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tBBC The Best Sports Apps Of The Year So Far

Discussion in 'News' started by The Buckeye Battle Cry, Aug 3, 2016.

  1. The Best Sports Apps Of The Year So Far
    The Buckeye Battle Cry
    via our good friends at Buckeye Battle Cry
    Visit their fantastic blog and read the full article (and so much more) here

    Sports such as soccer, basketball, football, cricket, ruby, tennis, athletics, and baseball attract legions of fans across the world. However, modern sports fans want to do more than simply watch live sporting events. They also want to track key game metrics, evaluate the best betting apps, follow news on their favorite team/player, and monitor team/player performance throughout a season. Luckily, the following mobile sports apps would allow you to do that and much more.


    Formerly known as SportCenter, the ESPN app supports devices that run Android and iOS operating systems. What’s more, it is free. Unlike apps that focus on specific sports disciplines, the ESPN app gives users access to the latest sporting news and events that are happening globally. Users can create customized lists of the teams, players, or leagues that they would like to follow. Cable subscribers can also live-stream games via WatchESPN, as well as watch a wide range of on-demand video content.


    This app provides users with up-to-the-second game/sporting events updates and statistics, as well as the latest/breaking news related to diverse sports disciplines including tennis, basketball, cricket, and athletics. The app also has an event calendar making it easy for users to check upcoming matches or sporting events. Users can also follow teams or individual players and receive notifications when news related to them are released/published.

    Team Stream

    Team Stream is a sports app from Bleacher Report that gives users information or news relevant to their favorite teams/players. Information delivered to users includes videos, breaking news, scores, blog posts, and team/player stats. This approach is different from the one-size-fits-all approach favored by other sports apps because you only get content that suits your needs.


    Unlike the other apps reviewed in this article, StubHub excels in enabling users to purchase tickets to games/sports events. In addition,users can sell tickets they may no longer need via the app, thereby earning money. You can even use StubHub to check game schedules and seat layouts at stadiums.As such, StubHub is a must-have-app for sports fans who love attending sports events.

    NBA 2015-2016

    The NBA 2015-2016 app provides users with tons of team and player information. This includes live scores, team rosters, recap videos, player/team stats, winning/losing streaks, and game schedules. Users can also customize notifications to ensure they only receive alerts related to their favorite team/player. What’s more, you can subscribe to the NBA’s League Pass and stream live games or watch on-demand content.

    NCAA Sports

    The NCAA Sports app is for fans of collegiate sports. This apps allows users to check game schedules, stream live video coverage, review the latest scores, and check season standings. Moreover, users can customize notifications and follow specific teams/learning institutions. This app is free and it supports both Android and iOS devices.


    The best sports apps of the year so far include StubHub, NCAA Sports, ESPN, Team Stream, theScore, and NBA 2015-2016. These apps enable users to check information such as live scores, news related to transfers, stream live games, check season standings, and recap interesting game occurrences.

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