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The BP Recruiting Team's Wishlist - Vol. 2

Discussion in 'Content' started by osugrad21, Aug 16, 2005.

  1. osugrad21

    osugrad21 Capo Regime Staff Member

    The BP Recruiting Team Wishlist - Volume 2

    Time for an update to the BP Wishlist as there has been a steady flow of new offers, new recruits, and new information since our last update. Once again, here is the breakdown we are using:

    Quarterback: Antonio Henton and no others for this year
    Running Back: Chris Wells and no others for this year
    Fullback: 1
    Wide Receiver: Josh Chichester and 1 more
    Tight End: Jake Ballard and 1 more
    Offensive Line: Connor Smith and 3 more
    Defensive Tackle: 1
    Defensive End: 1
    Linebacker: Ross Homan and 2 more (1 inside and 1 outside)
    Cornerback: Kurt Coleman and 1 more
    Safety: 2
    Athlete: 1
    Kicker/Punter: 0

    Upon reviewing this breakdown, each of the contributors made their selections. Where there are duplicates, we only provided one explanation for why we want that particular recruit. Please click on a recruit's name to be taken to their individual thread. And without further ado...


    Ohio State currently has redshirt juniors Troy Smith and Justin Zwick, followed by grayshirt true freshman Todd Boeckman and incoming freshman Rob Schoenhoft. Provided that Schoenhoft is the heir apparent to the clipboard once Boeckman takes over when Smith and Zwick are gone, we see the staff taking one quarterback in this year's class. One QB who camped at Ohio State this summer impressed the coaches enough to warrant an offer. That QB was Antonio Henton.

    :osu: Antonio Henton :osu:


    In February, the Bucks started off the 2006 class with a bang, picking up a verbal commitment from Akron Garfield's Chris "Beanie" Wells, one of the premier running back prospects in the entire country. With Wells already in the fold, we do not believe that the staff will sign any other running backs this year.

    :osu: Chris Wells :osu:


    OSU currently features Brandon Schnittker, entering his redshirt senior season, and true sophomore Dionte Johnson as it's two primary blocking backs. These two figure to see 99% of the time at fullback this year. Despite a host of walkons listed as fullbacks (Steve Fender, Matt Daniels, etc.), we see the coaches trying to get at least one pure fullback prospect in this class.

    FKA877, jwinslow: Despite the fact some schools are recruiting him as a DT, many schools are recruiting Micah Johnson as a running back. We would love to see him come in and be the guy behind Dionte Johnson and eventually be a kind of featured fullback, much like Brandon Joe was late in his career. Johnson has a huge frame but is surprisingly quick for his size and seems to thrive in contact situations.

    wadc45, LJB: It's easy to say you want a kid when he is rated #1 in the nation at his position. But the Buckeyes stand a decent chance of enlisting the services of the country's top fullback, Brandon Minor. Brandon has offers from the likes of Florida, Miami, Ohio State, Michigan, Georgia and Penn State. And at 6'0" 215 lbs. and running a 4.7 40, it's easy to see why. The Buckeyes hope to stay in the mix with Minor until the very end.

    bucknuts44820: While we wait to see what a recent Columbus City League duo (Erik Haw and Dionte Johnson) produces in the S&G, another City League standout is making a push towards earning an OSU offer. At 5' 11" and 200+ lbs. with 4.5 speed, Jacob Ramsey is coming off an injury plagued junior year. If he can prove to the staff that he is 100%, he may be the fullback that we see OSU taking in this class. With the exception of Rob Rose, there may not be another recruit who passes the look test as quickly as Ramsey.

    osugrad21: Fullback has provided the biggest disparity in opinions amongst the group and we have yet another addition; North Carolina's Devven Sutton. Devven is more in the mold of a blocking FB, checking in at around 240 lbs. But he still has 4.6 speed and is also a heck of an inside linebacker. His only offer is from Virginia Tech so far, but OSU has been in constant contact and he lists the Hokies and Buckeyes as his two favorites. OSU's fullback offer may come down to either Sutton or Ramsey (depending on what Minor does).


    Ohio State's current two deep features redshirt junior Santonio Holmes, true sophomore Tedd Ginn, Jr., redshirt sophomore Tony Gonzalez, and redshirt freshman Albert Dukes. Also expected to contribute this year are redshirt junior Roy Hall, true sophomore Devon Lyons, and redshirt sophomore Devin Jordan. On July 1st, Josh Chichester became the sixth verbal for Coach Tressel and will likely begin his career at OSU as a wide receiver. Based on the talent flow and the recruits OSU has brought in consistently over the last few years, we see them picking up one more wide receiver in this class.

