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The Unemployment Line...

Discussion in 'Open Discussion (Work-safe)' started by LloydSev, Nov 11, 2004.

  1. LloydSev

    LloydSev DreamWeaver

    just got 1 person longer today..

    Give me a Hip Hip Hooray! lol. Classified section here we go!
  2. BuckStocksHere

    BuckStocksHere Semper Fi!

    Sorry to hear that.

    Your post did give me an idea though.....

    Seeing as how I can help people with 401k/IRA rollovers, possibly like yourself, maybe we could set up a buckeye helping buckeye section on here. We could then go to this section if we have a need for something that maybe one of our own members could help out with.

    The vets club at my old school has something similar to this pretty well.

    just a thought.....

    good luck with that job search!
  3. buckeyegrad

    buckeyegrad Don't Immanentize the Eschaton Staff Member


    Where did you go to college? You may want to check with their Career Services office as some of them will let you use their resources for a small fee (i.e. $20-$30). It is becoming more and more common for Career Service offices to have great contacts with companies and extensive job boards.
  4. DEBuckeye

    DEBuckeye It ain't easy, bein' cheesy.

    I think that's a great idea.

    I plan on hitting you guys up for job contacts in Columbus next summer.....
  5. scooter1369

    scooter1369 HTTR Forever.

    I'm sorry to hear the news. I'll keep my eye out. What kind of business were you in? You can PM me if you'd like.
  6. gbearbuck

    gbearbuck Herbie for President

    His profile says he was in the collections business.... I like the buckeye helping buckeye idea, don't know how we could implement it though...

    Sorry to hear about the bad news...
  7. BrutuStrength

    BrutuStrength It's time to bring it!

    Lloyd- If your familiar with collections and you have good customer service skills, then you might want to check out MBNA's Customer Assistance (Collections) department at their Beachwood site. I broke in with them (in Delaware) back in the 90s, and my wife still works for them (different department though.)

    I just looked at their job site and it looks like their only full-time jobs (in Cleveland) right now are for customer service reps. They offer a fair salary, monthly bonuses, and you should be able to progress a pretty decent pace. They also offer great benefits.

    At the very least, you could have a solid job (with great benefits) with them while you look for other work. Let me know if you have any questions about the company. From Canton, you would probably have a decent commute, but it's a great company.
  8. Oh8ch

    Oh8ch Cognoscente of Omphaloskepsis Staff Member

    And this time stay off the Planet during working hours - that's what cost you your last job.
  9. DCBuckFan

    DCBuckFan Fark You


    Check out Sterling Jewlers in Fairlawn (Akron)... I worked there for a bit when I was back in Ohio, not a bad place, and I still know a few people there...

    PM me if you have any questions.
  10. OilerBuck

    OilerBuck Sweet Crude

    Welcome to the club Lloyd. I have T-minus 1 1/2 months until I'm out. Notice my posting on here has skyrocketed since I found out :biggrin: .
  11. buckzip

    buckzip Reeking with awesomeness

    Sorry to hear that man.

    Good luck.
  12. iambrutus

    iambrutus Screw Blue

    the company that i work for has added 2 people to the line this week. one on Monday for "inapproriate behavior at a company function-i didn't get to see what happened...and one today for a laundry list of reasons.

    sorry to hear that you are out, keep your head up you'll find something
  13. Thump

    Thump Hating the environment since 1994

    Contact Art Vandalay at the Importer/Exporter office.
  14. LloydSev

    LloydSev DreamWeaver

    haha.. i was staying off till about a week before.

    Yeah I was in Collections, but my true love is Computer Repair and Networking..

    eh? Importer/Exporter office?
  15. scooter1369

    scooter1369 HTTR Forever.

    If you can hold out for a few weeks, there may be an opening at ESPN for a crack reporter on the college football scene. Maybe two.

    I'll keep a close eye on the internal postings with Taxation. If anything comes up in Stark County, I'll send it to you.

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