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tOSU at Maryland, November 14th, Cancelled

Discussion in '2020 Football Season Capsule' started by BB73, Sep 20, 2020.

  1. 1926Buckeyes

    1926Buckeyes Senior

    Well, to be honest, I'm just glad this isn't on OSU's end and hope all the Maryland players are ok. This was going to happen at some point or another. COVID is totally uncontrolled right now and we're going to be looking at ~200k cases per day by next week.

    I think CFB is going to have to look at a suspension of all games soon, and figure out if they want to wait for 2-4 weeks, or if they want an expanded playoff just to finish up the season.

    Unless you bubble your entire team, we're about to see infections on the vast majority of teams and cancelations of half the games each week. No point doing that.
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  2. BuckBackHome

    BuckBackHome Wolverine is largest member of weasel family

    Never trust a turtle!
  3. dragurd

    dragurd Senior

    I could see the SEC totally going lets wait 4 weeks and give eveyone the experimental vaccine unknown side effects who cares we want football.
  4. Onebuckfan

    Onebuckfan classof76

    That’s why I thought there was no way the team could let down at all ..Play every game like it’s your last..cause it could be.I wonder the mindset of the team now. Reportedly 9 players have it that’s a cancellation? A no contest?
    Thump likes this.
  5. dragurd

    dragurd Senior

    Big10 Stupidly allows the other team to cancel whenever for Corona and not only when they meet the guidelines. They should be allowed to cancel if they want still but it should count as a forfiet not a no contest. Can you imagine if Indiana next week has Penix have it and no one else and decided they don't want to risk their ranking against OSU without their QB? CHances are the way these things are going 20 will have it by this weekend so it doesn't matter anyways but still sketchy rules.
  6. Onebuckfan

    Onebuckfan classof76

    Sounds like Conference leadership didn’t want to take the responsibility for this. It would be like the NFL let every team do what they want. Warren again stupid as hell.
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  7. OregonBuckeye

    OregonBuckeye Semper Fi Buckeyes


    We're so lucky we didn't have to play Maryland...
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  8. Drubuck

    Drubuck What time is it?

    Was waiting for this to happen. Way cases are trending up its to be expected. Sucks ass.
    bukIpower likes this.
  9. buckeyemania11

    buckeyemania11 HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE!!! Former BPCFFB II Champ '18 Bowl Upset Contest Winner

    LOL. I was just talking with my buddy. Indiana would be smart to suddenly have "COVID". Puts us 1 game away from being disqualified from the B1G title and they dont chance taking a L to us. All benefit to Indiana.
  10. dragurd

    dragurd Senior

    Lol they were even saying it would be our biggest test. What happened to Indiana?
  11. Onebuckfan

    Onebuckfan classof76

    I was hoping we’d make it to Illinois. Didn’t . This year continues to suck.
  12. RB07OSU

    RB07OSU #7 aka Vick the human joystick Staff Member BP Recruiting Team

    Fuck. As many others have stated, why the B1G pushed starting the season right when the spike was supposed to happen again is beyond me. Anyways, looks like I have my Saturday free to get some chores done. Would have much rather watched Fields shred Maryland though.
    LovelandBuckeye and 1926Buckeyes like this.
  13. Drubuck

    Drubuck What time is it?

    What a lovely person.
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  14. Ryan36_1

    Ryan36_1 Senior

  15. buckeyemania11

    buckeyemania11 HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE!!! Former BPCFFB II Champ '18 Bowl Upset Contest Winner

    The B1G dropped the ball on the whole thing. Pushing back. The stupid "6 game" rule.

    Sadly nobody at all will be fired for this total serious of screw ups
    BuckeyeSoldier and dragurd like this.

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