    :osu: Josh Chichester :osu:

    wadc45, bucknuts44820, jwinslow, osugrad21: The first guy that we would like to see the staff take a serious run at is David Ausberry. He is everything you are looking for in a receiver these days...height, speed, toughness, jumping, great hands, etc. At 6' 4", David provides you with an immediate mismatch against most DBs. Despite early rumors of a silent verbal to USC, we would like to see the staff go hard after David, who was actually born in Ohio and rooted for the Buckeyes as a child.

    FKA877: Many people have been hearing about Wesley Lyonsfor some time now, which makes sense considering he is the younger brother of current Buckeye Devon Lyons. Wesley's college choice will probably come down to Miami (FL) or OSU, and either team would be lucky to land this 6' 5" 200 lb. receiver. With 4.6 speed and a 3.1 GPA, Wesley is a heady player with better routes than most prospects at his age. Time will tell if he will end up in Columbus or Coral Gables.


    In the past two classes, Ohio State has signed a grand total of one tight end. With the impending graduation of senior starter Ryan Hamby, the permanent expulsion of Louis Irizarry, and only two inexperienced kids (sophmores Rory Nicol and Marcel Frost) waiting in the wings, the Buckeyes need to reload at this position. We see OSU taking 2 TE's this year. They got one of those TE's in Springboro's Jacob Ballard. He will likely begin his career at OSU as a TE but may add weight and slide down to tackle.

    :osu: Jake Ballard:osu:

    wadc45, bucknuts44820, FKA877, jwinslow, LJB: Under normal circumstances, Ohio State would have little chance to sign a super blue chip prospect from the west coast. However, Konrad Reuland just might be the exception to the rule. Reuland's situation is very similar to that of 2005 DE signee Ryan Williams: both kids were born in Ohio and raised as Buckeye fans, but wound up in Mission Viejo, California, where they anchored last season's state championship team. Maybe Konrad will follow Ryan back to central Ohio, where he can help lead the Buckeyes to a national championship.

    LJB, osugrad21: Despite the fact that Brookhaven has seemed to be a pipeline to Minnesota lately, we fully expect the OSU staff to eventually target Jeff Cumberland. At the recent Akron combine, Cumberland ran a pair of 4.57s after running a 4.59 at the Los Angeles Nike Training Camp. Add to that a 32" vertical leap, and you have the kind of TE many Buckeye fans were hoping for when OSU landed Louis Irizarry. This is a recruit we all like A LOT. Jeff recently added an offer from the Michigan State Spartans.


    In 2005, the Bucks wanted three o-linemen, but a late de-commit left them a man short. This year, Ohio is deep with OL talent, and the Buckeyes may have gotten the best of the bunch on July 31st when Connor Smith commited to the Buckeyes. We see the staff making up for lost ground in 2006 by signing 3 more o-linemen in this class. The situation with John Kerr could leave this number moving up or down.

    :osu: Connor Smith:osu:

    wadc45, bucknuts44820, FKA877, LJB, jwinslow, osugrad21: Cincinnati Princeton's Aaron Brown is generally regarded as one of the best OL prospects in the entire country. Aaron is a physical specimen who checks in at 6' 6", 270 pounds, with long arms and a great frame. Because he has excellent quickness and footwork, Aaron projects as a left tackle, which makes him even more coveted by college coaches around the nation. A great player now with huge upside.

    wadc45, FKA877, jwinslow, LJB: Of all the offensive linemen who are still considering the Bucks, J.B. Walton of Indian Head (MD) might be the quickest and most athletic, and he's got a mean streak to boot. J.B. displays excellent footwork, and he is the rare high school lineman who can pull with skill. At 6' 3", 270 pounds, Walton projects as guard in college, but could also end up on the defensive side of the ball.

    wadc45, FKA877, bucknuts44820, osugrad21: One of the most versatile big men in the state of Ohio is Hudson's Bill Nagy. Fitting the mold of a Tressel-type recruit (6' 5" 295 lbs. 5.0 40), Nagy can play several positons along both the offensive and defensive line. This may in fact be his ticket to earning an offer from Ohio State. Nagy boasts offers from such schools as Syracuse, Wisconsin, Maryland and Louisville. The Buckeyes could be one of the next to send an offer his way.

    bucknuts44820, osugrad21: Canton Glen Oak's Ryan Palmer is a massive young man with an excellent wingspan. At 6' 7", Palmer plays guard for Glen Oak but is projecting as a tackle at the next level. Ryan feels that his quick feet are his biggest asset, but many coaches are noting that Ryan's frame will be able to easily hold another thirty pounds. In other words, Ryan Palmer is a work in progress and we are hoping that work is completed in Columbus.

    jwinslow: Obviously the Glenville pipeline is sure to provide the Buckeyes with a few more quality players this recruiting season. Another one of those to come down the line could be Bryant Browning. Physically dominant at 6' 4" 339 lbs., Bryant is probably the OL we would all like to see in this class, even if he is not at the top of our "wishlist". If he can keep his weight in the neighborhood of where it is now and put together a solid senior season, Bryant may be the next Tarblooder to head South on I-71.


