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Game Thread tOSU at Sparty - Sep 29, 3:30 ET, ABC

Discussion in '2012 Football Season Capsule' started by BB73, Jan 2, 2012.

  1. Coqui

    Coqui Senior

  2. HorseshoeFetish

    HorseshoeFetish Silver Bullet Supporter

    While i'm no photo shop wiz...Perhaps you should hang something like this on your front door. You can make your wife run back and forth updating the ass kicking bienema is receiving.:biggrin:

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  3. Apache

    Apache Frank Kremblas wore #22

    The truisms that rings valid in the large majority of situations is that the run sets up the pass. Carlos Hyde should always get more carries and Hall can be used in various situations. The team that could run the ball better won the game. At the end, Braxton and Hyde formed a formidable attack.

    Defense was a huge factor in the game, but again they play too high in some situations.

    Running the same exact play (speed option) twice in a row-for loss or no gain?

    This week will again be a challenge, never count the Bucks out...they won a game of character.

    And was MSU seemed to me to lay down some cheap shots...perhaps that is the Buckeye homer-vision but I think they intentionally tried to hurt players. Ohio State was chippy too. Play with pride and CLASS.
  4. Ukraine Buckeye

    Ukraine Buckeye In Buckeye withdrawals



    Wow, after being at the game and now being at home watching the game, I can definitively say that the student base in East Lansing is a bunch of ASSHATS. Sure they are a bunch of college kids, but chanting "he's a pussy" when Miller is lying on the sideline? FUCK OFF!
  6. Gothmog8

    Gothmog8 OSU Alumni Balrog #8

    I loved Neutron man
  7. Coqui

    Coqui Senior

    Well I said I wasn't going to assume. If you know facts, then I'll accept your side of it. I know nothing of them other than seeing them on TV.
  8. Bill Lucas

    Bill Lucas Senior

    Neutron Man did the superfan thing the right way.
  9. Coqui

    Coqui Senior

    I never meant to discredit Neutron Man. I know he did a lot. I just didn't know how much the current three detracted. And I never got lunch when I tried out for the Marching band. :(
  10. End of Line

    End of Line Beast Unleashed

    Buckeye Nation ‏@HangOn_Sloopy
    RT"@BCastOZone: Meyer said OSU turned in video of MSU player attempting to eye-gouge Hankins to Big Ten offense. Link: "
  11. OhioState001

    OhioState001 Tressel Loyalist

    Haha there is not going to be a good relationship between Dantonio and Urban but Dantonio brought it on himself with the recruiting comments
  12. TooTallMenardo

    TooTallMenardo “Big-time players step up in big-time games.” '17 Bowl Pick Em Champ

    Watched the encore of the game... I can't believe how chippy/cheap some of the hits were from MSU. The late hit out of bounds in the 1st quarter was pretty cheap, not only did he hit Braxton after he stepped out, but he went at his knees. And somehow Derp Herbstreit thought it was a clean hit. :shake:

    The eye gouge is just sick. If the player isn't suspended for that shit, I've lost any remaining respect I had for Mark Dantonio.

    The offense looked better against a better opponent, so that's promising. Here's to hoping the complete offense comes around in the next week.

    I like how Hyde/Hall match up against Nebraska. Hopefully they utilize the run game as much as they can to keep some of the pressure off of Miller.
  13. Bucknut24

    Bucknut24 Trolololol

    unfortunately there won't be a Hall
  14. VBSJ

    VBSJ Newbie

    Don't know why, but I don't think the Big Ten is going to do anything on the eye gouging incident.

    The conference hasn't suspended a player this season.

    The kid from Illinois is probably A1 in terms of a suspension for his hit over the weekend (where he was ejected from the game). Maybe the conference moves on from there and addresses the MSU player.
  15. Bleed S & G

    Bleed S & G Taking Crazy Pills

    From what I understand, Braxtons clap lets the center know he has made his reads & the center is actually calling the snap count for the line.
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