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tBBC Trolling and Click Baiting: Part 2

Discussion in 'News' started by Ken, Jan 14, 2016.

  1. Ken

    Ken Guest

    Trolling and Click Baiting: Part 2
    via our good friends at Buckeye Battle Cry
    Visit their fantastic blog and read the full article (and so much more) here

    Urban is looking at you.

    (Image courtesy of

    Welcome back to Episode 2, where we cover “trolling for the sake of trolling”. Today’s topic is how Andy felt, or at least stated, that Ohio State had it’s lunch eaten by Michigan and Michigan State regarding Army All-American Bowl commitments. Per the writer:

    Just how good is this 2016 class for Michigan State? The Spartans now have four four-star receiver commits and five U.S. Army All-Americans in the fold, all equalling (British spelling) up to a class currently ranked No. 14 in the country.

    Four four-star receivers is admittedly, a pretty good haul, but I am nor sure if they will come up to the production of the four MSU receivers that have graduated, notably Aaron Burbridge. If this is a “next man up” scenario, than Dantonio has his hands full. Since the returning MSU QB’s are more noted for being punters/Wrs/runners, getting the ball to the new crop of talented receivers may be problematic.

    Donnie Corley chose MSU over both OSU and Michigan, but according to the article headlines, Ohio State was the loser, while Michigan, evidently was not. Why not, well, UM received a commitment from a 4* WR Dylan Crawford. Similar to the MSU scenario, UM needs to develop a quarterback to get the ball to these WRs. No doubt that Harbaugh has the capability to do that, but let’s wait until of Fall ’16 before we get breathless.

    Somewhat related, since we are talking (10) about Ohio State receivers, the Buckeyes have 9 WRs returning, plus the two mentioned in the article. Before anyone clutches pearls or gets cocky, let’s see what the off-season brings. Maybe it will be a big deal, maybe it won’t. Another thought is to wait until early February to see who actually signs with the teams they’ve committed to over the past few months..

    Per Andy:

    Can the Buckeyes finish the deal with its remaining prospects? Momentum seems to be swinging away from Ohio State, and stopping that bad swing needs to happen if OSU is to keep up with its rivals on the all important recruiting trail.

    I’m not too worried about this stuff. Using 247sports as source, Michigan is slightly ahead of Ohio State in total points, based solely on UM having more commitments. The average ‘ranking’ of OSU players is higher. Again, it gets back to player development. Come September, there may be something to this story. Or maybe not. We’ll get a better feel for how this plays out on November 19 and November 26. Meanwhile, there was no mention of Wisconsin in teh article, because Wisconsin doesn’t “sell”.

    Electronic media, holy grail of “clicks on site” which partially defines the popularity, if not success of an operation. Akin to “old” media of trade magazines giving free subscriptions to qualified (which meant you were able to legibly fill out a subscription post card and get it to the USPS ‘outbox’. In sports, particularly college sports, particularly collegiate football, nothing serves as better click-bait than an article disparaging Ohio State football.

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