    Because the Buckeyes have plenty of talented underclassmen at defensive end (Richardson, Penton, Patterson, Gholston, and Barrow), the staff can be somewhat selective for the class of 2006. We see OSU taking one DE this year, but only if he is a very special player.

    FKA877, osugrad21: If the BP Recruiting Team can all agree on a player, then he must be special indeed. What we can't agree on is what position he will come in at. Glenville's Robert Rose is a "freak" athlete who is built like a lineman (6' 5", 240 lbs) but runs like a wide out (4.60 forty). With his speed, we like Robert as a rush end, but he might also be able to bulk up enough to play the strongside, or even a bit of defensive tackle. Either way, get him in S&G!

    wadc45, bucknuts44820, LJB: If there is one things that Florida churns out, it is speed, regardless of position. Bartow High School's latest offering is defensive end Steven Wesley. Measuring around 6' 2" and running in the sub 4.8 range, Steven has a chance to be a terror in the Horseshoe. He also has offers from Florida, Alabama, LSU, Ole Miss, Maryland and Wake Forrest, and while those would usually mean slim odds for OSU being the lone northern school in consideration to have offered, Steven quickly set-up a visit to Columbus for the Texas game and seems to be genuinely interested in the Buckeyes. Time will tell if he migrates North.

    jwinslow: It appears as though Ohio State and Nebraska will go head to head for a couple of recruits this year, most notably A.J. Wallace. Another such recruit is Sarasota's Walter Dublin. Standing 6' 3" and 235 lbs. with sub-4.6 speed and a 345 lb. bench max, Walter is your prototypical bull rush defensive end. Combine that with the quickness to come off the edge and you can see why OSU has offered this highly touted DE. Coaches from Nebraska, Clemson, Iowa, Minnesota, Kentucky and West Virginia seem to agree as they have all offered Walter as well.


    After taking only one true DT prospect in 2005, we see OSU taking 2 DTs this year to begin to rebuild the depth that we have become accustomed too. With veterans like David Patterson, Marcus Green and Quinn Pitcock and youngsters like Brandon Maupin, Todd Denlinger, Sian Cotton and Nader Abdallah, OSU has a chance to take one top ranked DT in this class.

    wadc45, bucknuts44820; jwinslow, LJB: Further proving that Robert Rose is a "freak athlete", some of us would like to see OSU take him as a defensive tackle. With a frame that is already carrying 240 lbs., Rob could easily add another 20-25 lbs. and slide down to play DT. This just goes to show how much we would like to see Rob in the S&G...we'll take him any way we can get him.

    FKA877, osugrad21: Sometimes it's those "under-the-radar" kids who make some of the biggest impressions...ala A.J. Hawk or Will Allen. One such recruit in the state of Ohio is Xenia's Martin Channels. Labeled by Ben Person as "unblockable" when he was just a sophmore, Channels is a handful at 6' 1" 300 lbs. Carrying a 3.4 GPA, Martin is certainly a student of the game, and while the Buckeyes have yet to offer, just about every other school in the state has.


    Linebacker depth after this year is an obvious concern, with the departures of A.J. Hawk, Bobby Carpenter, Anthony Schlegel and possibly Mike D'Andrea. Marcus Freeman, Chad Hoobler, Brandon Smith and Curtis Terry are some of the guys that look to continue OSU's tradition of great LBs, but the staff is obviously going to need to restock the stables this year. We see OSU taking Homan and two more LBs; one inside and one outside.

