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Thee Ohio State University News

Discussion in 'Open Discussion (Work-safe)' started by ORD_Buckeye, Sep 26, 2017.

  1. ORD_Buckeye

    ORD_Buckeye Wrong glass, Sir.

    With the demise of philosophical musings, I'm starting a thread for any noteworthy news about Ohio's glorious flagship university.

    First one is a biggie. Following up on his pledge to devote more of our endowment and fundraising efforts towards affordability, President Drake announced that any student coming from a family making less than 55K per year will have any tuition not covered by scholarships or grants covered by the University.
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  2. ORD_Buckeye

    ORD_Buckeye Wrong glass, Sir.

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  3. ORD_Buckeye

    ORD_Buckeye Wrong glass, Sir.

    Ohio State makes a list of the 100 most innovative universities in the world, coming in at 37th. The methodology is based largely on a combination of publications in science and engineering peer reviewed journals and patents issued. Case is 72nd, and I'm shocked that somehow they overlooked juggalo, fredo(OH) and beavis. And pay no attention to Texas at #9. They're taking the entire system into account, which means that a lot of that ranking is based on MD Anderson Cancer Center along with all the other branches of the system.
  4. ORD_Buckeye

    ORD_Buckeye Wrong glass, Sir.

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  5. ORD_Buckeye

    ORD_Buckeye Wrong glass, Sir.

  6. Thump

    Thump Hating the environment since 1994

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  7. ORD_Buckeye

    ORD_Buckeye Wrong glass, Sir.

  8. OhioState001

    OhioState001 Tressel Loyalist

    Good I never saw how these extreme liberals who run these universities could let these frats go on.
  9. ORD_Buckeye

    ORD_Buckeye Wrong glass, Sir.

  10. ORD_Buckeye

    ORD_Buckeye Wrong glass, Sir.

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  11. Steve19

    Steve19 Watching. Always watching. Staff Member

    Dean Wormer on line 1....
  12. Jagdaddy

    Jagdaddy Senior

    I don't think that the climb in giving is surprising though. I suspect that it's sort of like a snowball rolling downhill: Once it becomes a habit and something that peers are doing, it becomes more routine. I also think that the tuition freeze, other affordability efforts, and increased and better publicized (e.g., the alumni magazine is so much better than it used to be) commitment to improving lives throughout Ohio and the region is really resonating with alumni. I personally feel like the leadership of University is at a high point, maybe even an all time high point, right now and trust that money will be spent wisely matters. I'm sure it also doesn't hurt that the foosball is doing really well.

    Finally, I'd hazard that for the foreseeable future as the alumni base increasingly consists of people who had to go through increasingly selective admissions to get into Ohio State, its per capita income and ability to donate will continue to increase over time, especially from those alumni who are grateful that they didn't have to pay much for their education on the front end. All in all, it's a truly great time to be a Buckeye and seems likely to only get greater for the foreseeable future.
    Last edited: Jul 17, 2018
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  13. BigWoof31

    BigWoof31 Senior

    It's because they were largely self contained. The more they kept to themselves, the easier it was to dismiss underage drinking and what not.
    The more wild they became, the easier it is to get rid of them.
  14. ORD_Buckeye

    ORD_Buckeye Wrong glass, Sir.

    Ohio State had the lowest 10 year tuition increase of any state flagship in the country for in-state students and fourth lowest for out of state students.

    School 2007-08 2017-18 10-year change

    1. Ohio State $10,196 $10,591 3.9 %

    2. Maryland $9,365 $10,399 11 %

    3. Maine $9,798 $10,902 11.3 %

    4. Indiana $9,210 $10,533 14.4 %

    5. Penn State $16,028 $18,436 15 %

    Top five lowest percentage increases for out-of-state tuition and fees at flagship higher education institutions

    School 2007-08 2017-18 10-year change

    1. Minnesota $25,284 $26,603 5.2 %

    2. Illinois $29,633 $31,988 7.9 %

    3. Rhode Island $27,073 $30,042 11 %

    4. Ohio State $25,757 $29,695 15.3 %

    5. New Hampshire $28,239 $32,637 15.6 %

    And still ran an over 1 billion dollar surplus in the operating budget.
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  15. ORD_Buckeye

    ORD_Buckeye Wrong glass, Sir.

    From an old article on Ed Jennings when he stepped back in to be the interim.

    Everything that's come afterwards was the result of what he, Dick Celeste and Verne Riffe did to quickly and irrevocably undo Jim Rhodes' madness and put this university back onto the trajectory it was on before that cancer found its way into the Governor's Mansion and his card playing, car dealer buddies onto our board of trustees.

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