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Recruiting News - 02/18/05

Discussion in '2005/February' started by 3yardsandacloud, Feb 18, 2005.

  1. 3yardsandacloud

    3yardsandacloud Administrator Emeritus

    <font color="#b90000">Friday, February 18, 2005</font> Recruiting News - 02/18/05

    Class of 2006 QB to watch: Tim Tebow - Rivals PREMIUM

    February 16, 2005
    Class of 2006 QB to watch: Tim Tebow

    Brian Stumpf Recruiting Analyst *
    When discussing the top quarterbacks across the country in the Class of 2006, it's hard to get very far without bringing up the name of Tim Tebow. The 6-3, 225 pound St. Augustine (Fla.) Nease standout has the resume that most high school quarterbacks would kill for. Strong arm, athletic ability, toughness, got all those. Huge junior season and postseason honors? Yup, those too. Read on for more on Tebow and to check out some of the left-hander's top highlights from last fall.

    California MVP still awaiting first offer - Rivals PREMIUM

    February 18, 2005
    California MVP still awaiting first offer

    Rick Shaw
    Duck Sports Authority *
    There's not many prep players in the country that can match the resume of Chane Moline. The 6-foot-2, 240-pound running back from Mission Viejo (Calif.) Was the CIF offensive player of the year as a junior in 2004. He also helped lead his team to a 14-0 record, a CIF Championship and a No.1 ranking in the state of California. Despite his numerous accolades, Moline is still awaiting his first offer of the recruiting process.

    Ohio OL Has Interest In Hawkeyes - Rivals PREMIUM

    February 18, 2005
    Ohio OL Has Interest In Hawkeyes

    Tom Kakert *
    In the recently signed class of football recruits the Hawkeyes were able to make inroads into the state of Ohio and based on several visitors last weekend for Iowa's Junior Day, they hope to continue that trend. One of those visitors was Bob Gulley, an offensive line prospect from Berea, OH. Learn more about Gulley and his visit to Iowa in this update.

    Stepping Stones: Hakes gives competition Shakes - Rivals PREMIUM

    February 18, 2005
    Stepping Stones: Hakes gives competition Shakes

    Matt Stepp *
    Sean Hakes, burst onto the scene last year helping guide the Fort Worth Nolan Catholic Vikings to a 12-1 record and a TAPPS Class 6A state title. Hakes transferred to Nolan at the end of his sophmore season from Colleyville Heritage and made an immediate impact on offense at quarterback and as a defensive back.

    Will Bucks look at kicker/punter Wright? - Rivals PREMIUM

    February 18, 2005
    Will Bucks look at kicker/punter Wright?

    Bill Kurelic Recruiting Analyst *
    Kicker and punter Bryan Wright is beginning to draw interest from recruiters. Will the Bucks take a look at this all-state selection?

    Ten Ohio State Players Selected To Big 33 - Scout

    Ten Ohio State Players Selected To Big 33
    By Staff
    Date: Feb 18, 2005

    Ten out of eleven Buckeye commitments have been selected to play in this year's Big 33 game. For the second straight year, Ohio State leads the way in players chosen. Read on for more info on who was picked.

    Ten members of the 2005 Ohio State recruiting class have been selected to play in this year's Big 33 game, taking place July 23, 2005 in Hershey Park, Pennsylvania.

    Representing Ohio State in this year's version of the game will be wide receiver Andre Amos, offensive lineman Alex Boone, defensive lineman Todd Denlinger, wide receiver Brian Hartline, linebacker Fred Lenix, defensive back Jamario O'Neal, quarterback Rob Schoenhoft, linebacker Austin Spitler, and defensive end Lawrence Wilson. Every player who signed with Ohio State from the state of Ohio is slated to play in the game except offensive lineman Jim Cordle, who will already be enrolled at Ohio State.

    Other key names on the Ohio roster include running back and 2004 Mr. Football winner Tyrell Sutton (Northwestern), running back Mister Simpson (Michigan), wide receiver Mario Manningham (Michigan), linebacker Alex Daniels (Minnesota), and wide receiver Trey Stross (Iowa). The head coach for the Ohio team will be Steve Channell of Trenton Edgewood.

    Top names from the Pennsylvania side include offensive lineman Marques Slocum (Michigan), running back Knowledge Timmons (Penn State), and running back Mikell Simpson (Virginia).

    Ohio State has more players in the game than any other school. Pittsburgh and Cincinnati have five selections, while Michigan has four and Penn State and Notre Dame have three.

    This year's game will be the 48th edition of the Big 33 classic. Since Ohio and Pennsylvania began squaring off in 1993, the teams are even at a 6-6 mark. Pennsylvania has the all time edge at 9-8 after going 3-2 against Ohio from 1972 to 1976. Ohio has won the last two games.

    Link to Big33:

    Geiger calls reprimand an isolated occurrence - Akron Beacon Journal

    Posted on Fri, Feb. 18, 2005
    Geiger calls reprimand an isolated occurrence

    AD denies connection between 2002 incident, Clarett
    By Tom Reed
    Beacon Journal staff writer

    Ohio State athletic director Andy Geiger said Thursday the poor judgement of an Ohio State assistant football coach more than two years ago involving a then-recruit was an isolated incident and not a further example of the widespread improprieties alleged by former tailback Maurice Clarett.

    Geiger's comments came after a Columbus Dispatch report that OSU offensive coordinator Jim Bollman was reprimanded two years ago for trying to help a recruit arrange a bank loan, car and an academic tutor.

    Bollman's assistance in arranging the tutor constituted a secondary NCAA infraction. Geiger said the NCAA accepted the university's self report and did not launch its own investigation.

    ``It's a closed case,'' Geiger said. ``This is very different from what (Clarett) is talking about. This dealt with recruiting. It was an isolated case.''

    The Dispatch identified the recruit as offensive lineman Derek Morris, who was part of the same recruiting class as Clarett. Morris never played for the Buckeyes, but in 2003 enrolled at North Carolina State, where he did play.

    Clarett's charges prompted the NCAA to conduct its second probe of the football program in as many years. Among his accusations: coaches aligned players with loaner cars and tutors and steered them toward boosters offering money.

    Geiger said OSU has not been in contact with Clarett and isn't sure if the NCAA has interviewed him. The NCAA does not comment on pending cases.

    In December, starting quarterback Troy Smith was suspended prior to the Alamo Bowl for accepting money from a Dayton-area booster.

    Geiger's written reprimand of Bollman was the only punishment the OSU assistant received for the 2002 incident.

    ``Your actions reflected poorly on our coaches and our institution and are not to be repeated,'' Geiger wrote to Bollman. ``Understand that even inadvertent violations compromise the integrity of our athletic department.''

    Geiger said Wednesday the program has had no similar recruiting incidents. The outgoing AD didn't recall exactly how Bollman's actions came to light, but added it was not a practice of other coaches.

    Coach Jim Tressel received a letter of admonishment for the incident because he is Bollman's superior.

    ``It was a case of bad judgement on (Bollman's) part and the learning curve was very sharp,'' Geiger said.

    Bollman told the Dispatch he collected ACT test registration material and arranged a tutor to help the recruit prepare for the test. Bollman claims he thought the tutor already had been contacted.

    He told the paper the Morris family, which moved from North Carolina to Columbus in 2002, must have used his name as a reference for a $3,000 bank loan. According to the reprimand, Bollman contacted his courtesy car dealership and asked if the dealer could help the family's recruit obtain a car. Bollman told the newspaper the family never got the car.

    In November, Tressel conceded that he directed Clarett to his courtesy car dealership in 2003, but said he did it only so the tailback would be treated fairly. Geiger said the incidents' similarities do not form a pattern.

    OSU assistant was reprimanded in '03 - Dayton Daily News

    OSU assistant was reprimanded in '03

    Bollman arranged for a car and a loan for football recruit

    By Doug Harris
    Dayton Daily News

    COLUMBUS | Ohio State athletic director Andy Geiger believes an NCAA violation committed by an assistant football coach in 2002 was an isolated incident and said the school took swift action to assure it wouldn't happen again.

    OSU placed a letter of reprimand in the personnel file of offensive coordinator and offensive line coach Jim Bollman after he arranged for a car and a loan for a recruit and provided him with a tutor to help him pass the ACT test, according to WBNS-TV in Columbus.

    Bollman called Nourse Auto Leasing in Columbus and asked the dealer to help the recruit's family get a car. Bollman also was called by an area bank as a reference when the family was seeking a $3,000 loan.

    Geiger said providing help on a pre-enrollment test is a secondary NCAA violation. But the NCAA was satisfied with OSU's self-report of the incident and didn't pursue it.

    Bollman apparently didn't break regulations for the other assistance he gave the recruit's family, but he was chastised nonetheless.

    "Your actions reflected poorly on our coaches and our institution and are not to be repeated," Geiger wrote in the letter to Bollman. "Understand that even inadvertent violations compromise the integrity of our athletic department."

    Head coach Jim Tressel received a letter of admonishment — which is less serious than a reprimand — because he is Bollman's supervisor.

    Geiger said Thursday the OSU compliance office followed up on a tip about the recruit, who ended up enrolling elsewhere. The Columbus Dispatch identified the player as Derek Morris, an offensive lineman who ended up playing for North Carolina State.

    The investigation was "a fairly protracted effort and ... we took decisive action," Geiger said.

    "I don't think it ever happened again after that. (Bollman) learned a lot."

    Tressel was given a letter of reprimand just six months into his tenure in 2001 for providing a jersey to a prospect, which is an improper inducement, the TV station also reported.

    But school spokesman Steve Snapp said the jersey came from an assistant coach, not from Tressel, and that the letter of reprimand was issued to the entire staff.

    "We self-reported it. It was deemed to be a secondary violation, and that was the end of it," Snapp said.

    The NCAA has been investigating the football program since November because of allegations made by Maurice Clarett. The former running back claimed he received loaner cars and cash from boosters while starring for the Buckeyes in 2002.

    Geiger said he didn't know the status of the probe.

    "I don't specifically know what's next," he said, "but I know it's not completed."


    Helwagen Chat: Feb. 18 Archive - Bucknuts

    Helwagen Chat: Feb. 18 Archive
    By Staff
    Date: Feb 18, 2005

    Here are excerpts from Friday's Chat with managing editor Steve Helwagen.

    redondo (Feb 18, 2005 11:37:01 AM)
    Hi Steve - How serious is this Coach Bollman recruiting issue that surfaced in the last day or two? Please provide some perspective for us out-of-towners. Thank you.

