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scUM Academics

Discussion in 'Misc Archives' started by charleswoodson2, Feb 13, 2005.

  1. You will realize quickly that this is a tOSU board...your flaming will not be tolerated

    Love 21
  2. msj2487

    msj2487 You bred raptors?

    This is a bad thing?
  3. i was just jokin around. i didnt know mr 21 would get so angry. all i have to say know is im sorry. i will stop with the friendly joking. i'm just talking like i talk with all my ohio state friends. [​IMG]
  4. osugrad21

    osugrad21 Capo Regime Staff Member

    You are free to do so, but not in this forum. This is the tightest portion of this site.

    We do not play games on the recruiting forum.

    No hard feelings, but please read the forum rules
  5. MichiganRules

    MichiganRules Banned

    Things are looking great for Michigan right now. I doubt he goes to Oklahoma or FSU if he really cares about academics.
  6. TheMile

    TheMile The Enemy

    Here are the depth charts at these schools:

    <TABLE BORDER=1><TR><TH></TH><TH COLSPAN=4>2003 Safety Recruits</TH><TH COLSPAN=3>2004 Safety Recruits</TH><TH COLSPAN=3>2005 Safety Recruits</TH><TH COLSPAN=4>Total Safety Recruits</TH></TR><TR><TD></TD><TH>Other</TH><TH>3 Star</TH><TH>4 Star</TH><TH>5 Star</TH><TH>3 Star</TH><TH>4 Star</TH><TH>5 Star</TH><TH>3 Star</TH><TH>4 Star</TH><TH>5 Star</TH><TH>Other</TH><TH>3 Star</TH><TH>4 Star</TH><TH>5 Star</TH></TR><TR><TH>Michigan</TH><TD>2</TD><TD></TD><TD></TD><TD></TD><TD>2</TD><TD></TD><TD></TD><TD></TD><TD></TD><TD></TD><TD>2</TD><TD>2</TD><TD></TD><TD></TD></TR><TR><TH>Miami</TH><TD></TD><TD></TD><TD>2</TD><TD></TD><TD>2</TD><TD></TD><TD></TD><TD></TD><TD>1</TD><TD>1</TD><TD></TD><TD>2</TD><TD>3</TD><TD>1</TD></TR><TR><TH>Oklahoma</TH><TD></TD><TD>1</TD><TD></TD><TD>2</TD><TD>1</TD><TD></TD><TD></TD><TD>2</TD><TD>2</TD><TD>1</TD><TD></TD><TD>4</TD><TD>2</TD><TD>3</TD></TR></TR><TR><TH>Florida State</TH><TD></TD><TD></TD><TD></TD><TD></TD><TD></TD><TD>2</TD><TD></TD><TD>1</TD><TD>1</TD><TD></TD><TD></TD><TD>1</TD><TD>3</TD><TD></TD></TR></TR></TABLE>

    I'm actually starting to feel optimistic about our chances with this guy if those're his leaders. Michigan is the closest school to his home, we're much better than those other 3 in academics, and our depth chart is so weak at safety Rolle would have a very strong chance of starting as a true freshman.

    Although, given the Justin King and Victor Harris debacles of last year, I shouldn't be getting my hopes up, right?
  7. MichiganRules

    MichiganRules Banned

    King was a legacy recruit and Harris decided to stay home. Rolle is a totally different situation. He is going to leave home no matter where he goes- there isn't a local big time D-1 school like Penn State or VaTech down the street. I think he is ours to loose if this kid really cares about academics and football combined. None of those other 3 schools in his top 4 even come close to us in terms of academics and football combined.
  8. CleveBucks

    CleveBucks Serenity now

    You get out of academics what you put into it. I'm sure you can go to Oklahoma (or any other university) and get a great education if you want to. Just like you can go to michigan and be a third-year undecided-major in the kinesiology school (*cough* Breaston *cough*).
  9. BIATCHabutuka

    BIATCHabutuka out of chaos comes playoffs


    also it isn't the quality of the students entering a school that is important, it is the quality of the graduates of a school. incoming SAT and ACT scores don't mean jack. if someone were to list his SATs on a resume i would never call him in and probably would pass it around the office for laughs.
  10. MichiganRules

    MichiganRules Banned

    Michigan is the #2 public university in the country and the #22 overall university according to USNews. FSU, Oklahoma, and Miami are wayyyy down the list. A Michigan degree just carries more weight than a Miami, FSU, or Oklahoma degree.
  11. OSU Rob

    OSU Rob Newbie

    I realize he takes academics seriously but I'm pretty sure that he's planning on a NFL career first- otherwise, why even bother with going anywhere else but an ivy league school to play football, or at least a top 10 place like Stanford or Duke? When FSU, Miami, Oklahoma are on the list, you're going to have to sell your football program as well instead of just harping on mishitgan's academic ranking over and over.
  12. MichiganRules

    MichiganRules Banned

    LOL. Michigan is on the same level as FSU, Miami, or Oklahoma right now. They've actually been doing better than Miami and FSU in the last two years. Only chOkelahoma has done better on the field. Also take a look at the depth charts and recruiting classes. Miami and Oklahoma both brought in more than two safeties and have young safeties starting right now. Michigan lost Shazor to early entry, brought in ZERO safeties in the '05 class, and is very thin at the position. Ontop of all of this Michigan is the closest of his top 4 to his hometown and Rolle's good friend Jeff Zuttah went to Michigan. They have the academic angle, playing time & depth chart angle, and location angle.
  13. JohnnyCockfight

    JohnnyCockfight Beer is God's proof that he loves us.

    Nothin like US News to be given credit for its self-annointed expertise on "ranking" colleges. Even by its standards, it's an aberration that UVA is low enough to be ranked tied with Michigan. And Cal (#1 pub this year) is a great school...if you consider complaining about humanity generally to be the end-goal of secondary education.

    Here's what I can tell you from having graduated from Ohio State in the honors program, and a top national law school where the majority are from Harvards, Stanfords and the like. Ohio State's honors program is every bit as good of an education as any school in the nation. On top of that, Ohio State gives its students a better dose of the real world--the students are diverse and represent something other than trust fund babies and pencil-pushing tools on scholarship. And you get $1,000 a quarter in Ohio State's honors program (or at least you used to).

    I don't count Ohio State out of the Myron Rolle sweepstakes yet. We've got a weapon that Michigan can't compete with: Darrell Hazell. Once we unleash Coach Hazell, I give us a fighting chance. We have a better city, better coaches, and the educational opportunities are there if the student is willing to seek them out. Oh, and who would rather play in the Big Ugly instead of Ohio Stadium? Not me!!
  14. brentbuckeye

    brentbuckeye The Smoothsailer

    I don't want to hear about how great UofM is please....this is making me sick.
    I hope Rolle goes to UVA or some place better than that school up north. The last thing I want here is about there academics. Ask Larry Harrison what UofM schooling taught him to do!

    The coaches should get involved recruiting this kid hard just so that he doesn't go to that big pile of scUM
  15. OSU Rob

    OSU Rob Newbie

    and another point- education is ultimately what you make of it. myron is going to have the opportunities to do what he wants basically wherever he goes, and its up to him to make the most of them. people get way too carried away with 'rankings' and forget that academic achievement is ultimately predicated on the individual, not the school he/she attended. i've met quite a few not so bright people from harvard and extremely intelligent people from 'average ranked' colleges, so in terms of academics, rolle himself will determine his success in that area. i personally attend a top 5 ranked school per usnews but know many people at osu and other schools that are lower ranked that are going to be just as successful as me, if not more, so people (esp. these scUMmers) need to chill out with their academic crap.

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