 TD
    2 KO returns, 22 yards
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  8. Bestbuck36

    Bestbuck36 Kyle Young/Cade Stover man crush. Not ashamed

    WW, you da man. Coming through with the old school history lesson yet again.
  9. WoodyWorshiper

    WoodyWorshiper THINK, Before You Speak Former College Pick'Em Champ


    I'll tell you the kind of effect that Mummey has. I was working at Sears last year and was introduced to John by a co-worker. I was so damn excited to meet him that when I told him that my mom graduated with him, I gave him her married name, not her maiden name. John and his wife (who also was his high school sweetheart and also a Painesville Harvey Grad ) could not recall her. I finally realized what I had told them about three hours later. I guess that is what being "starstruck" does to you.
  10. BossBuck

    BossBuck Muck Fichigan

    It's very interesting to hear everybody and how excited they are to meet John. I guess its because I've known him for so long, through school and my dad, I just know him as Mr. Mummey. He truly is one of the good guys, and it makes me feel that much more privileged to know him. Thanks for the stats WW. I always knew he played, but its nice to have some numbers to go along with his career.
  11. cincibuck

    cincibuck You kids stay off my lawn!

    When Kettering was founded the police cars were gray with a white and red reflective panel on the doors and fenders. I was thinking of them in order to think of when the city was born and I distinctly remembered that paint job on 53/54 model Chevys. I think that's deductive reasoning.

    I was at Van Buren in 56 - 58. That year was the first year for the "new" Fairmont HS, the old school becoming Dwight L. Barnes. I was at a jr/sr high track meet in which the winning discus thrower was Jerry Lucas and the winner of the 100 and 220 yard dashes was Bob Ferguson. I didn't win squat.
  12. Buckskin86

    Buckskin86 Moderator

  13. WoodyWorshiper

    WoodyWorshiper THINK, Before You Speak Former College Pick'Em Champ

    Sorry to report that John Mummey passed away yesterday at his home in Fairport Harbor, OH at the age of 80. John is without a doubt the greatest player that our town of Painesville has ever produced. A Great Buckeye and a Greater man. RIP Mr. Mummey.
  14. brodybuck21

    brodybuck21 THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY Staff Member BP Recruiting Team Fantasy Baseball Champ

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