    SteveHelwagen (Feb 18, 2005 11:38:22 AM)
    The article said the NCAA was aware and did not consider it serious. This is past history. It happened in 2002 and he has obviously continued to work there in exemplary fashion since then (for the most part ... ha ha). Jim Bollman is not a rulebreaker, I chalk this to coming from the pros and not being up to date, probably more than anything.

    SteveHelwagen (Feb 18, 2005 11:39:01 AM)
    This came to light after the Dispatch perused the personnel files of the coaches. If this is the most serious thing in there, then I'd say everything should be fine.

    silvrbullets7777 (Feb 18, 2005 11:39:09 AM)
    What are you're thoughts on Erik Haw? I think that people are looking over him a bit. He's big (6-1/210) and ran a 4.2! Don't you think he has a shot to be great at OSU?! Thanks GO BUCKS

    SteveHelwagen (Feb 18, 2005 11:40:13 AM)
    Yes, he looked really good to me in preseason camp, but there was a disconnect somewhere in there off the field and they decided to redshirt him. He should be a pleasant surprise this spring. They have to balance getting he and Pittman ready with keeping them healthy. Maybe they won't tackle them to the ground a whole bunch.

    jcfiesta (Feb 18, 2005 11:40:26 AM)
    Any update on possible ineligible players on the Fball team? Any rumors of transfers?

    SteveHelwagen (Feb 18, 2005 11:41:26 AM)
    Not that I am aware of. I don't get grade reports on the players every 3 weeks (ha ha). Gary may have a source that told him about somebody beyond Maupin and Underwood, but I have not heard about it and can not confirm it.

    BuckeyeDave (Feb 18, 2005 11:41:29 AM)
    How do you think Ohio St would use Chane Moline? As a FB? If they get him, will he redshirt?

    SteveHelwagen (Feb 18, 2005 11:42:46 AM)
    Probably similar to how they used Branden Joe, some at FB, some as a single back, some as a TB and some as a WB. He sounds like he would be a good one to have, no question.

    buckmark (Feb 18, 2005 11:42:58 AM)
    When does the lack of a signed contract for Matta begin to raise concerns?

    SteveHelwagen (Feb 18, 2005 11:43:11 AM)
    Now ...

    SteveHelwagen (Feb 18, 2005 11:45:22 AM)
    They desperately need to sign 1 quality big man from somewhere this spring and 4-5 good to great juniors this summer. This is abnormal for a coach to be working this deep into a season without a contract. I think it will all come out OK, but with the AD choice pending maybe that is what Coach Matta is waiting on. The last time this came up 2-3 weeks ago he said the holdup dealt with fine print and lawyers. These things do take time, from my own experience with such. ...

    SteveHelwagen (Feb 18, 2005 11:45:48 AM)
    Let me just say it would put a lot of fears to rest if he'd sign it and they'd distribute it properly to the media.

    DaytonBuckeye (Feb 18, 2005 11:46:02 AM)
    What is the word around Columbus on Guilford? Since his legal matters are over, does he have an opportunity to return to the team? Would CoachT give him a second chance?

    SteveHelwagen (Feb 18, 2005 11:46:26 AM)
    Have not heard one peep about Ira Guilford.

    MFTodd (Feb 18, 2005 11:47:40 AM)
    Do we have a quality WR to step up this season on the roster and take the place of Ginn if we decide to use him as a shutdown corner?

    SteveHelwagen (Feb 18, 2005 11:47:50 AM)
    Good question ...

    SteveHelwagen (Feb 18, 2005 11:49:53 AM)
    I thought Tony Gonzalez (TDs vs. Michigan and Okie State) really came on at the end of the year. The hopes are high that people like Hall and Lyons and maybe even Jordan are ready to make strong contributions. They have good young depth there. Ginn and Holmes would be options 1 and 1A. In looking at the corner situation, if E.J. Underwood does not pull through (or O'Neal can't win it out of the chute, which I think is possible), Ginn may be needed there.

    buckmark (Feb 18, 2005 11:50:00 AM)
    My biggest concern about Matta is that there is a pretty good chance there will be an opening in Indiana.

    SteveHelwagen (Feb 18, 2005 11:50:35 AM)
    Oooh ... hadn't thought of that. I think IU gives Davis one more year to coach his young team and then it may be Sayonara if they don't put it together.

    BuckeyeDave (Feb 18, 2005 11:50:46 AM)
    Bear with me on this one...We talk about BBall occaisionally. Even one qusetion about Wrestling. What do you know about Ohio St's Synchronized Swimming? I thought I read somewhere that the team was completely dominant in the Big10.

    SteveHelwagen (Feb 18, 2005 11:52:01 AM)
    OSU's synchronized swimming team is considered one of the nation's best. They have won umpteen college national championships (only about 40-50 schools compete in that sport, maybe fewer). They also send synchro swimmers on to the Olympics and nationals, etc. It may be OSU's signature program, all things considered.

    osufan25 (Feb 18, 2005 11:52:08 AM)
    Steve, If I wanted to get tickets for the Texas game, how would I go about finding them without paying an arm and a leg for the tickets?

    SteveHelwagen (Feb 18, 2005 11:54:07 AM)
    That's a tough question. There should be a lot of tickets floating around because it is before school starts. Just go down to the stadium early and walk around and see what you can find. Face value is now $60 (roughly), so be prepared to spend at least $100-150 or more for that game. That's just the way it is now. There is no magic formula for a game like this. Just check the eBay sites, the brokers, ask around, go down there.

    eastcoastbuck (Feb 18, 2005 11:54:13 AM)
    Has the spring game been announced?

    SteveHelwagen (Feb 18, 2005 11:54:37 AM)
    April 23, 1:30 p.m., the Ohio Stadium. No other details yet. I assume ONN/WBNS will carry it live.

    TBDBuckeyeITL (Feb 18, 2005 11:54:40 AM)
    Steve, do you think the Bollman news hurts us in the NCAA investigation, or is it old news??

    SteveHelwagen (Feb 18, 2005 11:55:04 AM)
    It's old news the Dispatch dug out of his file. The article said the NCAA was fully aware and OSU reported it when it happened.

    SteveHelwagen (Feb 18, 2005 11:55:10 AM)
    No impact, IMO.

    buckmark (Feb 18, 2005 11:55:16 AM)
    Is the in state class going to be so strong this year that we will see 15 or more recruits become Buckeyes? Seems there is a ton of talent right in Ohio.

    SteveHelwagen (Feb 18, 2005 11:58:00 AM)
    The class total will only be 18-20. As of today, it could be up to 17 (actually). To say 15 would be from Ohio would seem like a lot. They have already offered 8-9 Ohio guys and have two verbals. Somebody in that group will go elsewhere. I imagine they will sign at least one of the Ohio QBs. So right there you're looking at 8-9 Ohio signees. Wouldn't take much to push the number to where it was this year ... around 11. I think OSU is positioned to do better rankings wise this year because I think the Ohio guys they get will be better, as a whole, than the ones they landed this past year (i.e. more and better talent in this class, last year's was top heavy with O'Neal and Boone, then kind of dropped off).

    TBDBuckeyeITL (Feb 18, 2005 11:58:07 AM)
    steve, do we have any chance to get HILEY to transfer back.

    SteveHelwagen (Feb 18, 2005 11:58:59 AM)
    Doubt it. Sounds like he left the JUCO after one quarter and likely does not have the necessary academics he needs to come back to I-A. Sad to see. He and Troy Smith made beautiful music together. Smith always knew where Supe was. Damn shame.

    buckmark (Feb 18, 2005 11:59:12 AM)
    Any official word on UT being at night?

    SteveHelwagen (Feb 18, 2005 11:59:30 AM)
    I e-mailed a high ranking OSU official for confirmation of that, but have not heard back.

    SteveHelwagen (Feb 18, 2005 12:00:43 PM)
    I assume it''s true, though. Everything points toward it. ABC likes Sept. night games so they don't have to program Sat. nights in the late summer/early fall when few are watching. Plus, it is perfect to go Michigan-ND at 3:30, break for the Channel 6 pregame and go right to UT-OSU at 8.

    edbuck51 (Feb 18, 2005 12:00:49 PM)
    Isn't there an investigation into free speedos for the sycronized swimming team? I think the Dispatch is looking into that.

    SteveHelwagen (Feb 18, 2005 12:00:52 PM)
    Ha ha

    MFTodd (Feb 18, 2005 12:01:01 PM)
    Are we forced to be creative and aggressive on offense this year without the luxury of Nugent? It seems we could "play it safe" in the past with Nugent kicking field goals.

    SteveHelwagen (Feb 18, 2005 12:02:54 PM)
    I just think in the normal course of events -- provided they can find a serviceable tailback -- the offense will just naturally get better. The QBs are coming into their own, the OL played with some nastiness down the stretch and the WRs are borderline spectacular. Like to see the TE get involved. Hamby had more catches (18) as Hartsock's backup in 2003 than he did as the starter in 2004 (16). That's a stat. In answer to your question, yes, they will definitely miss Nuge in the nut crunching big games. But the improved offense should turn some of those threes into sevens.

    WVBuckeye (Feb 18, 2005 12:04:45 PM)
    One website has the OSU v. Illinois game on Saturday the 5th at noon; others have it Sunday the 6 at 2:00. Do you know when it is? My tickets say 5/6

    SteveHelwagen (Feb 18, 2005 12:05:26 PM)
    The Big Ten and CBS have announced that game as Sunday, March 6 at 2 p.m. Great way to end the regular season and start championship week, huh?

    edbuck51 (Feb 18, 2005 12:05:35 PM)
    Do you think the '05 defense will be as good as the '02 defense? What about comparing the offenses as well?

    SteveHelwagen (Feb 18, 2005 12:07:15 PM)
    If they find a corner to replace Fox (my feeling is it will be Ginn, O'Neal, Whitner or Everett) and can get a meaningful pass rush in place (that means Richardson, Gholston, Barrow and/or Wilson and/or Worthington must step up), they have the chance to be as good as 2002. Few will have better DTs, LBs or safeties or a better field CB than Youboty. ...

    SteveHelwagen (Feb 18, 2005 12:08:21 PM)
    The 2002 offense was kind of a station to station offense built around Clarett and Krenzel's steady play. I think with the QBs and receivers advancing as they have, they may lean on the spread (including QB runs, like late last year) and establish the traditional run as they go.

