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Recruiting News - 03/08/05

Discussion in '2005/March' started by 3yardsandacloud, Mar 8, 2005.

  1. 3yardsandacloud

    3yardsandacloud Administrator Emeritus

    <font color="#b90000">Tuesday, March 08, 2005</font> Recruiting News - 03/08/05

    UW FOOTBALL: Ohio delivers again; Randle El suspended (Robert Rose, Daven Jones) - Wisconsin State Journal

    UW FOOTBALL: Ohio delivers again; Randle El suspended
    00:00 am 3/08/05
    Tom Mulhern Wisconsin State Journal

    Coach Barry Alvarez said on signing day that he wanted to concentrate the University of Wisconsin football team's recruiting efforts in areas where UW has had the most success, such as in Ohio.

    That decision appears to be paying dividends with an oral commitment from wide receiver Daven Jones, from Glenville High School in Cleveland.

    That's the high school that produced wide receiver Ted Ginn Jr., who made a big splash as a freshman this past season at Ohio State. It's also where former UW receiver Chris Chambers started, before transferring to Bedford, Ohio.

    Jones (6-foot-1, 190 pounds), who also plays cornerback, is a track standout who broke some of Ginn's track records in junior high school. He attended UW's recruiting day for juniors on Saturday.

    "He wanted to get it out of the way, so he can concentrate on his school work and not go through all that recruiting process," Glenville football coach Ted Ginn Sr. said of Jones' commitment.

    "He's always wanted to go to Wisconsin, because of Chris Chambers, who went here before he went to Bedford. Just trying to keep that Cleveland-Wisconsin thing going."

    According to the elder Ginn, Glenville had eight NCAA Division I recruits this year and seven last year. He thinks it could have as many as 10 next season. The Badgers apparently have offered scholarships to three other players: Raymond Fisher and Raymond Small, both wide receiver-cornerbacks, and tight end-defensive end Robert Rose.

    Jones, who has been on the varsity since his sophomore year, caught 29 passes for 461 yards and six touchdowns as a junior. He runs the 40-yard dash in 4.4 seconds and was part of the 400-meter relay team that won the Adidas national track and field championships last year.

    "He's going to be a great one," Ginn Sr. said. "He's got great speed and size. He's a great kid and he's going to be a great player."

    Jones is the second junior to commit to UW's 2006 recruiting class, joining offensive tackle Jake Bscherer, from Sturgeon Bay, who likely will be the top-ranked senior in the state this year.

    Getting a commitment this early from Jones could not only help UW in its efforts to land some other Glenville players, but also in the rest of Ohio.

    Alvarez said one of the reasons he wanted to focus on Ohio is most of the players the Badgers have signed from there have turned out to be quality players, led by Chambers and former wide receiver Lee Evans, who is also from Bedford.

    The key to landing those players has been wide receivers coach Henry Mason, who recruits the state for UW and has a strong relationship with coaches such as Ginn Sr.

    Asked if UW had a good shot at landing some other Glenville players, Ginn Sr. said, "No question."

    In fact, Ginn Sr. sees no reason why UW can't recruit with anyone, including Ohio State, for the top players in the state.

    "Our kids have been successful at Wisconsin, so I think they have the same opportunity (here) as anybody else, to get players," he said.

    Aldridge Making Name for Himself (James Aldridge) - Scout PREMIUM

    Aldridge Making Name for Himself
    By Jeff Baumhower
    Date: Mar 8, 2005

    Merrillville (Ind.) high school got a big boost to the football program when James Aldridge transferred into the school before the 2004 football season. After a 2,100-yard rushing performance for the Pirates last season, college recruiters from across the country are trying to get Aldridge to check out their programs. Are the Irish recruiting this talented running back? Does James have interest in Notre Dame? What position is Aldridge being recruited to play?

