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The Optimistic Thread

Discussion in 'Buckeye Football' started by Carmen Ohio, Oct 5, 2004.

  1. Carmen Ohio

    Carmen Ohio Freshman

    For the most part I think many of the posters here saw the same game I did but the post-game observations have one glaring omission... we are a very YOUNG team. If you're going to criticize the 0-line do it remembering that before this season... Datish, Coleman, Downing, Schafer and Barton had NO big game experience. Lydell Ross couldn't do it with a senior line so even with all his determination why would we expect him or any of our backs to immediately be lights out with a less-experienced line. The game with an EXPERIENCED Northwestern team, albeit a loss, may have been the best lesson they've ever learned. I expect a much better effort against Wisconsin... even though we'll be facing a much better defense.

    As for Justin Zwick... I think when given even a little bit of time he was tremendous. Every time I conceded a loss he delivered a pass or made a decision that kept us in the game. By the same token because of his youth he kept Northwestern in the game with untimely turnovers. Northwestern was experienced enough to keep the heat on him through the entire game... something we're going to see throughout the Big Ten season. In my opinion the best thing that happened was JT showed a vote in confidence in Justin by keeping him in the game despite his mistakes... guaranteed this will pay off Saturday. Craig threw quite a few bad passes in his career, but the "D" rarely "failed" him. Hopefully Justin understands that we have to sustain drives to keep the defense fresh... maybe in defeat he became a man last week.

    My last point of veiled optimism surrounds the collective defense. Northwestern seemingly "dinked and dunked" it's way down the field at will. Was it just me or did it seem like every time Basenez went back to pass, one of our LB's was bearing down on him for the sack only to have Basenez throw the ball where he had just left on a bubble screen. Same situation with Kudla or Fraser getting his mitts on the QB as he delivers to the ball to a wide receiver getting a block from the left tackle! I actually saw Purdue do that against Notre Dame. I wasn't worried about us facing it because our ends are coached to drop into coverage on certain reads... but not last week. The point of all this is I didn't see a bad defense that was outplayed... I saw a YOUNG one that was outcoached. JT as much as admitted that in his post game comments. When the LB's started to lay back a little and DE's started to read a little... We got picks and stops. They say if you're going to lose... lose early. We had a chance last year with one loss going into Michigan.

    The optimistic part of all this is the team had to have learned what it takes to win in the Big Ten. They have to know you can't take anyone lightly. They have to know the importance of avoiding untimely turnovers. But the biggest thing I hope they learned is that despite appearances, Ohio State doesn't win because of destiny or luck.
  2. NikTungsten

    NikTungsten Newbie

    Ah, once again Carmen Ohio brings a tear to my eye ...

    Okay, just kidding, but excellent post, for as much as I hate the loss I do agree that there is reason for optimism.

  3. StoRMinBrutus

    StoRMinBrutus Great 2 B A Buckeyes !!!

    Good post ... OSU has alot to look forward to given a little more experience and execution.

    I'd be interested to know how many times OSU has actually tried a bubble screen or any screen this year. I know OSU isn't that kind of team but maybe it would be a great thing to break all the pressure we've been getting on offense lately.
  4. DiHard

    DiHard Guest

    great post.....

    another positive....for years buckeye fans have been crying for a passing game....they finally have it....think about how good its going to be as this year progresses....and next year and the year after....
  5. i see signs of '01
    we can do two things, get pissed of and improve or get pissed off and quit
    only time will tell what kind of moxy are team has
  6. StoRMinBrutus

    StoRMinBrutus Great 2 B A Buckeyes !!!

    Dihard you hit it on the head !!!! In time with a little more execution and maturity this team has the potential to be a very very very good team.
  7. OSUBasketballJunkie

    OSUBasketballJunkie Never Forget 31-0

    I am in the minority when I say I am not overly concerned about this team, what happened against NW was just a young team over looking a team we have beat 24 straight times and along with other factors led to that loss.

    They will be fine, Coach T is a great coach...5 Nat Titles prove that. Everyone take a deep breath and realize they will improve.
  8. gold_pants

    gold_pants Sophmore

    Imagine if we actually had a running game that prevented teams from just pinning their ears back and pass rushing...
  9. Carmen Ohio

    Carmen Ohio Freshman

    Exactly DiHard... These aren't scarlet-colored glasses I'm looking through. Over the past three years there have been only a few games I was completely comfortable with, one of them was NOT the 2002 contest in Evanston. Over four games I think we can see what we've got and what we need. Next week we'll learn how we play in a dogfight. The good news is that we have what we need on the team already. It just needs experience and development. The players, coaches and even us fans have to grow into this new era of Buckeye football.
  10. brutus2002

    brutus2002 Junior

    I have been really impressed with our new Special Teams coach. Coach Hazell is showing why we jumped on hiring him so fast. You can tell on the return teams there is a new attitude and we have almost broke 5 or 6 this year.

    I would like to see Teddy get a shot but MO Hall is kicking ass and taking names not to mention Santonio taking one to the houe Saturday. This is something to definately be positive about.
  11. Carmen Ohio

    Carmen Ohio Freshman

    Northwestern was better off kicking out of bounds! Hall: 42yd average - I think.
  12. DiHard

    DiHard Guest

    great call brutus2002.....the return team was a major weakness last year and is now a major strength...i mean major strength...

    great insight.......
  13. OSU5NC

    OSU5NC Newbie

    The one positive is that they overlooked Northwestern and they didn't play their best game. This means they'll play much better this week and with much more focus (or so we hope). This Wisco game is make or break for this season. If they win, we can star't talking about Big Ten championship again. If they lose, then we start talking about whether we'll be bowling in Nashville, Detroit, or San Antonio. I hope the players realize that their backs are up against the wall, and that they embrace this role as possible underdogs for this game. Should be one helluva game and I hope the crowd is electric, because the Bucks need all the help they can get from the fans. Let's get behind the Bucks this week and will them to a big 'W'. Quoteth Scooter "I always leave my voice on the field." If you can still talk after the game, you're not being loud enough, let's GO BUCKS!!! I really can't wait.

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