    BuckeyeDave (Feb 18, 2005 12:08:29 PM)
    Any word on Aaron Brown? I got a funny feeling that he's heading south...

    SteveHelwagen (Feb 18, 2005 12:09:00 PM)
    Great for him he has offers from LSU, Auburn, Miami and many others. But I think OSU has been his dream. My feeling says he ends up here.

    MFTodd (Feb 18, 2005 12:09:10 PM)
    Steve, the added depth on the defensive line creates a lot of advantages, a healthy core of four great linebackers does as well. Will we see the Buddy Ryan defense in the future? The "46 defensive scheme"

    SteveHelwagen (Feb 18, 2005 12:10:37 PM)
    They toyed with that some early last year before D'Andrea went down. An interesting idea I had, not that MDA would go for it, is he could redshirt and come back as the starter in 2006, allowing Schlegel to play this year. If he isn't ready, that may be best, actually. Of course, if he wants and is granted a medical RS for last year (he's borderline because he played in 4 games, stead of 3), that point would be moot -- he could play as needed this year and start in 2006 anyway.

    redondo (Feb 18, 2005 12:11:04 PM)
    Hi Steve, has the retention rate been satisfactory on the paying folks coming out of the recruiting peak season? Thank you.

    SteveHelwagen (Feb 18, 2005 12:11:50 PM)
    Yes, we are adding new people every day. It has been beyond my wildest imagination how things have taken off. We are doing everything we can to keep people around and interested 12 months a year. ...

    SteveHelwagen (Feb 18, 2005 12:13:00 PM)
    That's the best thing we can do to grow. Some people go monthly and only stay Aug.-Feb. We get roughly $70 from them, but they don't get the mag. If we can get them to go annual and pay $100, we get that extra $30 and that means so much. In exchange, they get the 10 annual issues of the mag ...

    SteveHelwagen (Feb 18, 2005 12:13:25 PM)
    Plus, the issue we are doing now is our recruiting wrap-up and will have Scout's 64-page insert as well. Should be pretty exciting.

    edbuck51 (Feb 18, 2005 12:13:33 PM)
    Somehow the Buckeyes are going to need more RBs than Pittman and Haw just to run practice in the spring. Who do you think will work over there?

    SteveHelwagen (Feb 18, 2005 12:14:37 PM)
    They have some walk-ons that will mix in there. Not sure about any returning scholarship players going over there. I think Lenix and/or Russell may start out there in the fall. No need for either of them on defense. Lenix can still play special teams like a Sirjo Welch as needed, too.

    SteveHelwagen (Feb 18, 2005 12:15:51 PM)
    The walk-ons that come to mind are Matthew Johnson, Colby Staubs and maybe one or more of the FB walk-ons (Fender, Franzinger, Daniels).

    TBDBuckeyeITL (Feb 18, 2005 12:16:03 PM)
    steve, are we close to picking up any comittments, soon?

    SteveHelwagen (Feb 18, 2005 12:16:36 PM)
    I have heard no further rumblings about anything like that. Everybody assumes that Rose and Small will be Buckeyes at some point, but they will go through the process.

    ginnsmyhero (Feb 18, 2005 12:16:41 PM)
    We heard a lot of good things about Marcel Frost last year, do think he will be full go this year and if so will he have a major impact on our offense?

    SteveHelwagen (Feb 18, 2005 12:18:09 PM)
    He looked great the first 3 days with no pads. Then pads went on, he got hurt and never played a down. So they'll back up for a new start and see what happens this year. They desperately need a TE who can stretch defenses with athleticism, and he can do that, no doubt.

    euphorbia (Feb 18, 2005 12:18:23 PM)
    Hi Steve, There's been a lot of talk about how Coach Cooper left the cupboard dry concerning the offensive line. I'm not wanting to beat a dead horse, but I've always been curious as to why the old coaching staff would have ignored/forgotten this position?

    SteveHelwagen (Feb 18, 2005 12:20:32 PM)
    They got beat instate for guys like Munoz and Antonio Hall. That killed them in one regard. Then they had some attrition (Rob Murphy killed them) and other things that weren't planned. They ended up short on the OL the last few years of the Coop regime and first 2 years of the Tressel regime. But they have the numbers back up where they should be. I think you need to average 3 a year, so there are always 12-15 on scholarship. It was great to see guys you didn't think would help them last year (Downing and Rehring, in particular) get in there. That tells me they are developing that next wave.

    TBDBuckeyeITL (Feb 18, 2005 12:20:52 PM)
    steve, during the Citrus Bowl against Tenn. They were accused of using illegal cleats. DO you remember if Tennessee had to apologize or anything of that nature, what come of "cleat gate".

    SteveHelwagen (Feb 18, 2005 12:22:12 PM)
    Nothing really. I guess Coop reamed Fulmer out about it after the game. But there weren't any sanctions or anything. UT just pressed the rules for a little edge (literally) and got away with it. I'm not sure if Coop had brought it up during the game that even the game officials would have done anything about it.

    ginnsmyhero (Feb 18, 2005 12:22:19 PM)
    We heard some good things from the coaches about NicK Patterson this past year. Where do you think he fits in and how much of the field will he see this year?

    SteveHelwagen (Feb 18, 2005 12:23:40 PM)
    He's in a numbers game at safety with Salley, Whitner, Everett and Salley ahead of him and Welch beside him. Maybe if one of those guys has to go play corner it will open some time for Nick. But he is the future at the position. I see him in the rotation, probably, in 2006. I hope he has a good year on special teams. Great athlete, good student, great kid. Picked OSU over his home state school at Mizzou.

    edbuck51 (Feb 18, 2005 12:23:45 PM)
    Do you think Shaun Lane is a candidate at RB?

    SteveHelwagen (Feb 18, 2005 12:24:06 PM)
    Possibly. He was a big timer at Hubbard. Problem is they need corners, too. Whaddayoudo?

    Pastor Jack (Feb 18, 2005 12:24:16 PM)
    If we lose any of assistants, is it too late to replace them with very good, quality people? I remember Cooper saying when he was fired that he felt badly for his assistants because it was too late in the game for them to get jobs.

    SteveHelwagen (Feb 18, 2005 12:25:08 PM)
    Absolutely not. OSU got John Peterson on April 15 last year. He qualifies as a good one. Guys like Tovar or others would crawl back here in June if offered.

    MFTodd (Feb 18, 2005 12:25:30 PM)
    How likely is it that we will see a two quarterback system this year? Might give opposing coaches a lot of sleepless nights.

    SteveHelwagen (Feb 18, 2005 12:27:56 PM)
    Maybe early on, but I think when they get into the meat of the Big Ten and prepare toward Michigan, it would be Smith's team. That's my opinion. He has some proving to do and has to regain a lot of trust after what he did. But he made a quantum leap in just a few short weeks. He played a great deal in 6 of the games and only threw 3 picks. Plus he rushed for almost 400 yards.

    SteveHelwagen (Feb 18, 2005 12:28:02 PM)
    He's the guy ...

    SteveHelwagen (Feb 18, 2005 12:28:50 PM)
    ... provided he can stay on the straight and narrow. And yet, Zwick deserves a chance to show what he can do after that gutty, gritty performance at the Alamo. Should be a great situation for the coaches to get the best out of these guys.

    BuckeyeDave (Feb 18, 2005 12:28:55 PM)
    What kind of chance does TD Tommy Tamaska from Centerville have to make it as a walk-on?

    SteveHelwagen (Feb 18, 2005 12:29:51 PM)
    I have not confirmed that with anybody. I think I read that in passing somewhere that he'd be walking on at OSU. He was a 2,000-yard rusher against good competition in the Dayton area. I'd say he has a good chance to be at least a practice player, something they will need.

    redondo (Feb 18, 2005 12:30:05 PM)
    HI Steve - Speaking of finding running backs for the Spring game, what about QB's? I would assume JT wouldn't want to take too many risks at that position, particularly with Zwick starting to develop an injury history.

    SteveHelwagen (Feb 18, 2005 12:30:49 PM)
    Good point, I'm sure the rules will probably be like last year, live for a portion and non contact for the rest. They need to be tested, certainly, but not killed. It's a fine line.

    BuckeyeDave (Feb 18, 2005 12:30:57 PM)
    Do you see Gerry Berry moving into the FB coaching ranks? Tovar isn't former LB Steve Tovar is it?

    SteveHelwagen (Feb 18, 2005 12:32:18 PM)
    I don't know about Gary. That might be a natural thing. He is working as a speed trainer now at MAX Sports after his NFL career was cut short by injury. I watched him yesterday with some of the guys and was impressed. Tovar is Steve Tovar. He was an unpaid assistant at OSU 2 years ago, then went to Army with Bobby Ross to be a full-time assistant this past year.

    MFTodd (Feb 18, 2005 12:32:31 PM)
    How is the off season academic situation been for OSU? It seems in the past we lost a lot of recruits do to academics. I looked at some early recruiting classes recently 1997 and up and was amazed at how many guys simply did not make the grade.

    SteveHelwagen (Feb 18, 2005 12:33:32 PM)
    I think OSU's retention record is better today than it's been the last 5-6 years. I agree, there were some years there where they lost a ton of guys to grades. But they are down to only losing an occasional guy. I think that is because of the real emphasis Tressel has put on the books and attending class.

    MFTodd (Feb 18, 2005 12:36:58 PM)
    Do we get an out of state blue chip linebacker this year? It seems that is a needed and desired recruiting position?

    SteveHelwagen (Feb 18, 2005 12:39:35 PM)
    I think if they get Euclid's Thaddeus Gibson, he would fill that athletic OLB role nicely. They'll go after the guys they think are the very best. Gibson is smaller (around 205 or so). They have LBs stacked up like cord wood now with Laurinaitis (maybe a SLB), Homan (WLB maybe) and Spitler (MLB all the way) as well as Lenix, Freeman, Lukens (could go to safety, I guess), Brandon Smith. I'm not sure LB is a huge priority unless they think they can get a great one. The lure of early playing time is definitely there with the guys leaving after 2005.

    MFTodd (Feb 18, 2005 12:42:13 PM)
    How huge would it be if we upset Illinois in basketball compared to other great Buckeye Hoops moments and does Thad get his contract then? ha ha

    SteveHelwagen (Feb 18, 2005 12:43:40 PM)
    That would be a huge story, certainly. Anything is possible, I guess, and the same 2 teams played to within a point on the same date in the same building a year ago. OSU was only down 7 with 10 to play at Champaign before getting blown out. It would go down as one of the great wins in school history, no question.