    Glenville's Jones tabs Badgers - Cleveland Plain Dealer

    Glenville's Jones tabs Badgers

    Tuesday, March 08, 2005

    Bob Fortuna
    Plain Dealer Reporter

    Bedford High School products Chris Chambers and Lee Evans were the first area receivers to make an impact in the University of Wisconsin's passing attack.

    Glenville junior wide receiver Daven Jones will attempt to become the third, as the 6-1, 185-pounder has made an oral commitment to the Badgers' football program.

    Jones caught 29 passes for 461 yards and six touchdowns for the Tarblooders last season and gained the interest of every Mid-American Conference program and most Big Ten schools.

    Two other Glenville juniors -- 6-5, 245-pound tight end/defensive tackle Robert Rose and 6-0, 175-pound running back/safety Ray Small -- have received scholarship offers from Ohio State University.

    Neither has issued any commitments.

    OSU signs Ohio-native recruit from West Coast - The Lantern

    OSU signs Ohio-native recruit from West Coast
    By Christopher A. Buerkle
    Published: Tuesday, March 8, 2005

    It has been almost a month since Ryan Williams - a defensive end from Mission Viejo, Calif. - signed his letter of intent to play football at Ohio State.

    Williams was born just outside of Columbus in Washington Courthouse and has family living in Cincinnati. At the age of three Williams moved from Washington Courthouse to California where his father was offered a job.

    When it came time to choose which school to go to, it was not a tough choice, Williams said.

    "I definitely hate Michigan," Williams said. "I've always hated them and growing up an OSU fan in my family I was raised to hate them."

    When OSU offered him a chance to be a member of its 2005 recruiting class Williams interest in Oklahoma, Colorado, Colorado State and Washington vanished. He immediately made a verbal commitment to OSU.

    "He was always going to go to Ohio State," Mission Viejo football coach Bob Johnson said. "He loves it there."

    Williams was encouraged to attend OSU at a young age by his grandfather.

    "When (Williams) was just a youngster his grandfather was a patient over at the James Cancer Hospital, and his grandfather challenged him to one day become a Buckeye," OSU football coach Jim Tressel said. "Here we are 10, 12, 14 years later and it's going to come true."

    Williams stands 6 feet 5 inches and weighs in at 245 pounds. He is ranked No. 12 nationally among strong-side defensive ends by

    "He's got an unbelievable motor, and is dedicated in the weight room and on and off the field," Johnson said. "He's got good speed for a big guy, and he is only going to get bigger."

    OSU linebacker coach Luke Fickell said he first noticed Williams his junior year when he came to OSU's annual football camp.

    What is most impressive about Williams is how well he played against the level of competition he faced in Southern California, as well as the tenacity, toughness, and other intangibles he has, Fickell said.

    The Diablos went 14-0 defeating their opponents by a margin of 628-158 en route to a Division II CIF Southern Section Championship.

    Williams said winning the championship in his final high school game is his greatest football memory to date.

    It is appropriate a team moment would mean the most to a young man who puts the team first and worries about individual awards and statistics second. All goals Williams has set for his college career pertain to doing whatever is needed of him to help the team.

    When asked what individual awards he received this past season, Williams had to check with his father because he had not paid much attention to them. While Williams was not paying attention he was selected first-team All-League, All-County, All-California Interscholastic Federation Southern Selection and his team named him defensive lineman of the year.

    Williams said he felt at home with the OSU coaching staff and was especially impressed with Tressel.

    "(Tressel) is a really stand-up nice guy who looks like he's never done anything wrong in his life," Williams said.

    Williams said he was also thoroughly taken with the game-day atmosphere of the Horseshoe.

    "It is so much bigger and a lot more intimidating when you're standing on the field than the other stadiums," Williams said.

    The allegations made by Maurice Clarett against OSU as well as the other troubles the football program has found itself dealing with did not make Williams think twice about becoming a Buckeye, he said.

    "It didn't bother me, I knew it would blow over," Williams said. "The media made it out to be more than it was."