    :osu: Ross Homan:osu:

    wadc45, LJB, osugrad21, bucknuts44820, FKA877, jwinslow: Even though Thaddeus Gibson's legendary 4.38 40-Yard Dash has been dismissed by the young man, his speed on the football field is undeniable. Gibson is a true sideline-to-sideline monster who seeks and destroys anyone with the football. He describes himself as unblockable...after watching his films, we all agree with him. His college choice is rumored to come down to Iowa and Ohio State, with the home school having the obvious edge.

    wadc45, FKA877, LJB, osugrad21, bucknuts44820: Maryland has churned out several top linebackers in the last few years, and this year is no exception. Navorro Bowmanmay be one of the most gifted yet and he seems to think very highly of the Buckeyes. With an offer sheet that includes OSU, UNC, PSU, Tennessee, Florida and Virginia Tech, Navorro will be a hot commodity this recruiting season. And at 6' 0"+ and nearly 220 lbs. with great athleticism, it's easy to see why.

    jwinslow: Versatility is the name of the game when it comes to Coach Tressel's recruiting strategy, which is why we see another name pop up at two different positions. Cincinnati Colerain's Tyler Moeller could end up at either OLB or safety. For the purposes of this exercise, Tyler's 200 lbs. and 4.52 speed earn him a spot at linebacker. Regardless of where he ends up, Tyler has a chance to be a special player at the next level. He proved that during last year's state title game.


    One thing OSU has been able to do over the year is put some cornerbacks into the NFL. With Ashton Youboty and Tyler Everett manning the two CB spots this year, that trend looks to continue. Kurt Coleman was another camp commit and we see OSU taking at least one more CB in this year's class.

    :osu: Kurt Coleman:osu:

    wadc45, bucknuts44820, jwinslow, LJB, osugrad21: Getting kids here early for unofficial visits is always nice. McDonough (MD) High School's A.J. Wallace was one such recruit who took the opportunity to visit Columbus on the same weekend as the Oho North/South All-Star Game and he seemed to instantly bond with the likes of TGII, Jamrio and Freddie Lenix. Word is that OSU is in the driver's seat for A.J. with Nebraska providing the biggest competition. Wallace is rated as Rivals #3 CB in the country and could be a special, lockdown, cover corner in college.

    FKA877: Besides being one of our top cornerback prospects, Asher Allen (Tucker, Georgia) could probably make our list at running back, wide receiver, or even free safety. Asher is a true lockdown corner who hits like a linebacker, and for those reasons he reminds us of former Buckeye All-American Antoine Winfield. Besides excelling on the gridiron, Allen also carries a 3.85 GPA in the classroom.


    The Buckeyes currently have four safeties who could start on almost any team in the country (Nate Salley, Donte Whitner, Tyler Everett, and Brandon Mitchell), and a half dozen unproven youngsters who have plenty of talent. Despite the surplus already on the roster, we know that JT simply loves safeties, so we anticipate that OSU will take two safeties this year.

    wadc45, bucknuts44820, FKA877, osugrad21: Tyler Moeller was not the first player to be offered in the state of Ohio, but that does not mean the staff covets him any less. And while Iowa was out in front at one point, the recent offer from the Buckeyes combined with the commitment of his high school teammate Connor Smith, leaves OSU is a favorable position. Tyler could end up at either safety or linebacker in college. Either way, he is a pure playmaker.

    jwinslow: Another player from the speed state of Florida that is making a lot of noise this summer is Sandalwood's Jamar Hornsby. High school teammates with current Buckeye Maurice Wells, Jamar has offers form every top program in the country. Some of those offers are as a wide receiver, others are as a safety. We like him as the second safety to round out this class, provided Mo Wells can get him to make an official visit to Columbus this season.

    wadc45: Later offers are usually met with greater specualtion from the general public. But the response here at BP to OSU's most recent offer combined with all of us watching his film have us applauding the staff for offering Clearwater's (FL) Colin McCarthy. A rangy athlete who, like Moeller, could end up at either safety or linebacker (or even tight end), Colin is extremely impressive on film. Getting him out of Florida will be tough, but OSU has at least thrown their name in the hat.

    FKA877, LJB: Some people (LJB included) may say that Akeem Hebron is the number one overall prospect, but Georgia's Marcus Ball is number 1-B. Although he plays linebacker in high school (136 tackles, 14 TFL's, 8 sacks last season), with his 4.4-speed and ability to roam the field, Marcus probably projects as a safety in college; some teams are also considering Marcus for running back, where he exhibits a fine combination of speed, shiftiness, and power. Either way, sign him up - he'll find the field sooner rather than later.

    bucknuts44820, jwinslow, osugrad21: Ohio State has been in contact with several prospects that are in the 6' 0" 200 lb. range. California's Grant Schwartz may be the best of the bunch. A savy quarterback who prefers defense, Grant is being recruited by OSU as a playmaking safety. Blessed with great football instincts (thanks Dad!) and armed with an impressive video from his junior year, we don't think it will be long before several major programs offer Grant. We also hope OSU is the first. Grant's father was a letterman (1976-79) at OSU under Coach Hayes.


