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Week 8 CFB Open Thread

Discussion in '2020 Football Season Capsule' started by BB73, Oct 23, 2020.

  1. NFBuck

    NFBuck Total Coverage.

    It's painful to watch. Absolutely clueless. Buncha feckless chumps.
  2. Bucklion

    Bucklion Throwback Staff Member Former Premier League Champ

    Jerry Kills Minnesota Ds were so much better than these Fleck ones...someone better remind him there are 2 sides to the boat
    scarletmike and NFBuck like this.
  3. dragurd

    dragurd Senior

    As much as they milton is Cam he runs more like Tebow without the power... He's not remotely fast
  4. Bucklion

    Bucklion Throwback Staff Member Former Premier League Champ

    He’s taking care of the ball...but not doing much else
  5. dragurd

    dragurd Senior

    So the anti-shae patterson?
  6. NFBuck

    NFBuck Total Coverage.

    scUM's D has a lotta issues, too. :lol:
    Systems_id likes this.
  7. Systems_id

    Systems_id Senior

    Yup all of a sudden our issues don’t look so bad
  8. scarletmike

    scarletmike Researching the Magic!

    Overthrew the wide open man. :shake:
    Nati-Toledo Bucks and Systems_id like this.
  9. NFBuck

    NFBuck Total Coverage.

    Fleck is a fucking imbecile.
    Jaxbuck likes this.
  10. HorseshoeFetish

    HorseshoeFetish Silver Bullet Supporter

    Yeah I was kidding. I'm blaming the QB.
  11. NFBuck

    NFBuck Total Coverage.

    Varmint's "defense" is a horror show. :lol:
  12. Jake

    Jake Bring back Clemente ‘17 The Deuce Champ '18 The Deuce Champ Fantasy Baseball Champ

    Ohio State won, Penn State lost.

  13. Jaxbuck

    Jaxbuck I hate tsun ‘18 Fantasy Baseball Champ

    I’m going 8.5 for the same reason. I just started from a lower number because I intend to protect the sanctity of the Cheez-It Bowl and it’s perfect 10 of hilarious awfulness.

    It will take a galactic display of incompetence to ever get a 10 in my book.
    Love the Cheez-It pics btw, we have to work that in to the running joke.
    gmen6981 and OHSportsFan like this.
  14. Poe McKnoe

    Poe McKnoe Senior

    Minny’s o-line is playing like Ed Warinner recruited and coached them for 4 seasons, not just 1.
  15. Smudger

    Smudger #ImYourHuckleberry Staff Member BP Recruiting Team 2x BP FBB Champ '14 NFL Pick'em Champ Former FF The Deuce Champ Former Hockey Champ Former FF Keeper Champ ‘18 Premier League Champ

    Had no idea Peyton Ramsey Grad-Transferred to NW. Wildcats could be wreaking havoc this season after that beatdown of MD.

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