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LGHL Son of former NFL star has Ohio State in his top ten

Discussion in 'News' started by Dan Hessler, Apr 12, 2016.

  1. Dan Hessler

    Dan Hessler Guest

    Son of former NFL star has Ohio State in his top ten
    Dan Hessler
    via our friends at Land-Grant Holy Land
    Visit their fantastic blog and read the full article (and so much more) here

    Ohio State lands in an elite DB's top ten, while Baylor's four-star QB commit sets visit to Columbus.

    Asante Samuel Jr., son of former NFL defensive back, is a hot name in the 2018 recruiting class. The association with his father's success alone, would be enough to grab the attention of most college coaches and recruiting analysts. However, Samuel has also been able to step out from behind his father's shadow and make a name for himself.

    It is early in the recruiting process for those in the '18 class; the kids in this class are just that, kids. With only two years of high school football behind them, it is tough to accurately predict the path these student athletes will take. Samuel has on numerous occasions, flashed play making ability, causing many college football coaches to take notice.

    Already seen as a four-star recruit, Samuel hold offers from many elite college football programs across the country. Schools like Ohio State, Alabama, Florida State, Michigan, Clemson, Oklahoma and Miami have already offered him a scholarship. Look for many more to be added to that list in the next couple years.

    There is still plenty of time left in Samuel's recruitment. Currently, The Canes are the favorite to land Samuel's services, with all of 247Sports crystal ball predictions favoring Miami. The St. Thomas Aquinas star, released his top ten yesterday, with Ohio State making the first cut.


    — Asante Samuel Ⓜ️ (@godschild3_) April 11, 2016

    Samuel's high school has produced multiple highly talented recruits for the Buckeyes throughout Meyer's time in Columbus, most notably former Buckeye DE Joey Bosa and his younger brother and teammate of Samuel, Nick Bosa. If the coaching staff continues to pursue Samuel's talents, look for the team to try and set up multiple visit to Ohio State in the next couple years.

    Baylor 4-star QB commit set to visit Buckeye's spring game

    Speaking of visits, Ohio State will be hosting a four-star QB at their spring game this weekend. Kellen Mond, the fifth best dual-threat QB of the 2017 recruiting class, committed to Baylor 10 months ago. Despite his commitment, Mond has still been visiting other schools.

    The spring game has traditionally produced a great atmosphere for recruits. Urban Meyer has said he would like to see 100 thousand fans attend the event this year. Their are few environments comparable to this for recruits, as Ohio State typically has one of the most-attended spring games in the country. Meyer and the Buckeyes will have a chance to make a big impression on Mond.

    Mond is the second QB to visit the Buckeyes this year while being committed to another School. Five-star QB and Texas A&M commit, Tate Martell, visited the Buckeyes just last month. While it wouldn't be the first time Meyer has poached a recruit from a different university, it would take a lot of work for Meyer to earn a recruitment from either of these QBs.

    While a commitment from at least one of these two recruits would be a great addition, Ohio State already holds a commitment from four-star QB Danny Clark in the 2017 class.

    Ohio State offers 3-star PG

    The Ohio State basketball program watched four of their five freshmen leave this season to other schools. What was once a nationally acclaimed class, has now dwindled down to one final remaining member: JaQuan Lyle.

    This suddenly left the coaching staff with multiple open scholarship offers.

    Late last night, three-star PG, D'Mitrik Trice announced that he received an offer from Thad Matta and the Buckeyes. Trice is originally from the state of Ohio, but recently transferred to IMG Acadamy. The Buckeyes already have one player on the team from the Florida prep school in Lyle – who also happens to be the only returning freshman.

    Blessed to receive another B1G offer from The University of Ohio State!

    — D'Mitrik Trice (@DMitrikTrice22) April 12, 2016

    The Buckeyes also recently offered another Ohio recruit in Westerville South three-star SF, Andre Wesson. Wesson's younger brother Kaleb Wesson is also committed to the Buckeyes for 2018.

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