    In recruiting terms, an "athlete" is a player who is equally outstanding in two or more positions. While many of the players listed above could also qualify as "athletes", the players in this category have an equal chance of playing on either side of the ball. We see OSU taking one "athlete" this year.

    wadc45, osugrad21, LJB, bucknuts44820, FKA877, jwinslow: Raymond Small plays running back, wide receiver, and defensive back for Cleveland Glenville, and he could probably play any of those positions at the college level, too. The Team couldn't decide where Raymond fit in best, so we decided to list him as an "athlete". Raymond should be the next great Tarblooder, following in the footsteps of Troy Smith, Donte Whitner, Teddy Ginn, Jamario O'Neal, and many others. USC, Iowa and UNC may provide the only competition for Raymond's services.


    jwinslow, LJB: Cornerback Chris Duvalt (Lakeland, Florida) is not only a tremendous athlete (4.38 forty, 38" vertical), but also a solid cover man with great reactions (7 interceptions in 2004). However, Chris really excels when he gets his hands on the ball (either after a pick or returning punts), which gives him the chance to display his excellent speed, quickness, and maneuverability. Duvalt's stock is rising, and Ohio State is developing interest. Another Chris Gamble...?

    wadc45, LJB: There isn't a whole lot the BP Recruiting Team likes seeing more than a legacy getting an offer from OSU. As mentioned above, Dana Point's (CA) Grant Schwartz is one such legacy. Listed as a dual-threat quarterback, Grant is also a fine safety prospect. Measuring 6' 0" 200 lbs. and running in the 4.5 range, Grant is another playmaking athlete that may be in line for an offer from the Buckeyes.

    osugrad21: Robert Williams has been described by a number of coaches as the best natural cornerback in Ohio. This type of natural ball-skill is hard to pass up...especially for a program thin in natural corners. This is a recruit to keep your eye on this fall...if Robert can stabilize his grades, expect his offer list to explode.

    FKA877, jwinslow: Jovani Chappel is this year's Brandon Harrison...he is a big-time player, but is just a few inches shorter than the OSU staff would prefer. However, unlike Harrison, Jovani has stated that he is coming to OSU's camp and he is going to earn an offer. That type of attitude, when combined with Jovani's cover ability and hard-hitting nature, could make him an exception to the preference for taller corners.

    FKA877: Bob Gulley is my pick for the AJ Hawk of 2006. Ohio has an outstanding set of linemen this year, both offensive and defensive, and I think Gulley is a late bloomer that has so far been overlooked. He is 6'5", 275, with a frame that can easily take on another 50 pounds. With his excellent footwork and 3.2 GPA, I think he is a "sleeper" in every sense of the word, and will surprise a lot of people in a couple of years, a la AJ Hawk in his class of D'Andrea and Carpenter.

    wadc45: With one running back on board (and a blue chip at that), most people think it will be tough to land another back in this class should the staff decide to really restock the stables. One back they would probably not have to work too hard to convince to head to Columbus if they offered is Cleveland Benedictine's Jahmal Brown. Blessed with 4.5 speed in a 190 lb. frame, Jahmal will look to establish himself as one of the top backs in the Midwest this season and hopefully earn that OSU offer he desires.

    Contributors: LordJeffBuck, FKAGobucks877, bucknuts44820, BuckeyefromScum, osugrad21 and wadc45

  2. OilerBuck

    OilerBuck Sweet Crude

    Wow...I'm speechless. Great job guys!
  3. Fantastic read with a very clean professional look. The BP Recruiting Team out did themselves. You all ROCK!!!
  4. Deety

    Deety Ain't nothin' gonna breaka my stride Staff Member

    Top-notch. Thanks! :)
  5. Honor&Glory

    Honor&Glory Paper,Rock, Scissors, Lizard, Spock!

    Excellent read!
  6. stowfan

    stowfan Senior

    Greeat Job. Don't shootme for being too lazy to search but what happened to Curt Lukens (SP?)? Tall kid with track speed from North Canton was going to be the answer at safty or OLB.
  7. I think the part about the dbs needs to be changed where is says EJ Underwood will man one of them this year.
  8. wadc45

    wadc45 Bourbon, Bow Ties and Baseball Hats Staff Member BP Recruiting Team

    stowfan - we weren't sure at the time what position he would be playing this year
    cbfan40 - we will certainly update that...thanks for pointing that out, we originally prefaced it with the word "hopefully" but obviously he has left the school so i will update it with tyler everett
  9. LitlBuck

    LitlBuck Bring Back Ohio State Football Now!

    Very nice! Thanks once again for all your hard work.

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