    SteveHelwagen (Feb 18, 2005 12:44:07 PM)
    And again, I have no idea what is taking so long with Matta. You'd think he would want it resolved so people can't negative recruit him.

    SteveHelwagen (Feb 18, 2005 12:46:12 PM)
    OSU just announced that Matt Sylvester will not play at Minnesota because of his actions toward a fan after the game at MSU last week. No idea what he did, but he is apologizing for it.

    SteveHelwagen (Feb 18, 2005 12:46:49 PM)
    Just a one-game suspension. That makes that a tougher one, certainly. Only took them 9 days to mete out that punishment.

    Behind_Enemy_Lines (Feb 18, 2005 12:48:29 PM)
    I do wish you a safe and happy family time with your kids. You work hard here for us and you earned it :-) ALWAYS enjoy your input Steve, hope it is a real fun time for ya.

    BuckeyeDave (Feb 18, 2005 12:48:39 PM)
    Thanks Steve. Have fun!!! GO BUCKS!!!

    SteveHelwagen (Feb 18, 2005 12:49:59 PM)
    Thanks a lot. See you all later.


    Hornsby talks about his trip to Gainesville - Rivals PREMIUM

    February 17, 2005
    Hornsby talks about his trip to Gainesville

    Mark Wheeler * National Top 50 prospect, Jacksonville (Fla.) Sandalwood athlete, Jamar Hornsby took an unofficial visit to Florida last week along with Tim Tebow. Read on to find out what did he thought of the visit, Urban Meyer, the recruiting process and more.

    TE/DE has OSU at the top of his list - Rivals PREMIUM

    February 17, 2005
    TE/DE has OSU at the top of his list

    Bill Kurelic Recruiting Analyst *
    Springboro, Ohio, tight end/defensive end Jake Ballard has received several scholarship offers. While the Bucks have not yet offered, they are interested and Ballard says OSU stands at the top of his list.

    Dorin Dickerson: Pa. Athlete Favors Michigan - Scout PREMIUM

    Dorin Dickerson: Pa. Athlete Favors Michigan
    By Don Hoekwater
    Date: Feb 17, 2005

    Michigan has made a home for itself recruiting-wise in Pennsylvania over the years.
    Another top athlete is a life-long Wolverine fan, and has Michigan on top. Is there an offer on the table?

    •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••]2005 EA SPORTS Elite 11 QBs To Watch List[/URL] - Rivals

    February 7, 2005
    2005 EA SPORTS Elite 11 QBs To Watch List

    Brian Stumpf Recruiting Analyst *
    EA SPORTS and Student Sports are proud to present the sixth edition of the 2005 EA SPORTS Elite 11 Quarterbacks to Watch List, a list of over 640 Class of 2006 quarterback prospects who will be vying with hundreds of other rising senior quarterbacks across the country this spring for one of the 12 spots in the 2005 EA SPORTS Elite 11 which will be held in late July.

    This will be the seventh year of the EA SPORTS Elite 11, a five day event which brings together the top high school quarterbacks and focuses on improving their quarterbacking play both on and off the field. Past players to participate at the event include Heisman Trophy winners Carson Palmer and Matt Leinart, as well David Carr, Ben Roethlisberger, Chris Leak, Rose Bowl MVP Vincent Young and many more.

    The final 12 high school quarterbacks for the event are selected by the Student Sports staff after thorough tape evaluation, a telephone interview and an in-person workout at either a NIKE Football Training Camp or EA SPORTS Elite 11 Regional Workout.

    The EA SPORTS Elite 11 Quarterbacks to Watch List will continue to grow as the beginning of the NIKE Camps approach in April, and will then gradually be pared down throughout the months of April, May and June, up until the final 12 quarterbacks are announced for the final event in July.

    If you are a returning Class of 2006 quarterback or you know of one who should be on this list, email and the name will be added to the list as this list will be updated weekly. Also, if you haven't yet sent film to be evaluated for the EA SPORTS Elite 11, please do so to the address listed below:

    Attn: EA SPORTS Elite 11
    23954 Madison Street
    Torrance CA 90505

    Click here to talk about the Early 2005 EA SPORTS Elite 11 Quarterbacks to Watch List on the EA SPORTS Elite 11 Messageboards.


