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LGHL Rashard Lawrence commits to LSU over Ohio State

Discussion in 'News' started by Matt Brown, Jan 22, 2016.

  1. Matt Brown

    Matt Brown Guest

    Rashard Lawrence commits to LSU over Ohio State
    Matt Brown
    via our friends at Land-Grant Holy Land
    Visit their fantastic blog and read the full article (and so much more) here

    The Buckeyes were recruiting him hard, but couldn't quite overcome the LSU Tigers

    Ohio State had an excellent recruiting week, picking up three different blue chip prospects, but couldn't quite grab a fourth. Despite recruiting him heavily, five-star DT Rashard Lawrence announced today that he'll be joining the LSU Tigers over the Ohio State Buckeyes. Lawrence, from Monroe, LA, had offers from virtually every other major FBS program, and narrowed his commitment down to just LSU and Ohio State.

    The loss stings for Ohio State, as defensive tackle depth is one of the bigger concerns on the roster, and the Buckeyes would still really like to add a DT to this recruiting class. Ohio State already missed out earlier on four-star Antwuan Jackson, who committed to Auburn over Ohio State. The Buckeyes do have four-star DT Malik Barrow already in the fold for this class, and added a few under the radar prospects in the 2015 class, but adding one more, if possible, would be a recruitment priority.

    That other DT could be JUCO Jamar King, who visited Ohio State last weekend. King is visiting Alabama this weekend, and if the Tide push for a commitment, Ohio State's ability to retain whatever lead they picked up last weekend could be compromised. Ohio State could also try to close hard on other targets. They offered four-star Keyshon Camp, a USC commit, earlier this morning.

    Given how tight the scholarship numbers are for Ohio State right now, it's also possible they focus their remaining openings on fortifying their defensive backfield, and try to grab additional DT help in the 2017 class, which might have better options.

    Losing Lawrence probably ends any shot of Ohio State finishing with the top ranked recruiting class in the country, but it should still be an excellent class. And you never know what Urban Meyer might be able to pull off down the stretch.

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