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Game Thread Tostitos Fiesta Bowl: Ohio State 34, Notre Dame 20 (final)

Discussion in '2005 Football Season Capsule' started by Clarity, Nov 22, 2005.

  1. Deety

    Deety Ain't nothin' gonna breaka my stride Staff Member

    Soooo... CW can win anything with enough time to plan...

    Watch out - it seems he now has plenty of time. Guess we should savor that victory while it's still ours! :p
  2. GoBucks89

    GoBucks89 Straight Shooting

    Hey Charlie, I just re-watched the game too. Let me help you with some things:
    1. Single coverage on Ted Ginn Jr. is probably a little too casual, especially when that single guy you have covering him is looking at the QB and not at the receiver.
    2. Tell your DE not to chase the running play to his far side, especially when we have our number 2 tailback in the game. It makes you a little vulnerable to the end-around.
    3. Watch for the play-action when we have the 3 receivers bunched up near the tackle on one side of the field. Oh, and get a faster safety.
    4. Tell your DB's not to ever assume that Troy Smith is going to get sacked. He has a habit of escaping pressure and delivering the ball downfield. Watch for #11 in that situation.
    5. Don't even think about joining the Big 10. It's probably just as well that you don't play us every year. You'll have better luck against the USC's of the world.
    :oh: :io:
  3. rocketman

    rocketman flying low

    I like how Charlie mentions how his defense needs work for next year.

    Oh wait...he didn't.

    There was a guy at the party we had at our place last night who's two favorite teams were Michigan and Notre Dame. Oh if there ever wasl a sweeter time to pull up the scUM game and the Fiesta Bowl up on the DVR. We watched every play and it was glorious to watch him squirm. He couldn't leave cause we were lettin him drink our beer. His best comment of the night: "I don't think we'll need all that great of a defense to be succesful next year."

    To that we all simultaneously said "600-fucking-yards of offense. 600!"
  4. jwinslow

    jwinslow A MAN OF BETRAYED JUSTICE Staff Member Tourney Pick'em Champ

    looks like it was just another internet rumor about not shaking hands

  5. JXC

    JXC '01'02'04'05'06'07'08'09'10'12'13'14'15'16‘17’18

    It's a fark!!!
  6. MililaniBuckeye

    MililaniBuckeye The satanic soulless freight train that is Ohio St Staff Member Tech Admin

    Not to mention almost 400 yards in the first half alone...
  7. NFBuck

    NFBuck Total Coverage.

    No, he's just whiping his snot on Coach Tressel. Bastard. Who gets a runny nose in the desert? Honestly?
  8. JXC

    JXC '01'02'04'05'06'07'08'09'10'12'13'14'15'16‘17’18

  9. bucknut11

    bucknut11 Defense still wins Championships

    Found this on regarding the Top 10 Spring storylines...

    I don't know if I'd say I'm having a hard time shaking those images, I'm too busy trying to remember how much I admired the view. I think he meant to say ND fans can't shake the nightmares... :biggrin:
  10. Don't sell us short. "619-fucking-yards of offense. 619!"
  11. I got my DVD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was a birthday gift from my dad.
  12. Buckeyes27

    Buckeyes27 Go Bucks! Go Cavaliers!

    619 yds of offense is unheard of under coach tressel. i just hope he can keep it wide open next years so the defense can strenght for the title run!
  13. 808 Buck

    808 Buck Senior Upset Picks Winner

    For those who might have forgot. :biggrin:
  14. MililaniBuckeye

    MililaniBuckeye The satanic soulless freight train that is Ohio St Staff Member Tech Admin

    Not so sure about that...I think YSU pushed 600 yards a time or two under him.
  15. BuckBackHome

    BuckBackHome Wolverine is largest member of weasel family

    Just in case anyone wanted to catch it again, it is on ESPNU right now. The DVR is going here.

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