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This week's poll results

Discussion in 'Open Discussion (Work-safe)' started by RugbyBuck, Sep 29, 2004.

  1. RugbyBuck

    RugbyBuck Our church has no bells.

    1. Ham (in a stunning upset of roast beef, ham vaults to the top of the list, edging out turkey which had a bye week)

    2. Turkey (WTF? A win against the surging pimento cheese squad this week could put the gobblers back on top)

    3. Corned Beef (the real Fighting Irish was back in form after coming off a three week bender; this may be the team to beat, if they can stay out of the sauce)

    4. Turkey Pastrami (what can we say, they're consistent; it's the same thing every week with these guys)

    5. Bologna (cracking the top 5 for the first time this season, thanks to a pre-game pep talk from DiHard, after which they were afraid not to go out and play hard, bologna put an old fashioned wood-shedding on Spam; up this week, Scrapple...)

    There you have it from our thoroughly accurate and scientific, but non-disclosable secret polling formula.
  2. Buck Nasty

    Buck Nasty You'll have nothing and like it

    Turkey Pastrami is clearly on Steroids. You just cannot make Pastrami out of Turkey without chemical assistance. I mean look at it now versus a couple years ago. It used to be white meat. Something is going on here.
  3. Thump

    Thump Hating the environment since 1994

    No Breakfast Ham/Dutch Loaf?

    What a load of Bullshit!
  4. RugbyBuck

    RugbyBuck Our church has no bells.

    Actually (and this is usually only on the premium site), there is a pending steroids investigation involving bologna due largely to DiHard's recent involvement with the team. The squad demonstrated an atypical rage in their last game that the powers that be have seen fit to investigate.
  5. BrutuStrength

    BrutuStrength It's time to bring it!

    Dude, the "Bullshit" comes from your insistance on trying to include Breakfast Ham. Breakfast Ham is just Canadian Bacon. Canadian meats aren't in the same league so you really can't even compare them.

    Dutch Loaf??? What are you smoking... ham? They suck!
  6. Buck Nasty

    Buck Nasty You'll have nothing and like it

    It has also been speculated that Bologna contains mostly Lips and Assholes, hence the invlovlement of DiHard

    Premium Site?
  7. RugbyBuck

    RugbyBuck Our church has no bells.

    :lol: :lol:
  8. DEBuckeye

    DEBuckeye It ain't easy, bein' cheesy.

    I stand by my earlier prediction that salami is the darkhorse underdog of this season, and will soon upset the media favorites turkey and ham.

    So what if they win close games? So what if they don't show off big offensive fireworks? They just keep on winning.
  9. BuckeyeNation27

    BuckeyeNation27 Goal Goal USA! Staff Member

    rugby let me say this yet again. youre a fucking idiot. how you can punish turkey for the bye week is fucking lunacy and you know it.

    we need a computer type system to sort this fucking mess out. fuck you rugby.

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