    Jeffery Anderson 6-4 225 Southside Selma AL
    Neil Caudle 6-3 190 Spain Park Birmingham AL
    Jonathan Chandler 6-1 185 Opelika Opelika AL
    Anthony Davis 5-11 185 Carver Montgomery AL
    Cale Dennis 6-2 185 Auburn Auburn AL
    Steven Ensminger 6-2 180 Opelika Opelika AL
    Robby Evans 6-1 205 Florala Florala AL
    Seth Harkness 6-3 185 Fayette County Fayette AL
    Jeremy Helms 6-0 180 Russellville Russellville AL
    Austin Hubbard 6-2 190 Homewood Homewood AL
    Clay Jones 6-1 185 Bibb County Centreville AL
    Jared Loftin 6-0 190 Charles Henderson Troy AL
    Phillip Moore 6-4 180 Edgewood Academy Elmore AL
    Chris Smelley 6-3 200 American Christian Northport AL
    Jay Stewart 5-11 170 Lee Huntsville AL
    Josh Walls 6-0 190 Walker Jasper AL
    Martavious Young 6-1 180 Benjamin Russell Alexander City AL
    Mark Mitchell 5-11 185 Texarkana Texarkana AR
    Mitch Mustain 6-3 200 Springdale Springdale AR
    Erik Archuleta 6-1 220 Mesquite Gilbert AZ
    Chase Brunick 6-5 210 Desert Edge Goodyear AZ
    Cody Bruns 6-4 205 Moon Valley Phoenix AZ
    Alex Groit 6-2 200 Fountain Hills Fountain Hills AZ
    Paul Jaramill 6-1 190 Independence Glendale AZ
    Shane McBurney Basha Chandler AZ
    Nick Nuenfeldt 6-3 215 Chaparral Scottsdale AZ
    Michael Robertson 6-1 175 Cienega Vail AZ
    Chris Rodridguez 6-0 190 Apache Junction Apache Junction AZ
    Johnathan Tobin 6-5 200 Cactus Glendale AZ
    Brice Wilkins Westwood Mesa AZ
    Justin Alegria 5-11 175 Cathedral Los Angeles CA
    Kurios Alexander 6-0 158 Compton Compton CA
    Mike Anderson 6-2 180 Los Osos Rancho Cucamonga CA
    Nick Bates 6-2 198 Madera Madera CA
    Brenden Benson 5-9 160 Winters Winters CA
    Anelsovy Bettencourt 6-0 158 Christian Brothers Sacramento CA
    Jason Bulstein 6-3 180 Tokay Lodi CA
    Jeremy Camacho 5-8 143 Eagle Rock Los Angeles CA
    Jermaine Carter 6-0 180 Seaside Monterey CA
    Chandler Clemons 6-0 175 Oak Ridge El Dorado Hills CA
    Michael Cook 6-2 175 San Clemente San Clemente CA
    Nathan Costa 6-1 198 Hilmar Hilmar CA
    Michael Coughlin 6-4 190 Mira Mesa San Diego CA
    Jon Daniels 6-1 170 Santa Margarita Rancho Santa Margarita CA
    Hilton Dawson 5-11 185 Cabrillo Long Beach CA
    Greg Denham 6-3 205 Placer Auburn CA
    Dustin Driscoll 5-10 166 Southwest El Centro CA
    Doc Edick 6-1 195 Twentynine Palms Twentynine Palms CA
    Forrest Elder 6-0 180 Muir Pasadena CA
    Angel Elekana 6-1 180 Apple Valley Apple Valley CA
    Cameron Ely 6-6 205 San Marcos Santa Barbara CA
    Matt Evans 6-0 170 St. Bonaventure Ventura CA
    Jake Flohr 6-2 180 Laguna Creek Elk Grove CA
    Adam Froman 6-4 195 Maria Carrillo Santa Rosa CA
    Blak Gallacher 6-3 200 Madison San Diego CA
    Levi Gorsri 5-11 138 West Valley Hemet CA
    Brandon Gray 6-2 200 Cleveland Reseda CA
    Garrett Green 6-1 185 Notre Dame Sherman Oaks CA
    Keith Green 5-11 180 Aragon San Mateo CA
    Bobby Guillory 5-9 160 Jesse Bethel Vallejo CA
    Donte Hayes 5-6 120 Inglewood Inglewood CA
    Max Heiges 6-3 185 Novato Novato CA
    Michael Herrick 6-1 160 Valencia Valencia CA
    Dominick Huerta 5-11 170 Agoura Agoura Hills CA
    Brandon Jacoby 5-11 144 Upland Upland CA
    Jeff Jansen 6-4 220 Diamond Bar Diamond Bar CA
    Marvin Johnson 5-10 175 Dominguez Compton CA
    Colin Kaepernick 6-4 180 Pitman Turlock CA
    Kevin Kleppe 6-2 185 Colfax Colfax CA
    Tyler Lantrip 6-2 180 Jesuit Carmichael CA
    Jacob Laudenslayer 6-3 195 Davis Modesto CA
    Emmanuel Lewis 6-3 175 Tulare Tulare CA
    Tyler Lyon 6-4 185 Hart Newhall CA
    Chad Manis 6-3 173 Los Alamitos Los Alamitos CA
    Kyle Manning 6-2 180 El Toro El Toro CA
    Dylan Martinez 5-7 140 Wilson Los Angeles CA
    Rich Martinez 6-0 160 Clayton Valley Concord CA
    Chris Mayabb 6-3 195 Murrieta Valley Murrieta CA
    Tom Mendonca 6-1 180 Turlock Turlock CA
    Chris Miller Sunny Hills Fullerton CA
    Lee Mondol 6-1 180 Ventura Ventura CA
    Kevin Mort 5-7 155 South Hills West Covina CA
    Dejuan Nelson 5-10 136 Washington Los Angeles CA
    Josh O'Brien 6-4 190 Santa Fe Christian Solana Beach CA
    Damion Owens 5-9 155 San Leandro San Leandro CA
    Joe Pangelina 6-1 175 Tennyson Hayward CA
    Nathan Paopao 6-0 195 El Camino Oceanside CA
    Dante Perez 6-0 175 Valley Christian San Jose CA
    Joseph Perkins 6-1 Gardena Gardena CA
    Kirk Philbrook 5-11 155 Norco Norco CA
    Brent Rausch 6-4 175 Desert Chapel Palm Springs CA
    Ramall Reed 6-0 180 Turlock Turlock CA
    Brandon Reeves 6-2 185 Elsinore Wildomar CA
    Tyler Robertson 6-4 200 Los Angeles Baptist North Hills CA
    Anthony Robles 5-10 195 Roosevelt Los Angeles CA
    Kevin Romero 6-2 185 Mira Costa Manhattan Beach CA
    Casey Sanborn 6-3 195 Rancho Bernardo San Diego CA
    Scott Saunders 5-11 190 Palm Springs Palm Springs CA
    Grant Schwartz 6-1 190 Dana Hills Dana Point CA
    Todd Sciacqua 6-0 165 Tesoro Las Flores CA
    Chris Scott 6-0 170 Centennial Corona CA
    Ritchie Scudellari St. Francis Mountain View CA
    Stuart Sharpe 6-0 180 Northwood Irvine CA
    Brian Shrock 5-11 185 Edison Huntington Beach CA
    Sean Sodel 6-2 180 La Sierra Riverside CA
    Philip Staback 5-11 149 West Hills Santee CA
    Zach Summers 6-3 190 Saugus Saugus CA
    Cam Taylor 6-0 175 Marin Catholic Kentfield CA
    Jericho Toilolo 6-1 180 Helix La Mesa CA
    R.J. Toman Mission Viejo Mission Viejo CA
    Ron Torres 6-5 200 Clovis Clovis CA
    Rodney Trimm 5-11 170 Palmdale Palmdale CA
    Matt Wabby 6-3 210 Crespi Encino CA
    Tim Whealer 6-4 190 El Camino Sacramento CA
    Greg Winley 5-11 230 Moreno Valley Moreno Valley CA
    Kyle Black 6-1 185 ThunderRidge Highlands Ranch CO
    Josh Chavez 5-11 175 Pueblo Central Pueblo CO
    Mike Rosales 5-10 165 Arvada Arvada CO
    Kelsey Sokoloski Cherry Creek Englewood CO
    Joey Ambrosini Trumbull Trumbull CT
    William Brown 5-10 160 Windsor Windsor CT
    Matt Kelleher 6-4 225 Southington Southington CT
    Justin Walz 5-11 180 Fitch Groton CT
    Alex Williams 6-1 185 Manchester Manchester CT
    Eddie McGee 6-3 200 H.D. Woodson Washington DC
    Nate Allen 6-3 210 Cape Coral Cape Coral FL
    Daniel Augustine 5-7 156 Coral Springs Charter Coral Springs FL
    Brett Bennett 6-1 175 Pensacola Pensacola FL
    Harry Betsey 6-3 200 East Gadsten Quincy FL
    Chip Bowden 6-1 185 Durant Plant City FL
    Nate Breen 5-10 175 John I. Leonard Lake Worth FL
    Sedrick Bryant 6-0 200 Carol City Miami FL
    Herbert Bynes 6-3 200 Boyd Anderson Fort Lauderdale FL
    Willie Campbell Osceola Seminole FL
    Nick Caputo 6-3 190 Barron Collier Naples FL
    Cody Clinton 6-2 205 Boca Raton Boca Raton FL
    David Cozzo 5-8 141 Palmetto Miami FL
    Luke Darr 5-10 162 Shorecrest Saint Petersburg FL
    Dexter Davidson 6-3 210 North Broward Coconut Creek FL
    Andres Diaz Archbishop Carroll Miami FL
    Jeremy Dickens 5-11 170 Cottondale Cottondale FL
    Keeley Dorsey 5-11 192 Lincoln Tallahassee FL
    Justin English 5-10 165 Cooper City Cooper City FL
    Jarred Fayson 6-2 200 Hillsborough Tampa FL
    Jarrod Fleming 5-10 170 South Sumter Bushnell FL
    Emanuel Francis 6-3 175 Godby Tallahassee FL
    Travis Goodine 6-0 190 Seminole Sanford FL
    Theo Gray 6-1 180 Haines City Haines City FL
    Jared Hale 6-1 180 Arnold Panama City FL
    Taylor Hashman 6-0 185 Naples Naples FL
    Kyle Hatcher 5-11 175 Hudson Hudson FL
    Chad Hodges 6-2 180 Calvary Christian Winter Garden FL
    Matthew Johnson 5-10 165 Fort Lauderdale Fort Lauderdale FL
    Tanner Jones 6-1 180 Wakulla Crawfordville FL
    Matt Kipp 6-1 175 Freedom Tampa FL
    Travis Kreischer 6-1 182 Charlotte Punta Gorda FL
    Alwan Lee 6-0 175 Booker T. Washington Miami FL
    Thaddeus Lewis 6-1 175 Miami Lakes Hialeah FL
    Robert Love 6-0 180 Pahokee Pahokee FL
    John Lowell 6-4 210 Ransom Everglades Miami FL
    Justin Marguriet 5-10 165 Coconut Creek Coconut Creek FL
    Cory Mathis 5-10 160 Auburndale Auburndale FL
    Kevin O'Brien 6-3 180 John Carroll Fort Pierce FL
    Chris Paul-Etienne 6-1 170 Miami Edison Miami FL
    Timothy Paulk Jackson Miami FL
    Danny Perez Dade Christian Miami FL
    Damon Pifer 6-1 200 Clay Green Cove Springs FL
    Demetrius Randolph 6-3 180 Pompano Beach Pompano Beach FL
    Trey Revell Florida Tallahassee FL
    Derek Robinson 5-10 175 P.K. Yonge Gainesville FL
    Johnathan Sapp 6-2 180 Northwest Christian Miami FL
    Jack Solack 6-1 210 Cypress Lake Fort Myers FL
    Chris Sorce 6-0 180 Pace Pace FL
    Erik Stopelton 6-1 233 Deerfield Beach Deerfield Beach FL
    Tim Tebow 6-3 225 Nease St. Augustine FL
    Allen Terry 6-3 200 Homestead Homestead FL
    Javares Thomas Miami Beach Miami Beach FL
    Laif Toland 6-2 210 Holy Trinity Melbourne FL
    Marcello Trigg 5-10 160 Robinson Tampa FL
    Jed Tyre 6-2 190 Vernon Vernon FL
    Chris Uhrig 6-0 180 Tampa Jesuit Tampa FL
    Jeremy Veverka 5-9 150 Southwest Miami FL
    Dustin Alley Union Grove McDonough GA
    Ross Applegate 6-5 190 Walton Marietta GA
    Bancs Bowers 6-1 180 Morgan County Madison GA
    Russ Callaway 5-10 175 Oconee County Watkinsville GA
    Damarr Carter 6-1 165 Chapel Hill Douglasville GA
    David Cone 6-6 205 Statesboro Statesboro GA
    Chad Cunningham 6-3 190 Dawson County Dawsonville GA
    Antonio Denson 6-3 190 Spencer Columbus GA
    Thomas Ellison 5-11 175 Alexander Douglasville GA
    Mario Fannin 5-11 200 Lovejoy Lovejoy GA
    Jeffrey Greene 6-0 190 Gainesville Gainesville GA
    Dewayne Harris 6-0 175 Lithonia Lithonia GA
    Dwayne Harris Tucker Tucker GA
    Cortez Hastings 6-1 175 Griffin Griffin GA
    Antonio Hinton 6-2 210 Peach County Fort Valley GA
    Byron Ingram 6-5 180 Towers Decatur GA
    Zach MacDowell 6-2 180 Harrison Kennesaw GA
    Eric Maust 6-2 190 Blessed Trinity Roswell GA
    Allen McCoy 5-11 180 Kendrick Columbus GA
    Cody Rainey 6-2 160 Murray County Chatsworth GA
    D'Vontrey Richardson 6-1 200 Lee County Leesburg GA
    Jaustin Rios 6-3 215 Twiggs County Jeffersonville GA
    Justin Roper 6-6 205 Buford Buford GA
    Chad Sage 6-3 170 Chestatee Gainesville GA
    Brad Schlosser North Gwinnett Suwanee GA
    Tanner Shamblin 6-1 195 Riverside Military Gainesville GA
    Mikel Soliday 5-11 180 Turner County Ashburn GA
    Bobby Touhy 6-1 180 Woodstock Woodstock GA
    Dadren Tucker Clarke Central Athens GA
    Garrett Utt 6-4 190 The Lovett School Atlanta GA
    Brian Watters 6-1 180 Rome Rome GA
