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Sweet Sixteen.

Discussion in 'Buckeye Basketball' started by crazybuckfan40, Mar 21, 2005.

  1. The Matchups:

    Illinois vs. Wisc.-Milk.
    Pick: Illinois

    -This game could be closer than we think. Illinois should be able to run these guys, but they have heart and can really ball I look for a 5 point win. The home crowd will really help Ill.

    Zona Vs. Okie St.
    Pick: Zona

    -This will be a really tight game start to finish. I think both of these teams are very athletic and will get up and down. It should be a good game to watch. I just think Zona has too much size and Okie St. has added pressure b/c they made the final 4 last year. Zona by 4.

    Wash. vs. Louisville
    Pick: Wash.

    - Man I can't wait for this game. This is the game I have been looking forward to all tournament besides Unc vs. Illinois/Wash. This game could possibly have both teams scoring over 100 pts. It will be a great game and if you love points you will love this game. neither team has great size, and both have great guards. Both have chips on their shoulders, b/c Washington is trying to prove they belong as a #1 and Louisville is trying to prove they should of got a 2 or 3 seed. I think it comes down to who is shooting better and I think Washington has more options to go to.

    TT. vs. WVU
    Pick: TT

    -knight has his guys playing well. this will be a very boring game.

    UNC vs. Nova
    Pick: Nova?

    - I know I know. It all depends on if sumpter can play at 100%. If he can Nova will win in a nailbiter. I just think that Roy WIlliams can't win big games and even know he has the best team I think Nova can hang with them and beat them.

    NC. st. vs. Wisky
    Pick: Wisky

    -We all know what Wisky does to you and I don't think that NC st. will be able to play this style of bball and win.

    Duke vs. MSU
    Pick: MSU

    -I really don't like MSU, but I think that they can take out Duke if they hit their foul shots. They would have beat them earlier in the season if they would have made their throws. MSU is playing great ball at the right time and IZZo is a hell of a coach. (GO BIGTEN.)

    Utah vs. Kentucky
    Pick: Kentucky

    -I have been on the Utah bandwagon all year. They have won me money all season and I really love to watch Bogut play, but I can't go against my boys. My second favorite team behind tOSU. I think they are just to quick for Utah and unlike Okie they will make some shots and Morris can contain Bogut hopefully. Uk by 5.
  2. BuckWrestler141

    BuckWrestler141 Senior '18 Bowl Mania Champ

    Illinois by 20 but as far as homecourt Wisc. Mil. is actually much closer.
  3. Illinois didnt even beat farleigh dickinson by 20 let alone a team that beat Alabama and BC.
  4. jlb1705

    jlb1705 hipster doofus Bookie

    Illinois vs. UW-M.
    Pick: Illinois

    Arizona Vs. Okla St.
    Pick: Okla. St.

    Washington vs. Loserville Tardinals
    Pick: Loserville. My heart says Washington, but my brain knows that FEBUK is at the helm in Loserville, and as long as the Tards are cannin' threes, they'll get pretty far.

    Texas Tech. vs. WVU
    Pick: Texas Tech

    UNC Tarholes vs. Villanova
    Pick: UNC Tarholes. This team's playing the best ball of anyone right now, so they'll make it to St. Louis. Roy Williams is coaching them though, so they won't be leaving with any hardware.

    NCSU vs. Wisky
    Pick: NCSU

    Dook vs. MSU
    Pick: Dook. I wish they'd both lose, but that's impossible. I'll be rooting for MSU - the lesser of two evils - which means Dook will probably win.

    Utah vs. Kentucky
    Pick: Kentucky. Utah will make it interesting, but will fall to UK in the tourney - LIKE THEY ALWAYS DO. Unfortunately for them, Rick Majerus won't be around to crack wise about it after the game like he used to be.

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