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Tropical Weather

Discussion in 'Open Discussion (Work-safe)' started by Mike80, Aug 13, 2007.

  1. Mike80

    Mike80 Done

    they are calling for 173 KT winds, a knot is 1.5MPH per knot.

    It's one of the big 4, like i said and the outlier in terms of intensity at the moment.

    I happen to believe it right now unfortunately.

    I think Gustav will be a hurricane before it leaves Jamaica and will use all of that time over the bathwater of the Northern Caribbean and southern GOM to explode....
  2. fourteenandoh

    fourteenandoh My swing feels like an unfolding lawn chair.

    what was katrina, 230 or so? i think a knot is closer to 1.15mph. 175 is still almost 200mph
  3. daddyphatsacs

    daddyphatsacs Let the cards fall... Staff Member

    No, when Katrina made landfall it was a strong category 3, which is around 120 to 130 MPH.
  4. fourteenandoh

    fourteenandoh My swing feels like an unfolding lawn chair.

    was it ever a 5? i saw on the web somewhere that the max wind speed was 230 mph. maybe that's when it was in the middle of the gulf?
  5. Nutriaitch

    Nutriaitch Retired Super Hero


    She got up to a 5 for a while in the Gulf up around 180 MPH winds, but simma-ed down before hitting land.
    Rita did basically the same thing 3 weeks later.
    fourteenandoh likes this.
  6. Gatorubet

    Gatorubet Banned

    Mike, the NHC agrees with you. If true, that would kick both Nutria and my asses...

  7. Gatorubet

    Gatorubet Banned

    Oh great.....the HWRF has it hitting me with 200 mph winds. I swear I have to stop looking at this crap :shake:

  8. scooter1369

    scooter1369 Chief Toad Fart

  9. Gatorubet

    Gatorubet Banned

    About to leave the office. The fighting with the wife now has to go face to face from the via phone version.:pissed:

    Why she won't let me stay by myself for a few days and leave Sunday if it does not turn I will never know. :smash:

    What? She thinks I'm gonna sit at home watching football, grilling the last freezer steaks, drinking large quantities of beer and jerking off to photoshopped pictures of Alaska politicians in the Romper Room? :paranoid:

    BUCKYLE Washed

    At the same time?
  11. LoKyBuckeye

    LoKyBuckeye I give up. This board is too hard to understand. Staff Member

    what time should I be over?
  12. Best Buckeye

    Best Buckeye Pretending I'm a pleasant person is exhausting Staff Member

    Well aren't YOU? :wink2:
  13. Nutriaitch

    Nutriaitch Retired Super Hero

    Current projected landfall is around Morgan City.
    I could not have asked for a worse spot. A 12 foot surge would put nearly 8 feet of water in my house. A direct hit would actually be better for us.

    Starting tomorrow at 4pm, Terrebonne Parish (where I live) will begin mandatory evacuations. Lafourche(borders to our East) and St. Mary(borders to our West, and current projected bullseye) Parishes started today.

    Hoping this projection is wrong, but maybe our luck is about to run out.
    Katrina passed about 55 miles East of my hometown, and Rita around 200 miles to our West. I hope this fucker doesn't split the difference.
  14. Best Buckeye

    Best Buckeye Pretending I'm a pleasant person is exhausting Staff Member

    Sure hope that works out for you Nutriaitch.

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