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tBBC The False Prophecy Of Jimbo

Discussion in 'News' started by jcollingsworth, Apr 18, 2016.

  1. The False Prophecy Of Jimbo
    via our good friends at Buckeye Battle Cry
    Visit their fantastic blog and read the full article (and so much more) here

    10-3 in the first year at TTUN. 39-24 college record overall – which includes Stanford and the University of San Diego. Signed as the 2nd highest paid college coach in all of the NCAA at $7,000,400 per year; that comes to $700,040 per victory.

    I speak of Jim Harbaugh – TTUN’s Head Coach.

    Yep! The very same that donned sweatpants and slept over at a recruits home – while on another occasion climbed a tree to impress yet another recruit.

    Yes we are speaking of the same Jim Harbaugh who angrily got into a twitter snip with OSU Athletic Director Gene Smith by tossing out the tattoo fiasco. But when Ezekiel Elliott jumps into the fray with his own twitter responses by suggesting when you speak of a rivalry you must first win a rivalry game. OMG! Now I read he will not be a Baltimore Raven because he had the audacity to bad mouth a Harbaugh.

    Please! Who really would want to be a Raven anyway?

    Obviously Michigan fans know football I mean these are the people who cheered when Tom Brady got benched for Drew Henson.

    Okay – I’m back….

    So much is being pinned on the future of TTUN’s return to greatness in College Football. It all starts with a coach who was their quarterback in the mid-eighties from 1983-86 who attempted 620 passes and connected on 387 of them for 31 Touchdowns with 22 interceptions. TTUN’s leading all-time passer in yardage is Chad Henne with 9,715. Though in fairness to the sleepover king at the time of his 5,449 yards it was the record.

    The 49ers Jed York stood in a news conference and stated without any evidence of reservations: “Ultimately we came to the conclusion that it was best for us to go in different directions.” Word around the NFL was that Harbaugh felt he was deserving of more control. This isn’t so uncommon for Coaches in the Pro’s or College. But in order to gain the control they seek they often have leverage – such as a ton of wins – or Championships. In 4 years with San Francisco he went 44-19-1. With 2 first place sittings only to lose to the Giants in the NFC Championship game in 2011. In 2012 he lost to his brother and the Ravens in Super Bowl XLVII. Hardly leverage to earn that right for total “barking” orders.

    But TTUN is in a hurt. They need relevance again. Their drought has been long and painful. They have not defeated the Buckeyes since 2011. And to add to the misery since 1994 the Buckeyes hold a 15-7 wins versus loss ratio.

    Now the game plan of the brilliant sporting geniuses up in Ann Arbor feel that an unwanted egomaniac NFL Coach that once quarterbacked them will return them to the Promised Land. As difficult as some may see the correlation to my upcoming comparison I find urgency in stating it regardless – and that is the logic perpetrated in the hiring of Jim Harbaugh as the new Head Coach of the TTUN Football Program would be similar to The Ohio State University hiring Art Schlichter whenever he becomes available. I understand Schlichter has a little more of a tainted history and zero experience at coaching – football anyway – and the comparison certainly will seem ludicrous – if not plain stupid. But hear me out! Schlichter is more likeable. Period. That’s all I have. And it’s true. He may steal your silverware and put it on eBay but he won’t sleepover at your house with your teenage son or climb a tree to impress a teenage boy. Personally speaking I’d rather lose my silverware. It would give me bragging rights: “Schlichter got ripped off” would be my opener.

    I understand that perhaps I may be dipping a tad too far into the gutter. But Jim Harbaugh and his clear-cut oddity welcome it. I am only attempting to warn our friends from the Roadkill heap up north that this man is closer to Jim Jones then Bo Schembechler. Be warned! The program may see a surge at some point – but will crash – and Jimbo will move on leaving his tsunami-style in the wake.

    Other than that – Congrats to all my TTUN friends up north – You all deserve one another.

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