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tOSU @ Sparty, Sat 12/14 @ 12p ET, ESPN/WatchESPN

Discussion in '2014 Basketball Season Capsule' started by MD Buckeye, Feb 13, 2015.

  1. MD Buckeye

    MD Buckeye BP Soft Verbal Staff Member BP Recruiting Team Bookie Former BPCFFB II Champ Former FF League III Champ

    The Buckeyes travel to East Lansing to take on the 16-8 (7-4) Spartans.
  2. DZ83CK

    DZ83CK Not Banned

    Big game for OSU obviously. The Buckeyes certainly could use a higher profile road win to put on their resume. MSU has been perhaps the most enigmatic team in the B1G this year (either them or Iowa). The Spartans got taken to the limit and into OT at home vs. Northwestern and blew out the Wildcats on the road. Lose to Illinois at home, dominate Iowa on the road. Get swept by Maryland, hammer IU by 20. Lose narrowly to Kansas and ND ... and Texas Southern and Nebraska.

    I don't think this is one of Tom Izzo's better MSU teams clearly. In fact the very long NCAA tourney appearance streak for MSU could come to an end if they don't pull out some big wins to end the season. Surely they will be eyeing this game with OSU as a potential resume builder that they desperately need. I do believe OSU has the better team though, and I hope and expect to see a Buckeye victory in this game.
    HenryMuto likes this.
  3. OHSportsFan

    OHSportsFan Fan of Ohio Sports in Indy

    Like I said, Act 1 of the "We Don't Give a Damn for the WHOLE State of michigan" tour.

    They will absolutely throw their best punch of the year.
  4. scarletmike

    scarletmike Researching the Magic!

    Come out swinging, connect, and don't relent. In other words, hit your shots!

    Go Bucks!
  5. HenryMuto

    HenryMuto Senior

    You are correct a win today and the Buckeyes would be around a 6 seed and a loss today and they would be around an 8 seed. The reason is the Buckeyes just don't have a big time quality road win this year the best being at Minnesota who is not quite in the field. Michigan State is likely in the field but around a 10/11 seed right now so this would be a huge quality road win.

    Also important for the Big 10 seeding a win here gives us 9-4 and tie breaker over MSU for a potential 2/3/4 seed for Big 10 tourney. A loss and they still could get to the 2/3/4 line but it will be a little tougher. Also you would prefer 2/3 over 4 to avoid Wisky.
  6. HenryMuto

    HenryMuto Senior

    Frustrating could be up 7-10 right now only up 2
  7. HenryMuto

    HenryMuto Senior

    From up 5 to down 3 didn't step on their throats when we had the chance. This is one of the least talented teams MSU has had in a while we SHOULD win this game.
  8. keeganbrick

    keeganbrick Ginn and Juice

    Costello rolled over on the ground to avoid a jump ball call after already establishing possession and they didn't call a travel....smh
    1926Buckeyes likes this.
  9. 1926Buckeyes

    1926Buckeyes Senior

    Izzo is so annoying when your team goes up against him. He has his teams play rugby down low and then whines and cries when his players get the same treatment.
    brodybuck21 and OHSportsFan like this.
  10. HenryMuto

    HenryMuto Senior

    Need to make your FT's on the road Thompson goes 0 for 2...falling apart in the final 6 minutes
  11. HenryMuto

    HenryMuto Senior

    Scott feel free to grab the damn ball

    Now FN down 9
  12. OHSportsFan

    OHSportsFan Fan of Ohio Sports in Indy

    How many f'n steps???
    brodybuck21 and scarletmike like this.
  13. buckeyesin07

    buckeyesin07 Veni. Vidi. Vici.

    If Izzo coached his team up in MSU's other games like he does when MSU plays Ohio State, then MSU would win the national title every year. Sheesh--MSU looks like dog [censored] at home against dregs of the conference like Michigan and Illinois, but OSU rolls into town, and they turn into the '92 Chicago Bulls.
    brodybuck21 likes this.
  14. Fremont Buckeye

    Fremont Buckeye Sophmore

    The last 5 minutes was atrocious.
  15. MD Buckeye

    MD Buckeye BP Soft Verbal Staff Member BP Recruiting Team Bookie Former BPCFFB II Champ Former FF League III Champ

    Buckeyes aren't helping themselves either. Those last few minutes of the half were UGLY.

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