    Williams carries a 3.0 grade point average at Mission Viejo High School and he said he is undecided about area of study at OSU.

    "(Williams) is focused, mature, motivated and he knows what he wants," Johnson said. "I think he will have a very nice college career."

    Hartline impressed by Notre Dame visit - Canton Repository

    Hartline impressed by Notre Dame visit
    Tuesday, March 8, 2005
    By TODD PORTER Repository sports writer

    PLAIN TWP. — It might have been something Charlie Weis learned as a young assistant football coach in South Carolina.

    Hospitality. Charm.

    Maybe it was the aura of Notre Dame that helped win over GlenOak quarterback Mike Hartline. The Golden Eagle junior is one of the top quarterbacks in Ohio. He recently finished recruiting trips to Purdue and Notre Dame.

    The junior days he attended started the serious recruiting process.

    How much impact can a junior day visit have? Enough to juggle the 6-foot-6 right hander’s top three.

    Purdue was bad. Notre Dame and Weis, the new Irish coach, were awesome.

    “Purdue was a disappointment,” Hartline said. “I thought I was going to get more out of it. I didn’t get to hang out with my position coach, and neither did (GlenOak offensive lineman Ryan Palmer). I didn’t get to see much of the campus other than the indoor facility, the stadium and the weight room and every place has that. There wasn’t much one-on-one communication going on.”

    College teams are shopping themselves to Hartline. Giving recruits like him individual attention is important. Apparently, Purdue didn’t get the memo.

    “We got introduced to Head Coach Joe Tiller. They showed you statistics and who they’ve coached,” Hartline said. “But they never seemed too personal.

    “ ... They just didn’t show much interest in you. They were like, ‘Here’s this, here’s that and we hope you come here.’ I was expecting a lot more.”

    Tiller has taken the Boilermakers to eight straight bowls, a streak matched by only seven other schools. The Boilermakers are 62-36 in Tiller’s eight seasons with a Big Ten championship, the school’s first since 1967.

    But neither Tiller or anyone else in West Lafayette, Ind., made a connection with Hartline.

    Before the visits, Hartline’s top three — in no particular order — were Michigan, Ohio State and Purdue. Now?

    “Purdue isn’t in there,” he said. “I’d have to say it’s Michigan, Notre Dame and Ohio State. There isn’t an order to them, but that’s my top three. ... First impressions are everything and Purdue didn’t make a good first impression.”

    Notre Dame, on the other hand, swept Hartline off his feet.

    “Notre Dame was a big surprise with Coach Weis,” Hartline said. “There was more one-on-one communication with the position coach. I went there last year with my brother (Brian) for his junior day and it was a 180-degree turn with what Coach Weis is doing. We were blown away by Notre Dame and it all goes to what Coach Weis is doing and his dedication to the program.”

    Weis resigned as the offensive coordinator of the Super Bowl-champion Patriots to take over the Irish program. He graduated from South Bend in 1978 and is considered one of the game’s best passing game coaches.

    At junior day, Weis had players on the team there to greet and shake hands with the junior visitors. When the group ate lunch, the Notre Dame cheerleaders and band were there to play music.

    He handed each recruit a packet of information that highlighted each position coach.

    “His coaching staff, bar none, is one of the best in the country,” Hartline said. “Each coach has something special about him. ... The band, cheerleaders and player, that was all awesome. Coach Weis gave it to you straight-forward. He made it clear what kind of player he wants. He had it organized. He had a plan. That was a big difference.”

    Hartline, at 16, is making a decision that will directly impact the next four or five years of his life, and indirectly impact his entire future. NFL teams draft players with whom they fall in love.

    Hartline might have found that in South Bend a couple weeks ago.


    Coming Friday: Hartline talks about what it is like to be 16 years old and making a decision of this magnitude. “I’m not used to planning four or five days down the road, now I have to plan four of five years?”

