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Discussion in 'Buckeye Basketball' started by OSUBasketballJunkie, Feb 28, 2005.

  1. OSUBasketballJunkie

    OSUBasketballJunkie Never Forget 31-0


    I attended the game and here are some of my observations from the game:

    1. No intensity at all, first posession, we gave up a three.
    2. A lack of rebounding from anyone not named Dials.
    3. A lack of three point shooting (5-22 is horrible)
    4. We just plain didnt show up.

    What can be said about this game........disappointing to say the least. The effort was simply not there, I think Coach Matta put forth more effort on the sidelines. This was probably the worst game we played all year for the exception to the Minnesota game we lost at home earlier. On a day where the university honored one of the all time greats of basketball, we failed to show up for the game.
    Last edited: Mar 1, 2005
  2. OSUBasketballJunkie

    OSUBasketballJunkie Never Forget 31-0

  3. BuckeyeTillIDie

    BuckeyeTillIDie The North Remembers

    In summary, we can't beat Wiscy in anything.
  4. souL

    souL I.bulldoze

    They want none of our synchronized swimmers.

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