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The "Fall" Of Communism In Cuba

Discussion in 'Open Discussion (Work-safe)' started by WoodyWorshiper, Oct 22, 2004.

  1. WoodyWorshiper

    WoodyWorshiper THINK, Before You Speak Former College Pick'Em Champ

    Did any of you out there catch the footage of Fidel Castro doing his Chevy Chase immitation the other night, falling flat on his face after giving a speech? Castro supposedly broke his right kneecap and his upper left arm. I know that sorry old bastard is about 120 years old and all, but I have to admit I damn near pissed my pants when I saw this.
  2. DaytonBuck

    DaytonBuck I've always liked them

    that was hilarious :slappy:, straight out of chase/chris farley sketch
  3. Bucklion

    Bucklion Throwback Staff Member Former Premier League Champ

    Dude was around when the Dead Sea was still sick. He doesn't have bones, he has petrified rock, so I am imagining that he wasn't hurt too bad.

    Still, even Gerald Ford was laughing his ass off.
  4. NJ-Buckeye

    NJ-Buckeye They Hate Us cuz They Ain't Us.. Banners are good Staff Member

    only thing better would have been if he had a cigar in his mouth
  5. Bucklion

    Bucklion Throwback Staff Member Former Premier League Champ

    Yeah, THAT cigar in his mouth especially.
  6. matz2

    matz2 Sheeeeeeeeeeeit!

    I think the CIA greased the steps! :banger:
  7. Saw31

    Saw31 High Seas Rogue


    Dios Mio!!!
    Last edited: Oct 24, 2004
  8. LloydSev

    LloydSev DreamWeaver

  9. ScriptOhio

    ScriptOhio Everybody is somebody else's weirdo.

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