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2013 tOSU Recruiting Discussion

Discussion in 'Football Recruiting' started by wadc45, Jul 12, 2011.

  1. colobuck79

    colobuck79 tilter of wind*ills

    Nice. :lol:
  2. Muck

    Muck Enjoy Every Sandwich Staff Member

    Explosive decompression, all the escape passages get used.
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  3. MUBuck

    MUBuck Peach fuzz buzz but beard on the verge

    All escape passages? :paranoid:

    On second thought, I don't think this conversation is appropriate for the recruiting forum.
  4. Muck

    Muck Enjoy Every Sandwich Staff Member

    Esophageal flap = emergency seal
  5. Taosman

    Taosman Welcome to the End of the Internet

    [ame=""]headshot - YouTube[/ame]
  6. RB07OSU

    RB07OSU #7 aka Vick the human joystick Staff Member BP Recruiting Team

    My (extremely early) rational wish list (assuming we end up with 18-20):
    1. QB: Malik Zaire
    2. RB: Derrick Green
    3. RB/WR: Ty Isaac
    4. WR/ATH: Jalin Marshall
    5. WR: Robert Foster
    6. WR: Uriah LeMay (yeah maybe a stretch but the ties are there)
    7. TE: Adam Breneman
    8. OT: Evan Lisle
    9. OT: Ethan Pocic
    10. OT: Hunter Bivin
    11. DE/LB: Jaylon Smith
    12. DE/DT: Elijah Daniel
    13. DT: Billy Price
    14. DT: Donovan Munger
    15. LB: Courtney Love
    16. DB: Cameron Burrows
    17. DB: Eli Woodard :biggrin:
    18. DB: Dymonte Thomas (I truly think the flip will happen)
    19. DB: Caleb Day
    20. ATH/LB: Ben Gedeon

    - If my scholarship number is off, let me know and I'll adjust. That would be one sick class alone but of course we are going to have interest from other top national guys like Fulwood, Muhammed, Levenberry, Gray, McQuay, Tilley-Tulman, Fox, Parker, Gilmore, O'Daniel, etc...if we could pull anyone off that list, it would be amazing. Biggest stretches I have above are Thomas, LeMay, Isaac, and Bivin.
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  7. pnuts34

    pnuts34 Drunk off of wolverine tears

    Love the list man. I probably would have Shelton Gibson on the list instead of lemay though
  8. RB07OSU

    RB07OSU #7 aka Vick the human joystick Staff Member BP Recruiting Team

    I prefer LeMay personally and Gibson has been pretty consistent in naming Auburn as his leader. Would love either one though.
  9. Merih

    Merih GO BUCKS!

    You have been misinformed...he has recently stated that OSU has drawn level with Auburn. The announcement with Dodson made a huge impact on his ideas of OSU.
    stowfan likes this.
  10. redguard117

    redguard117 Senior

    How do you feel about Taco Charlton?
  11. RB07OSU

    RB07OSU #7 aka Vick the human joystick Staff Member BP Recruiting Team

    The last article did say "neck and neck" but he had been consistent with Auburn as his leader before that. I would imagine the Dodson announcement would impact his decision...hopefully so, I would love to see Gibson here.

    Too much of a project after the DE class we just pulled in imo. I see Daryl Baldwin when I watch his film...great potential but I think we are going to offer very few DE's. Plus Daniel could project as a SDE and I think we are sitting pretty there.
  12. stowfan

    stowfan Senior

    That's really just an incredible list. Even if three or four recruits on the list are replace by recruits mentioned in the post script it's almost a phantasy. Personally, I'll actually be at least mildly surprised, if young Mr. Thomas doesn't reconsider his future.
    RB07OSU likes this.
  13. buckeyegunners

    buckeyegunners Freshman

    I'm gonna try this just to see how stupid I look next February. I'm sure there are 3-4 guys not even on our radar right now that could be in the class.

    Guessing 21-24 players

    QB- Malik Zaire
    QB- Tra'Von Chapman- Don't see any elite national kids on our radar. Think both these guys are solid 4* types with a ton of upside that can be groomed. We'll see.
    RB- Derrick Green- A kid that has improved as much as Derrick has and works as hard as he does, I think you have to take him.
    Slot WR/playmaker- Jalin Marshall- If we don't get Diggs then likely go for another of these types. Either way we're sitting pretty with Jalin and a great leader of the class.
    WR- Shelton Gibson- Speed speed speed
    WR- Bob Foster- Love Jalin but this is the best player I've seen in a game for the 2013 class.
    TE- Mike Heuerman- Honestly like him as much as Breneman from highlights. Just got a huge FSU offer, see us offering soon.
    OT- Ethan Pocic- Best tackle I've seen so far for the 2013 class.
    OT- Evan Lisle- Can't see us not offering.
    G/C/DT- Lovell Peterson- His recruiting baffles me so far. Lovell as a sophomore was as impressive as any Ohio 2013 kid I've seen so far. Wasn't just 1 game either, he dominated.
    1 more OL- No clue who. Hunter Bivin/Chris Fox/idk.

    DE- Jonathan Allen- Pulling a name out of my a$$. Don't see a good enough player in Ohio.
    DT- Billy Price- Him getting run down rather easily by another OL in his highlights plus a few reports this year have me questioning his athleticism some. Meyer seems to want him so good enough for me.
    DT- National kid. Meyer was always great at pulling national DTs at Florida, didn't work out too well a few times but he got em in. Maybe Munger is good enough, no idea.
    OLB- Jaylon Smith- Foster is the best kid I've seen in a game but Smith isn't far behind.
    LB- Courtney Love
    LB- Ben Gedeon- These 2 seem to be above McCray in the pecking order. A lil surprising
    CB- Eli Woodard
    CB- Cam Burrows
    CB- Ross Douglas- Maybe some Florida kid here. IDK.
    S- Dymonte Thomas
    S- Caleb Day

    Some kicking specialist
  14. OsUPhAn

    OsUPhAn Live while I'm young!

    Two guys I was surprised not to see on your list that you haven't mentioned: DeVeon Smith and Lovell Peterson. Thoughts on either of these guys.

    That's a great class.
    MUBuck likes this.
  15. RB07OSU

    RB07OSU #7 aka Vick the human joystick Staff Member BP Recruiting Team

    Personally, I do not see us taking both of Smith and Green...unless maybe we don't think we are landing any other RB (Isaac or the other national type guys). I like Smith but was a little surprised by the offer this early. Lovell Peterson is a guy I am waiting to see junior film on...he certainly has the frame and recognition, but I'm not convinced he is a lock for an offer yet. Of course this all requires a great deal of conjecture at this point.

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