    Dequaoiz Woodard 5-11 165 Crim Atlanta GA
    Bryson Beirne Pac-Five Honolulu HI
    Kiran Kepo'o 6-2 220 Iolani Honolulu HI
    Stanford Leti 6-0 195 Moanalua Honolulu HI
    Kalehua Moniz Baldwin Wailuku HI
    Austen Arnaud 6-3 205 Ames Ames IA
    Tim Getting 6-4 170 Waukee Waukee IA
    Aaron Jarosh 6-0 185 Ankeny Ankeny IA
    Addison Powell 6-2 175 Mid-Prairie Wellman IA
    Nick Sharp 6-4 190 Roosevelt Des Moines IA
    Cody Hawkins 6-0 170 Bishop Kelly Boise ID
    Jacob Pollane 6-2 175 Pocatello Pocatello ID
    Alex Anderson Gage Park Chicago IL
    Trevor Bupp 6-2 180 Johnsburg Johnsburg IL
    Joe DeCeault 6-1 185 Victor Andrew Tinley Park IL
    Andy DuVoisin 6-1 175 Bradley-Bourbonnais Bradley IL
    Preston Earl 6-2 195 Stevenson Prairie View IL
    Garrett Edwards 6-1 180 North Downers Grove IL
    Dale Fink Althoff Catholic Belleville IL
    Demetrius Jones 6-3 185 Morgan Park Chicago IL
    Tyler Knights Maine South Park Ridge IL
    Anthony Kropp Lincoln-Way East Frankfort IL
    Sean Norris 6-1 185 Wheaton North Wheaton IL
    Scott Slobowski Marist Chicago IL
    Javon Stewart 5-9 165 Bolingbrook Bolingbrook IL
    Scott Tolzien 6-3 180 William Fremd Palatine IL
    Brandon Williams 6-0 174 East Belleville IL
    Isaiah Williams Chicago Vocational Chicago IL
    Ben Chappell 6-3 210 South Bloomington IN
    Spud Dick 5-11 183 Lawrence Central Indianapolis IN
    Chuck Dowdell 5-11 165 Northrop Fort Wayne IN
    Kyle Foster 6-4 200 Cascade Clayton IN
    Tyler Haston 6-3 200 Avon Avon IN
    Matt Jansen 6-2 185 Crown Point Crown Point IN
    Erick Kumming 6-3 175 Bishop Luers Fort Wayne IN
    Tom Mix Westfield Westfield IN
    Matt Rogers Indian Creek Trafalgar IN
    Zack Sloan 6-1 175 Lebanon Lebanon IN
    Chris Dieker 6-4 200 Hayden Topeka KS
    Brian Heerey 5-11 160 Lawrence Lawrence KS
    Ryan Holt 6-1 185 Louisburg Louisburg KS
    Josh Kelsey 5-11 175 Marion Marion KS
    Alex Kuhlman 6-2 180 Ness City Ness City KS
    Tyler Lawrence 6-3 210 West Shawnee Mission KS
    Derek Miller 6-3 180 East Olathe KS
    Brad Sells 5-10 170 Belleville Belleville KS
    Jeremy Wright Baldwin Baldwin City KS
    Brian Anderson 6-4 185 Male Louisville KY
    Daniel Ard 6-6 220 Marshall County Benton KY
    Justin Burke 6-3 190 Lexington Catholic Lexington KY
    Will Fidler 6-4 205 Henderson County Henderson KY
    Ty Sargent 5-9 165 Mason County Maysville KY
    Terrence Bell 5-8 145 Clinton Clinton LA
    Andrew Calatone 6-3 215 Captain Shreve Shreveport LA
    Frankie Gatson 5-10 175 Southwood Shreveport LA
    Jason Hoffman 6-3 180 East Jefferson Metairie LA
    Stephen Liuzza 5-10 155 Slidell Slidell LA
    Matt Mannen 6-1 170 Bishop Sullivan Baton Rouge LA
    Javoun Martin 5-11 165 Marksville Marksville LA
    Michael McIver 6-1 180 Lafayette Lafayette LA
    Alan Rogers 6-4 210 Evangel Christian Shreveport LA
    Derrek Sander 5-11 190 Salmen Slidell LA
    Ryan Singleton 6-0 180 Reed New Orleans LA
    Bryan Stamey 6-1 175 St. Mary's Natchitoches LA
    Jamie Cosgrove 6-3 195 Catholic Memorial Boston MA
    Alex Dulski 6-2 200 Walpole Walpole MA
    Bill Flutie 6-3 175 Natick Natick MA
    Zack Norley 6-3 200 Lincoln-Sudbury Sudbury MA
    Jessy Resende Brockton Brockton MA
    Jeffrey Smith 5-11 185 Silver Lake Regional Kingston MA
    Greg Wicks 6-1 195 Tabor Academy Marion MA
    Kevin Clancy 6-0 170 Westminster Westminster MD
    Nick Finney 6-3 200 Oakland Mills Columbia MD
    Robert Jackson 6-2 185 Milford Mill Academy Baltimore MD
    James Nickens 6-1 200 Potomac Oxon Hill MD
    Andrew Robinson 6-3 225 Calvert Hall Towson MD
    Stephen Smith 6-1 210 Kenwood Baltimore MD
    Marcus Taylor 6-4 185 Dunbar Baltimore MD
    J.C. Unitas 5-11 174 St. Paul's Brooklandville MD
    Allen Adams 6-0 165 Cody Detroit MI
    Michael Argillander 6-3 197 Renaissance Detroit MI
    Corey Blue 6-1 215 Southeastern Detroit MI
    Marquise Brown 6-3 180 Oak Park Oak Park MI
    Michael Canfield 6-2 215 Everett Lansing MI
    Michael Collins 6-3 200 Crockett Tech Detroit MI
    Chris Cooley 6-2 175 Cranbrook Kingswood Bloomfield Hills MI
    Matt Forystek 6-2 205 Divine Child Dearborn MI
    Jeff Lindsey 6-4 210 L'Anse Creuse North Macomb MI
    Travis Maxey 6-0 185 Western Walled Lake MI
    Rapheal McCoy 6-3 170 River Rouge River Rouge MI
    Dan Nease 6-5 205 John Glenn Bay City MI
    Josh Rouhan 6-4 195 Tri-County Howard City MI
    Dan Stiefel 6-2 184 Stevenson Sterling Heights MI
    Shane Tierney 6-1 180 Lakeshore Stevensville MI
    Nathan Turner 5-10 163 Haslett Haslett MI
    Patrick Wilson 6-3 200 Pershing Detroit MI
    Tim Bona 6-3 188 Columbia Heights Columbia Heights MN
    Corey Jeske 6-0 180 Buffalo Buffalo MN
    Jake Kranz 6-4 215 Hastings Hastings MN
    Adam Weber 6-3 205 Mounds View Arden Hills MN
    Carson Coffman 6-3 180 Ray-Pec Peculiar MO
    Tommy Corwin 6-0 190 DeSmet Jesuit St. Louis MO
    Reginald Cross 6-0 190 Vashon St. Louis MO
    Eric Czerniewski 6-1 185 Montgomery County Montgomery City MO
    Quinton Davie 6-4 190 Cardinal Ritter St. Louis MO
    Jeff Ehrhardt 6-4 180 Westminster Christian St. Louis MO
    Josh Freeman 6-6 215 Grandview Grandview MO
    Joe Haas 5-11 210 Lindbergh St. Louis MO
    Eric Humes 5-9 170 West Platte Weston MO
    Drew Newhart 6-2 175 Cameron Cameron MO
    Deron Putman Hazelwood Central Florissant MO
    Mike Smith 6-6 200 Van-Far Vandalia MO
    Mike Sobol 6-0 185 Herculaneum Herculaneum MO
    Carl Wood 5-10 170 Hazelwood East St. Louis MO
    C.J. Bailey 6-0 185 Moss Point Moss Point MS
    Cliff Bailey 6-0 180 West Point West Point MS
    Julius Blanks Gautier Gautier MS
    Keith Brown 6-1 170 Forest Forest MS
    Tim Buckley 6-1 180 Madison Central Madison MS
    Zach Eaton 6-2 175 Belmont Belmont MS
    Larry Jones 6-3 215 Hinds County Agricultural Utica MS
    Matthew Malouf 6-2 210 Oxford Oxford MS
    Levi Mitchell 6-2 165 Biggersville Corinth MS
    James Patterson 6-1 215 Noxubee County Macon MS
    Kiderra Pleasant 5-11 190 West Bolivar Rosedale MS
    Anthony Summers 6-3 185 Olive Branch Olive Branch MS
    Michael Townsend 6-2 190 Forest Forest MS
    Andrew Selle 6-3 200 Billings West Billings MT
    Mark Barnett 6-0 170 Forestview Gastonia NC
    Terrell Benson Forest Hills Marshville NC
    Kellen Brand 6-1 175 T.W. Andrews High Point NC
    Mike Caparaso 6-2 170 Freedom Morgantown NC
    Chase Holland Franklin Franklin NC
    Bennett Johnson 6-0 170 Beddingfield Wilson NC
    Stephen Johnson 6-2 190 High Point Central High Point NC
    Cort McKeon 6-3 215 Murphy Murphy NC
    Trevor Mullins 6-2 205 Ragsdale Jamestown NC
    Matt Osborne Eastern Guilford Gibsonville NC
    Keith Parker 6-3 185 Pine Forest Fayetteville NC
    Kelly Rawls 6-2 185 Charlotte Christian Charlotte NC
    Mike Remley 6-0 185 Providence Charlotte NC
    Jeremy Robinson 6-4 185 Harding Charlotte NC
    Garrett Sutphan 6-3 185 Bunn Bunn NC
    O.C. Wardlow 6-1 180 Mt. Tabor Winston Salem NC
    Craig Warnement 6-1 190 Charlotte Catholic Charlotte NC
    Ben Williams 6-1 185 Olympic Charlotte NC
    Jeffrey Williams 6-2 221 Smithfield-Selma Smithfield NC
    Kevin Williams 6-1 185 Westover Fayetteville NC
    Tony Purvis 6-1 160 McCook McCook NE
    Tyler Robinson 6-2 205 Elkhorn Elkhorn NE
    Brett Brackett 6-5 220 Lawrence Lawrenceville NJ
    Matt Campanella 6-1 175 Middlesex Middlesex NJ
    Rob Crawford 6-0 180 Bayonne Bayonne NJ
    Jonathan Falsetti 6-1 180 Steinert Hamilton NJ
    Anthony Glaud Winslow Atco NJ
    Josh Griffin 6-1 195 Dwight Morrow Englewood NJ
    Andrew Mandeville 5-10 175 Raritan Hazlet NJ
    Keith McPherson 6-2 185 Ocean Township Oakhurst NJ
    Antwine Perez 6-3 190 Wilson Camden NJ
    Brian Powell 5-10 170 New Brunswick New Brunswick NJ
    Josh Richmond 6-0 180 St. Mary's Rutherford NJ
    Mike Roberto 6-2 184 Fair Haven Rumson NJ
    Sean Scanlon 6-2 195 Camden Catholic Cherry Hill NJ
    Ray Taylor 6-1 172 Paterson Catholic Paterson NJ
    Nicky Lawson 6-2 190 Manzano Albuquerque NM
    Quinton Carter 6-3 190 Cheyenne North Las Vegas NV
    Jeremy Craddock Las Vegas Las Vegas NV
    Josh Creveling 6-3 220 Eldorado Las Vegas NV
    Tyyler McNeace 6-0 180 Silverado Las Vegas NV
    William Pope Desert Pines Las Vegas NV
    Julian Samples 6-1 190 Western Las Vegas NV
    C.J. Sedoris 6-1 175 Bishop Gorman Las Vegas NV
    Jeff Young 5-10 175 Whittell, George Zephyr Cove NV
    Eric Baxter 5-10 160 Poughkeepsie Poughkeepsie NY
    Anthony Bornello 6-0 170 Longwood Middle Island NY
    Niquain Gaymon 6-0 180 Lincoln Brooklyn NY
    Robert Goldstein 6-1 185 Kings Park Kings Park NY
    Steven Maloney 6-3 185 Mt. Sinai Mt. Sinai NY
    Brennan Mulcahy 6-2 195 Morrisville-Eaton NY
    Matt Reingold 6-1 190 Nyack Nyack NY
    Naaman Roosevelt 6-2 180 St. Joseph's Collegiate Inst Buffalo NY
    Alan Smigelskis 6-0 190 Gates Chili Rochester NY
    Cody Blevins 6-2 188 Miamisburg Miamisburg OH
    Joel Bostick 5-10 160 Mechanicsburg Mechanicsburg OH
    Josh Cousins Xenia Xenia OH
    Josh Cupps 6-0 170 Graham St. Paris OH
    Ben Danzinger 6-2 160 Cleveland Heights Cleveland Hts. OH
    Nick Darland 6-3 170 Lakota East Liberty Township OH
    Chris Davenport 6-3 200 Batavia Batavia OH
    Nate Davis 6-2 205 Bellaire Bellaire OH
    Scott Gerber 6-3 190 North Westerville OH
    Brennan Glass 6-3 210 South Springfield OH
    Michael Hartlin 6-6 185 Glen Oak Canton OH
    Mike Hartline 6-6 185 Glenoak Canton OH
    Zach Haudenschild 6-2 175 Rocky River Rocky River OH
    Mike Hermanson 6-0 180 Chagrin Falls Chagrin Falls OH
    Austin Holter 5-10 175 Johnstown-Monroe Johnstown OH
    Joe Horn 6-1 170 Cincinnati Christian Fairfield OH
    Aaron Huffman 6-4 195 Newark Newark OH
    Vance Kiersay 6-2 175 Mineral Ridge Mineral Ridge OH
    Rudy Kirbus 6-3 200 St. Ignatius Cleveland OH
    Alex Knipp 6-1 190 Marion L Steele Amherst OH
    John Kuceynski 5-9 160 Edison Richmond OH
    Aaron Link 6-0 160 Lima Central Catholic Lima OH
    Matt Mader 6-0 195 Notre Dame Portsmouth OH
    Ricky Marshall 6-1 185 Madison Comprehensive Mansfield OH
    Nick Martin 6-0 195 Zanesville Zanesville OH
    Alex Math 6-0 175 Shaker Heights Cleveland OH
    Sam Miller 6-2 155 Ottawa Hills Toledo OH
    Arvell Nelson Glenville Cleveland OH
    Greg Phelps 6-3 175 Fairbanks Milford Center OH
    Jesse Richards 6-3 175 Rittman Rittman OH
    Kurt Rocco 6-3 180 Roger Bacon St. Bernard OH
