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Recruting Review from 2001 Busts (so far)

Discussion in 'Buckeye Football' started by jimotis4heisman, Jan 19, 2005.

  1. not all that positive intresting to see his prespective on some of these guys and there futures though

  2. PlanoBuckeye

    PlanoBuckeye Newbie

    Losing a kid because of a crime is one thing but calling a kid a bust because of nagging or a severe injury is wrong. Does anyone consider MoC a bust?
  3. jlb1705

    jlb1705 hipster doofus Bookie

    Clarett? Yes and no. He accomplished a great deal, but he threw even more away.
  4. Steve19

    Steve19 Watching. Always watching. Staff Member

    Does anyone consider "where's the money, Mommy" a bust?

    I don't remember any posts making anatomical comparisons of Clarett to a bust.

    However, I can think of many posts that have compared him to anatomical regions lower on the male and female anatomy, usually preceded by words like "gaping" or "self-interested".
  5. Sdgobucks

    Sdgobucks Pig on a wing

    Couldn't help but notice how many times Free Shoes U is on the list. Could it be the type of kids they recruit??...... Nah ... I'm sure its just a coincidence. :roll1:
  6. OSUBasketballJunkie

    OSUBasketballJunkie Never Forget 31-0

    Its to bad about Chattams, he had alot of talent and Reggie Arden....what can you say about that kid. He needs to get his act together off the field first.
  7. buckzip

    buckzip Reeking with awesomeness

    Gotta feel for Reggie Arden. Although he has created most of his problems off the field, he has been messed with on the field.

    He comes in as a LB, switches to DE, Switches to TE, then back to DE.
    That has to be tough.
  8. Yertle

    Yertle Pounding out aggression, turns into obsession

    Wouldn't MoC be considered in the class of 2002?
  9. stxbuck

    stxbuck Woody wore Sambas

    Clarett may be a punk and douchebag for all the things he has done, but I would not call him a bust. 1200 yards in 8 games for the national champions is not a bust. That said, I don't think he does jack in the NFL....
  10. Yertle

    Yertle Pounding out aggression, turns into obsession

    Again, this is an article about the class of 2001....not MoC's class of 2002.
  11. IronBuckI

    IronBuckI Calmer than you are.

    Can anyone tell me what year this article is about? :roll1:
  12. Yertle

    Yertle Pounding out aggression, turns into obsession

    2002, I think. :bicker:
  13. IronBuckI

    IronBuckI Calmer than you are.

    thanks....I keep forgetting.

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