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tBBC WBB RECAP: #7 Ohio State Survives Northwestern This Time

Discussion in 'News' started by WVaBuckeye, Jan 29, 2016.

  1. WVaBuckeye

    WVaBuckeye Guest

    WBB RECAP: #7 Ohio State Survives Northwestern This Time
    via our good friends at Buckeye Battle Cry
    Visit their fantastic blog and read the full article (and so much more) here

    Just two short weeks ago the #7 Buckeyes(16-4, 8-1) limped out of Northwestern(13-8, 2-7) with just their fourth loss of the season and the first to a team not in the top 3. The Wildcats used a stingy defense(forced 16 TO’s) and hot shooting(45% from the floor) by four of their stars(Maggie Lyon 24, Nia Coffey 23, Christen Inman 17 and Pallas Kunaiya-Akpanah 14 for the game) to build a 48-30 halftime lead. The Buckeyes came back but fell short and lost 86-82.

    Last night was more than just a great first half by the Wildcats, it was about one of the worst halves of shooting for Kelsey Mitchell. She was 0-8 from the floor and 0-6 from three point range resulting in a made free throw and 1 point for the half. The Buckeyes were fortunate to only be down 34-30 but Cait Craft kept the Buckeyes in it with a couple three’s at opportune moments as the Buckeyes pulled out the win 76-73.

    Northwestern led by as many as nine in the third quarter, but a 7-2 run by the Buckeyes to close out the quarter brought OSU to within 4 points, 54-50.

    Craft made all five of her field-goal attempts (3-3 from 3 PT), and was adamant about encouraging Mitchell to work her way out of her shooting slump, which she did to the tune of 27 points on the night, a 26 point second half effort that included 8 for 15 from the floor overall and 4 of 7 from three point range. Craft and Alexa Hart scored 14 points apiece for Ohio State while Ameryst Alston added 11.

    Cait Craft in the post game press conference.

    ”I truly believe whoever we play or wherever we’re at, Kelsey’s the best player on the court,” Craft said. ”She can miss a few shots but she’s not going to be off the entire game. And if she is, she’s going to find other ways to contribute. She made two huge 3s in the fourth quarter. She didn’t care. She just let it go. I just want her to know I’m always going to pass her the ball.”

    Nia Coffey led Northwestern with 23 points while Christen Inman had 18 and Maggie Lyon scored 14.

    Coach Kevin McGuff after the game.

    We didn’t play our best game but give Northwestern credit, I think they’re an outstanding basketball team that played well tonight. I think the difference is that we had some really big hustle plays down the stretch and I think those two charges were huge plays in the game, and sometimes when you don’t play your best you have to make those types of things happen to win the game.

    With her 11 points, senior Ameryst Alston has moved into sixth place in school history with 1,921 points. She passed Tracey Hall who had 1,912 points from 1985-88.

    You have to believe the Buckeyes are happy the season series with the Wildcats is over after they split and hope they don’t see them again in the B1G tournament. The Buckeyes play Illinois on the road on Monday. Tip-off is scheduled for 7:00 PM with television coverage provided by BTN.

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