    Mike Scherpenberg 6-4 180 Indian Hill Cincinnati OH
    Miles Schlichter 6-1 195 Miami Trace Washington Court House OH
    Rick Stanzi 6-4 195 Lake Catholic Mentor OH
    Kameron Wade 5-10 175 Beechcroft Columbus OH
    Chris Walden 6-3 180 Bellefontaine Bellefontaine OH
    Robert Wilkes 6-1 170 Linden McKinley Columbus OH
    Sam Bradford 6-4 200 Putnam City North Oklahoma City OK
    Justin Fuselier 5-10 170 B.T. Washington Tulsa OK
    Luke Louderback Stillwater Stillwater OK
    J.D. McFarlin 6-3 185 Metro Christian Tulsa OK
    Laron Moore Midwest City MIdwest City OK
    Matt Casey 6-1 185 Springfield Springfield OR
    Spencer Crace 5-11 185 Wilsonville Wilsonville OR
    Roberto Cuellar 6-0 190 Silverton Silverton OR
    Cody Kempt 6-3 195 Westview Portland OR
    Corey Moran 6-2 170 Sheldon Eugene OR
    Kevin Riley 6-2 190 Beaverton Beaverton OR
    Andrew Schumacher 6-3 165 Churchill Eugene OR
    Ariel Shermerhorn 6-4 185 Elmira Elmira OR
    David Wilson 6-1 180 Milwaukie Milwaukie OR
    Austin Wreirsma 5-11 170 Crater Central Point OR
    Jordan Abner 5-11 180 Cumberland Valley Mechanicsburg PA
    Nicholas Artinger Freedom Bethlehem PA
    Desmond Brentley 6-2 220 Perry Pittsburgh PA
    Michael Callahan 6-1 185 Hempfield Greensburg PA
    Matt Davis 6-3 205 Fox Chapel Pittsburg PA
    James Depetro 5-11 185 Coughlin Wilkes-Barre PA
    Pat Devlin 6-4 205 Downingtown East Exton PA
    Andrew DiDonato 6-1 180 South Fayette TWP McDonald PA
    Zach Frazer 6-4 220 Mechanicsburg Mechanicsburg PA
    Tim Frye 6-2 165 Mars Mars PA
    Ben Ganter 6-2 185 State College Area State College PA
    Taylor Green 6-0 175 Red Lion Area Red Lion PA
    Tyler Huether 6-1 190 Penn-Trafford Harrison City PA
    Evan Landis 6-3 220 Penn Manor Millersville PA
    Ryan Lehmeier 6-0 195 North Hills Pittsburgh PA
    Jake Long 6-1 190 Pine-Richland Gibsonia PA
    Steve Malinchak 6-0 180 Scranton Prep Scranton PA
    Matt Marshall 6-1 190 Spring Grove Spring Grove PA
    Travis Miller 6-3 190 Danville Danville PA
    Mike Parciwski 5-9 160 GAR Memorial Wilkes-Barre PA
    Jeremy Ricker 6-2 200 Bishop McDevitt Harrisburg PA
    Darren Rogers 6-0 185 Quaker Valley Leestdale PA
    Gino Rometo 6-2 195 Plum Pittsburgh PA
    Justin Schmotzer 6-1 190 Baldwin Pittsburgh PA
    Eric Schwartz 6-1 180 Central York York PA
    Mike Sheridan 5-10 175 Bishop McCort Johnstown PA
    Jordan Shoop 6-2 190 Knoch Saxonburg PA
    Mychal Skinner 6-3 200 Kiski Vandergrift PA
    Jack Stankoski 5-9.5 170 Pittston Area Pittston PA
    Zach Umberger 6-3 175 Lower Dauphin Hummelstown PA
    Larry Weber 6-0 195 Upper Merion King of Prussia PA
    Daniel Barton Byrnes Duncan SC
    Bart Blanchard Northwestern Rock Hill SC
    Wesley Boyd York York SC
    J.R. Carter Camden Camden SC
    Jamie Childers Wando Mount Pleasant SC
    Justin Cramer West Ashley Charleston SC
    Rett Crocker J.L. Mann Greenville SC
    Trey Cushman 6-1 187 White Knoll Lexington SC
    Armanti Edwards 6-1 180 Greenwood Greenwood SC
    Thomas Griffin Westside Anderson SC
    Coco Hillary 5-10 175 Strom Thurmond Johnston SC
    Michael Jackson Wilson Florence SC
    Michael Johnson 6-0 175 Wilson Florence SC
    Bryant Julius Hemingway Hemingway SC
    Nick Melton 6-1 185 Gaffney Gaffney SC
    B.J. Phillips 6-6 230 Spring Valley Columbia SC
    Nick Prochak 6-4 210 Spartanburg Spartanburg SC
    Rickey Reinhardt Beaufort Beaufort SC
    Colt Shope Easley Easley SC
    Brett Slater Boiling Springs Spartanburg SC
    Michael Wade 6-3 190 Riverside Greer SC
    Andrew Weathers Broome Spartanburg SC
    James Wilson Bamberg-Ehrhardt Bamberg SC
    Will Anderson Station Camp Gallatin TN
    Ricky Borner 5-8 160 Central-Merry Jackson TN
    Keelyn Craddock 5-10 190 Tyner Chattanooga TN
    Joey Fiegler 6-3 185 Alcoa Alcoa TN
    Drew Hayes 6-1 220 McKenzie McKenzie TN
    T.C. Jennings 6-2 180 Ravenwood Brentwood TN
    Brance Stiner 6-0 170 Campbell County Jacksboro TN
    Lucas Wall 6-0 180 William Blount Maryville TN
    Bobby Adamson 6-0 175 Nacogdoches Nacogdoches TX
    Austin Alburtis 6-2 215 Tyler Street Christian Dallas TX
    Scott Allen Klein Klein TX
    Bryce Anderson 6-2 200 Belton Belton TX
    Terrance Anderson 5-11 175 Aldine Houston TX
    Taylor Ashby 6-0 165 Monterey Lubbock TX
    Tim Bandy 5-10 165 Strake Jesuit Houston TX
    Pierre Beasley 6-4 195 Westfield Houston TX
    Tyler Beatty 6-4 185 Pflugerville Pflugerville TX
    X'Zavier Bloodsaw 6-1 185 Chester Nimitz Houston TX
    Zach Boles 6-1 175 Commerce Commerce TX
    David Brekke 6-0 180 Cypress Falls Houston TX
    Jeremy Brown Italy Italy TX
    Jess Brown 5-11 180 R.L. Paschal Fort Worth TX
    Zack Butkowski 5-10 160 Spring Spring TX
    Austin Buzzard 5-11 165 Yorktown Yorktown TX
    Chris Caflisch 6-2 180 Madison San Antonio TX
    Terrance Cain 6-0 175 North Shore Houston TX
    Trey Carter 6-0 165 Memorial Pasadena TX
    L.J. Castille 6-3 210 La Marque La Marque TX
    Bubba Claudrick Quanah Quanah TX
    Austin Contreras 5-11 190 Americas El Paso TX
    Derek Cosper 6-1 180 Newman Smith Carrollton TX
    Michael Crabtree 6-2 205 Dallas Carter Dallas TX
    Drew Dunn 5-10 170 Leander Leander TX
    Josh Edge 6-4 185 Lytle Lytle TX
    Brennan Fjord 6-2 195 Clements Sugar Land TX
    Carlin Freeman Longview Longview TX
    Brent Garner 6-0 180 Copperas Cove Copperas Cove TX
    Ivory Gary South Houston South Houston TX
    Anthony Gibson 5-10 190 MacArthur Houston TX
    Sean Gilley 6-1 185 Lumberton Lumberton TX
    Josh Gonzales 6-0 185 David Crockett Austin TX
    Desmond Green 6-2 180 Mart Mart TX
    DeMarcus Griggs 6-1 160 Bay City Bay City TX
    Sean Hakes 6-3 185 Nolan Fort Worth TX
    Chris Hall 5-10 170 Cooper Abilene TX
    Clark Harrell 6-2 180 Ennis Ennis TX
    Sherrod Harris 6-2 190 Arlington Bowie Arlington TX
    Taylor Harris 6-3 195 Whitesboro Whitesboro TX
    Steven Headley 6-1 210 Grapevine Grapevine TX
    Jeremy Heatley 6-2 200 Breckenridge Breckenridge TX
    Kyle Henson 6-0 175 Henderson Henderson TX
    Eric Hill 5-10 170 Rowlett Rowlett TX
    Preston Hill 6-1 185 Robert E. Lee Tyler TX
    Bryson Janecek 5-9 185 Tomball Tomball TX
    Ross Jenkins 6-3 190 Langham Creek Houston TX
    Fred Johnson O.D. Wyatt Fort Worth TX
    Shane Jones 6-1 180 Klein Klein TX
    Case Keenum 6-0 175 Wylie Abilene TX
    Kapps Killingstad St. Mark's Dallas TX
    Marquis Lowe 5-9 170 Hitchcock Hitchcock TX
    Tyler Luttrell 6-1 180 Weatherford Weatherford TX
    Kendall Magana Lamar Arlington TX
    Joe Mauro 6-5 210 L.D. Bell Hurst TX
    Greg McElroy 6-2 190 Carroll Southlake TX
    Drew Mehringer 6-1 195 Mansfield Mansfield TX
    Andrew Mellecamp 6-1 175 Granbury Granbury TX
    Thomas Minyard 5-11 170 Ross Sterling Baytown TX
    Kevin Moore 6-5 200 Marcus Flower Mound TX
    Tyler Moore 5-11 160 Georgetown Georgetown TX
    Marcus Moseby Bishop Dunne Dallas TX
    Marsaughn Moses 6-2 185 Lubbock Lubbock TX
    Christian Ponder 6-2 185 Heritage Colleyville TX
    Taylor Potts 6-4 195 Abilene Abilene TX
    Todd Reesing 6-0 185 Lake Travis Austin TX
    Zach Rhodes New Braunfels New Braunfels TX
    Ty Robertson 6-2 210 Archer City Archer City TX
    Jeremy Sanders Marlin Marlin TX
    Wesley Sauls 6-0 180 Midway Waco TX
    Blan Scott 6-1 175 Baird Baird TX
    Matt Shores 5-11 155 Paris Paris TX
    Donny Shorts 5-10 170 Harker Heights Harker Heights TX
    Joseph Skiff 5-11 165 Akins Austin TX
    Stephan Slutzbaugh 6-0 165 Westwood Austin TX
    Keith Smith 6-3 200 Shoemaker Killeen TX
    Jevan Snead 6-4 205 Stephenville Stephenville TX
    Marquel Speed 6-0 190 Lamar Houston TX
    Matt Stafford 6-2 210 Highland Park Dallas TX
    David Stenkly 5-10 160 Gorman Tyler TX
    Christian Sterling 6-0 175 Elkins Sugar Land TX
    Zac Takacs 6-1 185 Cypress Ridge Houston TX
    Brad Taylor 6-3 210 Madisonville Madisonville TX
    James Thomas Fort Bend Marshall Missouri City TX
    J.P. Tillman 6-4 220 Northland Christian Houston TX
    Rusty Tullis 6-3 165 Abernathy Abernathy TX
    Eric Udell 6-1 175 MacArthur San Antonio TX
    Blaine Vaughan 6-2 170 Amarillo Amarillo TX
    Trevor Vittatoe 6-1 185 Trinity Euless TX
    Cole Williams San Angelo Central San Angelo TX
    Aaron Wright 5-9 155 James Taylor Katy TX
    Daryl Zaveskey 6-2 180 Deer Park Deer Park TX
    Beau Baty 6-0 170 Box Elder Brigham City UT
    Alex Cate 6-2 200 Cottonwood Salt Lake City UT
    Carson Christensen 6-1 170 South Sevier Monroe UT
    Adam Eastman Hillcrest Midvale UT
    James Lark 6-3 200 Pine View St. George UT
    Riley Nelson 6-0 185 Logan Logan UT
    Stetson Peck 6-0 165 Bingham South Jordan UT
    Brock Westphal 6-2 185 Copper Hills West Jordan UT
    Brady Zimmerman Mountain Crest Hyrum UT
    Dakota Allosso 5-9 184 Cox Virginia Beach VA
    Frank Berry 6-2 185 First Colonial Virginia Beach VA
    James Denton 6-2 170 Abingdon Abingdon VA
    Drew Dudzik 6-1 190 Centreville Clifton VA
    Evan Eyo 6-1 175 Hayfield Alexandria VA
    Jesse Haney Matoaca Ettrick VA
    Matthew Hill 6-0 170 Bethel Hampton VA
    Greg Jones 5-10 175 Robert E. Lee Springfield VA
    Jon Jupiter 5-8 180 Virginia Episcopal Lynchburg VA
    Donny Kirby Great Bridge Chesapeake VA
    Omar Kizzie 5-8 180 Huguenot Richmond VA
    Kyle Lloyd 6-3 170 North Stafford Stafford VA
    Ricky Milbourne 5-10 180 Stonewall Jackson Manassas VA
    Nick Monaco 5-11 180 Liberty Bealeton VA
    Darius Mullen Bethel Hampton VA
    Chase Prasnicki 6-3 225 Rockbridge County Lexington VA
    Jeff Redd 5-10 185 Chatham Chatham VA
    Derrius Walton 6-0 187 Lake Taylor Norfolk VA
    Aaron Ward 6-3 180 Phoebus Hampton VA
    Darnell Williams 5-11 220 West Potomac Alexandria VA
    Matt Wong 5-10 175 Jefferson Alexandria VA
    Steve Englund 6-3 215 Bellevue Bellevue WA
    Jake Locker 6-2 200 Ferndale Ferndale WA
    Jordan Rasmussen 6-4 200 Curtis Tacoma WA
    Alex Sfetku 6-1.5 181 Fort Vancouver Vancouver WA
    K.C. Skalisky 5-10 175 Wenatchee Wenatchee WA
    Jon Erickson 6-3 180 Chippewa Falls Chippewa Falls WI
    Jesus Najera 6-3 220 Bay View Milwaukee WI
    Mike Sierakowski D.C. Everest Schofield WI
    Laron Wilder 5-10 175 Milwaukee Vincent Milwaukee WI
    Justin Hostetler 5-9 160 University Morgantown WV
    Johnathan Johnson 5-10 185 Preston Kingwood WV
    Brandon Long 6-0 180 Buckhannon-Upshur Buckhannon WV
    J.J. Mayer Robert C. Byrd Clarksburg WV