    Leggett keeping an open mind (Corey Leggett) - Rivals PREMIUM

    March 8, 2005
    Leggett keeping an open mind

    Bill Kurelic Recruiting Analyst *
    Carrollton, Ohio, wide receiver Corey Leggett names a number of schools he is receiving mail from, but says he is keeping an open mind.

    DE Cumbie preparing for spring (Jamie Cumbie) - Rivals PREMIUM

    March 8, 2005
    DE Cumbie preparing for spring

    Tim O'Halloran Recruiting Analyst *
    Morris (Ill.) junior defensive end prospect Jamie Cumbie (6-foot-7, 255 pounds) has wrapped up his winter college junior day visits, and Cumbie is now planning ahead for a very busy spring. Get the latest news on Jamie Cumbie in this recruiting update.

    Video: (Tommy) Becker delivers crushing blows (Video) - Rivals PREMIUM

    March 8, 2005
    Video: Becker delivers crushing blows
    ------------------------------------------------------------------------ *

    Video: Hornsby is a ball-hawk (Video) - Rivals PREMIUM

    March 8, 2005
    Video: (Jamar) Hornsby is a ball-hawk

    Top Minnesota Linebacker to Visit Spartans (Tommy Becker) - Rivals PREMIUM

    March 8, 2005
    Top Minnesota Linebacker to Visit Spartans

    Matt Dorsey *
    Michigan State is preparing for a big junior day on the 19th of March. Many to prospects from around the Midwest will be in attendance. spoke with a player last night who informed us he will be there, Tommy Becker. In addition, we have some updated news on other players who will be in East Lansing that day.

    Faulkner impressed with Big Ten visits (Cody Faulkner) - Rivals PREMIUM

    March 8, 2005
    Faulkner impressed with Big Ten visits

    Bill Kurelic *
    Hamilton Heights, Ind., offensive lineman Cody Faulkner visited a couple of Big Ten schools and came away impressed with both. Faulkner has scholarship offers from the two schools. Is he close to selecting a college?

    Reuland talks about UCLA Jr. Day (Konrad Reuland) - Rivals PREMIUM

    March 8, 2005
    Reuland talks about UCLA Jr. Day

    Greg Biggins *
    A couple of days ago, we profiled Mission Viejo (Calif.) fullback Chane Moline who we said was the top player on our board at his position in the west this year. The Diablos also boast the top tight end in the west in our eyes in Konrad Reuland who had a glowing review following attending UCLA's Junior Day this past Saturday.

    Michigan Camper Brandon Caleb has U-M in Top Two - Scout PREMIUM

    Michigan Camper Brandon Caleb has U-M in Top Two
    By Don Hoekwater
    Date: Mar 8, 2005

    GoBlueWolverine Magazine spoke Monday with wide receiver Brandon Caleb of Fork Union, Va., Military Academy, and the Michigan camper said he has the Wolverines in his top-two.

    Indiana QB likes the Bucks - Rivals PREMIUM

    March 8, 2005
    Indiana QB likes the Bucks

    Bill Kurelic Recruiting Analyst *
    One of the top quarterback prospects in the state of Indiana says Ohio State is one of his favorite schools and plans to be in Columbus this summer for the Buckeyes' football camp.

    Prospect Video - Bill Nagy - Scout PREMIUM

    Prospect Video - Bill Nagy
    By Staff
    Date: Mar 8, 2005

    DT/OL Bill Nagy of Hudson (Oh.) is a player with a great chance of seeing his stock soar in the coming months. You can take a look at Nagy on the field now as we have some portions of his highlight film posted.

    <font color="#b90000">Monday, March 07, 2005</font> Recruiting News - 03/07/05

    Becker impressed with UW experience (Tommy Becker) - Rivals PREMIUM

    March 7, 2005
    Becker impressed with UW experience

    Paul Day *
    Plymouth (Minn.) Wayzata linebacker Tommy Becker made it to Wisconsin's junior day Saturday and he came away impressed with the UW experience. There are several reasons why he liked his time on campus and he has plans to make a return to Madison this spring. The 6-foot-2, 230 pound linebacker also talks about his upcoming unofficial visit schedule.

