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LGHL Urban Meyer, Buckeyes look to secure in-state OL for 2018

Discussion in 'News' started by Austin Kemp, Apr 20, 2016.

  1. Austin Kemp

    Austin Kemp Guest

    Urban Meyer, Buckeyes look to secure in-state OL for 2018
    Austin Kemp
    via our friends at Land-Grant Holy Land
    Visit their fantastic blog and read the full article (and so much more) here

    With an emphasis on finding talent in the Buckeye State, Urban Meyer sets his sights on one of the top lineman in Ohio.

    Fighting for Fairfield

    According to reports, Urban Meyer has made in-state offensive lineman Jackson Carman (Fairfield, Ohio / Fairfield) one of the highest priorities of the 2018 class. Carman, who holds 22 total offers, is considered the top lineman in the state of Ohio and one of the top overall players at his position in the country.

    Ohio State has the lead in this recruitment right now, but is battling the likes of Michigan and Michigan State. Carman is a monster at 6-foot-6, 305 pounds. The Fairfield prospect was on campus during the spring game last weekend, further advancing his relationship with the Ohio State coaching staff.

    Words can't expressed how thankful I am to have received my 9th offer from The Ohio State University ! ⚪ #GoBucks

    — Jackson Carman (@Jackson_Carman) April 18, 2016

    Carman's recruitment has a lot of time to play out, but Ohio State has to feel good about where they stand. Carman has unofficially visited Columbus twice this month and more visits are sure to come this summer.

    Bringing the Cleveland native to Columbus

    On the hardwood, Ohio State was at Holy Name High School on Tuesday to see 2018 shooting guard Dwayne Cohill. Cohill, who currently holds four offers, is a top 100 player in his class and the No.1 rated player in the state of Ohio. Ohio State is thought to be the favorite at this point, though Penn State is making a push to sign the 6-foot-2 athlete.

    A four-star prospect, Cohill is the type of player that Ohio State needs to get back to landing. He has the ability to create his own shot, and is one of the top prospects in the state. The Buckeyes need to get back to putting a fence around the state of Ohio, and picking up Cohill would be a great addition. Still, a long way to go in this one, but Ohio State should feel optimistic.

    Here's a sample of what the Buckeyes would be getting from Cohill.

    The Massillon Man

    It was a packed house at Jackson High School in Massillon, Ohio, as teams took a gander at Kyle Young, a blue-chip recruit from the class of 2017.

    One of the schools to witness Mr.Young: Ohio State

    Ohio State will be in Massillon, Ohio (Jackson HS) tonight to check in with 2017/SF/6-foot-7/Kyle Young.

    — PrepScouting (NCAA) (@highmajorscoop) April 19, 2016

    While the Buckeyes checked in on the 6-foot-7 small forward, a rival Big Ten institution swooped in and gave the young man a scholarship.

    Michigan State has offered '17 Massillon Jackson SF Kyle Young.

    — Corey Albertson (@Corey_Albertson) April 20, 2016

    The battle for Young is an intriguing one, as 247Sports and their Crystal Ball Prediction have the Massillon product going to Ann Arbor, Mich. to play college ball.

    We'll see how this unfolds the Buckeyes as time goes on.

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