    EA SPORTS Football All-Americans & their colleges - Rivals

    February 3, 2005
    EA SPORTS Football All-Americans & their colleges

    Brentt Eads Publisher
    2004 EA SPORTS All-American Football Team

    WR -- Mohamed Massaquoi (Independence, Charlotte NC) 6-2, 190, Sr. ó GEORGIA
    TE -- Martellus Bennett (Taylor, Alief TX) 6-6, 240, Sr.óTEXAS A&M
    OL -- Alex Boone (St. Edward, Lakewood OH) 6-8, 330, Sr.óOHIO STATE
    OL -- Dan Doering (Barrington IL) 6-6, 300, Sr.óIOWA
    OL -- Eugene Monroe (Plainfield NJ) 6-7, 320, Sr.óVIRGINIA
    OL -- Michael Oher (Briarcrest Christian, Memphis TN) 6-5, 330, Sr.óMISSISSIPPI
    OL -- Marques Slocum (West Cath., Philadelphia PA) 6-4, 330, Sr.óMICHIGAN
    QB -- Mark Sanchez (Mission Viejo CA) 6-4, 210, Sr.óUSC
    RB -- Toney Baker (Ragsdale, Jamestown NC) 5-10, 220, Sr.óN.C. STATE
    RB -- Jonathan Stewart (Timberline, Lacy WA) 5-11, 225, Sr.óOREGON
    RB -- J.R. Hasty (Bellevue WA) 5-10, 205, Sr.óWASHINGTON
    K--Kai Forbath (Notre Dame, Sherman Oaks CA) 6-0, 175, Jr. óN/A (only jr.)

    DL -- DeMarcus Granger (Kimball, Dallas TX) 6-3, 320, Sr.óOKLAHOMA
    DL -- Kyle Moore (Houston County, Warner Robins GA) 6-6, 260, Sr.óUSC
    DL -- Terrance Taylor (Muskegon MI) 6-1, 290, Sr.óMICHIGAN
    LB -- Travis Beckum (Oak Creek WI) 6-5, 220, Sr.óWISCONSIN
    LB -- Tray Blackmon (LaGrange GA) 6-0, 200, Sr.óAUBURN
    LB -- Luthur Brown (Lakewood CA) 6-3, 230, Sr.óUSC
    LB -- Ryan Reynolds (Bishop Gorman, Las Vegas NV) 6-2, 220, Sr.óOKLAHOMA
    DB -- Justin King (Gateway, Monroeville PA) 6-0, 180, Sr. óPENN STATE
    DB -- Demetrice Morley (Killian, Miami FL) 6-1, 185, Sr.óTENNESSEE
    DB -- Reggie Smith (Santa Fe, Edmond OK) 6-1, 195, Sr.óOKLAHOMA
    DB -- Kenneth Phillips (Carol City, Miami FL) 6-2, 205, Sr.óMIAMI (FL)
    P -- Graham Gano (Tate, Cantonment FL) 6-1, 185, Sr óFLORIDA STATE

    QB/RB -- Chase Daniel (Carroll, Southlake TX) 6-1, 215, Sr.óMISSOURI
    WR/DB/KR -- DeSean Jackson (Poly, Long Beach CA) 5-11, 170, Sr.óCAL
    QB/RB/ATH -- Greg Paulus (Christian Bro's Acad., Syracuse NY) 6-1, 180, Sr. óDUKE
    QB/RB/DB/KR -- Ryan Perrilloux (East St. John, Reserve LA) 6-3, 223, Sr.óLSU
    WR/KR -- Fred Rouse (Lincoln, Tallahassee FL) 6-3, 185, Sr.óFLORIDA STATE
    WR/DB/RB/QB/KR -- Derrick Williams (Eleanor Roosevelt, Greenbelt MD) 6-1, 193, Sr.óPENN STATE


    Sorry for the crappy link on the Elite 11 QB article - This one should be better.

    2005 EA SPORTS Elite 11 QBs To Watch List - Rivals

    February 7, 2005
    2005 EA SPORTS Elite 11 QBs To Watch List

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