    Another Offer For OL Cody Faulkner - Scout PREMIUM

    Another Offer For OL Cody Faulkner
    By Chris Pool
    Date: Mar 7, 2005

    When you meet Cody Faulkner, you can’t help but be impressed. The 6-foot-4, 308-pounder, from Cicero (Ind.) Hamilton Heights has a great demeanor about him and he has the type of work ethic that has made him one of the hottest names in the state of Indiana thus far. Faulkner already has an offer from Wisconsin and he recently received another Big Ten scholarship offer.

    Illinois LB Receives Offer #1 (Dustin Jefferson) - Scout PREMIUM

    Illinois LB Receives Offer #1
    By Chris Pool
    Date: Mar 7, 2005

    Linebacker Dustin Jefferson out of Kankakee, (Ill.) will be a Midwest “Hot 100” prospect in 2005. Jefferson has received early interest from schools in every major D-1 conference. The 6-foot-1, 205-pounder, recently received his first scholarship offer.

    Johnson Interested In OSU - Scout PREMIUM

    Johnson Interested In OSU
    By Dave Biddle
    Date: Mar 7, 2005

    Fort Campbell (Ky.) linebacker/fullback Micah Johnson is an intriguing prospect. He moves very well for his size and already has a long list of scholarship offers from big-time programs. caught up with Johnson for the latest on his situation.

    Interest in Miamisburg DB Rising (Cody Blevins) - JJ Huddle PREMIUM

    Interest in Miamisburg DB Rising
    Miamisburg DB Cody Blevins is one of the top prospects in the Buckeye State in the Class of 2006, and he is getting a lot of interest from many of the top programs in the state.* Our own Dave Biddle caught up with head coach Tim Lewis for an update.

    Lawrence Wilson Basketball News from Sunday the 6th

    Irish zone out past problems, get by Griffins (Lawrence Wilson) - Cleveland Plain Dealer

    Irish zone out past problems, get by Griffins

    Sunday, March 06, 2005

    Tim Rogers
    Plain Dealer Reporter

    St. Vincent-St. Mary had six consecutive regional appearances, but there were some demons to chase.

    Not anymore.

    Relying on a seldom-used zone defense, the Irish avenged one of their regular-season losses and turned back the Buchtel Griffins, 69-60, in front of a standing-room-only crowd of 2,537 in the Division II district championship game at Barberton.

    It was the seventh straight district championship for the program but the hardest one to attain.

    "We have a new cast, and we had to beat a great team to do it," said SVSM coach Dru Joyce, who has been at the helm for the last three titles and will lead his team into Wednesday's semifinals against Padua in the Canton Fieldhouse.

    Once there, the Irish faithful can renew acquaintances with Padua coach Mitch Gerycz, who coached SVSM before the Irish began their championship run.

    Gerycz watched his former club frustrate the Griffins with a zone defense that was tough to penetrate. Buchtel, which defeated SVSM by five points in their final regular-season game, never was able to sustain any rhythm, but never really abandoned its game plan of trying to drive through the zone. The Griffs (22-2) might as well have tried driving through a brick wall.

    "I thought the zone made a big difference," said 6-3 junior Marcus Johnson, who led the Irish with 23 points and 15 rebounds. "We were sagging all over the place, and they had a hard time getting to the basket."

    Johnson had plenty of help on a night when the Irish needed contributions from all sources. Senior Lawrence Wilson finished with 22 points and nine rebounds. Guard Brian Glasper scored six points and had four assists, and 6-7 junior Matt Ochenshirt came off the bench to score six points and get two rebounds.

    "I just tried to play as hard as I could," said Wilson, who will attend Ohio State on a football scholarship. "They [Buchtel] could not figure out our zone, and they kept making bad decisions."

