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Week 11 - tOSU @ Wisconsin

Discussion in '2012 Football Torrents' started by BUCKDUBBS007, Nov 18, 2012.



    Go BUCKS

    Thanks to those of you who were patient... I am at a family event out of town this weekend and doing this all remotely.

    Attached Files:

    Last edited: Nov 18, 2012
    lvbuckeye and Magua like this.
  2. BleedsScarlet

    BleedsScarlet Newbie

    Apology not needed For what you're doing for us?

    Thanx for the game!!:osu::osu::osu:
  3. buckeyeleo

    buckeyeleo Newbie

    great! thanks a lot! let's all seed after we download it.
  4. zenshade

    zenshade Newbie

    You Da Man!
  5. Best Buckeye

    Best Buckeye Pretending I'm a pleasant person is exhausting. Staff Member

    Thanks again BDUBBS. please dont forget to give DUBBS some greenies and to stay and seed the game.
  6. jdforsythe

    jdforsythe Newbie


    many thanks! i had to work and didn't catch the game.
  7. Boostinlsj

    Boostinlsj Freshman

    You rock!
  8. Thank you!!
  9. BleedsScarlet

    BleedsScarlet Newbie

    People, I'm still seeding this game and the scUM game, but, will probably stop in July in order to clear up some harddrive space.
  10. norsk

    norsk Newbie

    Anybody still seeding this game? It's always around this time of summer that I need an off-season football fix. :(
  11. BleedsScarlet

    BleedsScarlet Newbie

    I'm still seeding the Whisky & scUM 2012 games for a few more months. Mostly from Fri-Sun.

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