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Discussion in '2006 Basketball Recruiting' started by OSUBasketballJunkie, May 4, 2006.

  1. OSUBasketballJunkie

    OSUBasketballJunkie Never Forget 31-0$


    Players of interest:

    #1 Greg Oden
    #13 Daequan Cook
    #28 Mike Conley
    #31 David Lighty
  2. There is no way that Daequan is not a top 10 player in the country.

    If I was ranking the top ten it would look like this:

    1. Oden - obvious

    2. Kevin Durant - another obvious one.

    3. Thadeous Young - He is a stud. I thought about putting him above Durant. If we would of landed this kid, I don't think we ever would of lost a game. :) He tore it up in both all-stars games he was in. He has a Jumper and can take you off the dribble.

    4. Spencer Hawes - He is a very solid 7 footer, has a ton of room to grow on the offensive end, and if not for Greg Oden, this kid would be getting a lot more pub.

    5. Brandon Wright - long tall lefty, with great bball body, has the potential to be great, but this ranking is based on potential, b/c he still has refining to do on his game.

    6. Paul Harris - It was a shame that he wasnt in the McD's game. I watch him in the Jordan roundball game and he was awesome. Think Ron Artest on the defensive end and he has nice offensive skills.

    7. Cook - He has showed in two all-stars games that he has the ability to score. He hasnt played at a high level during his high school games, but he hasnt really needed to. He has that lightswitch mentality, and I think it will stay on once he gets to college.

    8. Chase Budinger - he realy impressed me in the McD's game and he is a very athletic 6'7''. Great volleyball player too.

    9. Brook Lopez - one of the Lopez twins. They are both good, but Brook is the better of the two.

    10. Tyson Lawson( I was have to tempted to leave him out, he is fast as lighting, but seems to shoot and force things too much and be out of control.) I think Conley is the much better fit for a high powered team like us or NC.

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