    Buchtel was led by guard Rydell Brooks, who scored 24 by making 6 of 15 field goals and 12 of 18 free throws. Dorell Knight scored 12 points and had six rebounds, and 6-2 junior Donald Garth finished with six points and nine rebounds.

    SVSM (17-6) led, 31-23, at the half, but Johnson scored six of his points and got five of his rebounds in the third quarter, and the lead grew to 13.

    Irish ready when it counts (Lawrence Wilson) - Akron Beacon Journal

    Irish ready when it counts

    Role players step up to help St. V-M beat Buchtel
    By David Lee Morgan Jr.
    Beacon Journal staff writer

    St. Vincent-St. Mary's 69-60 victory over Buchtel on Saturday night in the Division II district championship game in Barberton was all about a team coming together in the clutch.

    It was about unfamiliar names stepping to the forefront and supporting the cause.

    It was about a team not wanting to lose.

    St. V-M was that team.

    The Irish (17-6) ended the regular season on a five-game losing streak, but those losses came at the hands of some very formidable opponents such as Lima Senior, Warren Harding, Canton McKinley and Buchtel.

    Now, St. V-M is making its seventh consecutive regional appearance. And on hand to watch the victory was former St. V-M star LeBron James and his sidekick for the evening, Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade. The Heat faces the Cavaliers tonight in Cleveland.

    ``I make up our schedule so that it prepares us when it counts,'' Irish coach Dru Joyce II said. ``We had so many guys come through for us.''

    As usual, it was junior guard Marcus Johnson and senior center/forward Lawrence Wilson leading the way for St. V-M on Saturday night. Johnson scored 23 points and grabbed a game-high 15 rebounds. Wilson finished with 22 points and nine rebounds.

    Joyce was pleased with those performances. He was ecstatic with the play of junior 6-foot-7 center Matt Ochsenhirt, 6-3 sophomore guard Greg Preer and 6-5 sophomore forward Anthony Anderson.

    Those young players came of age when Joyce needed them most.

    Ochsenhirt scored six points and two of his baskets came in the fourth quarter, when the score still was close.

    ``I'd say this was the biggest game I've had mainly because I've never had the opportunity to make big shots in a game like this,'' he said. ``I'm just happy I was able to convert.''

    Preer finished with five points and three rebounds, and Anderson added three points.

    Those numbers might sound incidental, but the three players were able to make plays at crucial moments of the fourth quarter.

    ``I'm very proud of Matt and all the other young guys,'' Irish starting point guard Brian Glasper said. ``Buchtel was keying on certain guys on defense, and we had people they didn't expect to step up, step up.''

    Said Joyce: ``I'm happy for those guys. They work really hard, and they came through when we needed them.''

    The Irish led 61-50 with 2:32 remaining, but the Griffins (22-2) would not go down without a fight. Junior guard Rydell Brooks, who scored a game-high 24 points, and senior forward Dorell Knight led the Griffins' charge. They outscored St. V-M 10-2 to cut the lead to 63-60 with 1:07 left. Buchtel, however, did not score again.

    The Griffins had trouble with St. V-M's zone defense and shot 36 percent from the field.

    ``We kept forcing things, and their zone slowed us down then we got frustrated,'' Buchtel coach Steve White said. ``We got impatient, and when we got down, we panicked.

    ``But I can't take anything away from our kids. We haven't lost a game in the (City Series) in two years, and that's a great accomplishment, especially for our seniors. I'm just proud of our team, our program and our community.''
    Last edited: Mar 8, 2005
  2. jwinslow

    jwinslow A MAN OF BETRAYED JUSTICE Staff Member Tourney Pick'em Champ

    You gotta love this from Ryan Williams:
    "I definitely hate Michigan," Williams said. "I've always hated them and growing up an OSU fan in my family I was raised to hate them."

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